Gay Christianology: Can’t See The Hook For The Bait

GCMWatch wrote a very interesting blog regarding Christianity Today and a person purporting their version of Gay Christianity. The link for this article is listed below.

For the last two decades or more, we’ve seen the devil and his children concoct lies. So much so that some professed believers take the bait every time.

Fish are not dumb BUT, I can’t understand why they cannot see the hook. I guess it’s because the bait look so good that the hook is completely ignored. To a fish, the hook is not considered a threat.

Every fish that ended up on the dinner plate never thought that this invitation to dinner would be their one and only invitation. Talk about The Last Supper.

When you are hungry, you do not care what else is around the bait. In fact, a little extra along with the bait might be a good thing. Then you watch your friends get pulled into the boat and they ain’t coming back. Perhaps there’s a bigger meal on the boat? You could be missing out on a great party, young fish.

Not that fish know what a boat is, let alone that an endless supply of what fish eat is in abundance on the boat.

When it comes to deception, especially when you have your own copy of the Bible, and a wealth of material to help you to understand the Word of God correctly, the itch I’m scratching has an open bleeding sore when I see incomprehension of the Scriptures.

Oh, by the way, I know that you are looking at the word “Christianology.”It is a made up word. I didn’t want to use Christology because it is an actual Systematic Theology Chapter about the “study of Christ.” In Systematic Theology, it is an exhaustive study of the major subjects of the Bible.

In most books there is the highlight or outline of topics that identify the Christ. However, in good theological books, you want an exhaustive or comprehensive study.

When it comes to finding Scripture about Christ, you will never see any connection to Christ committing or condoning sin. You will see Him forgiving sin. You will see Him identifying what is sin. You will see Him die for sin. But never will you see Jesus excuse sin. If Jesus committed or condoned sin, His blood is invalid, and His life and claim to be God, the Son, is severely, and irreparably compromised. Hence, Jesus must be disqualified from any consideration as our Lord and Savior.

We all know that the world hates true adherents of Christ. Like some of you Ghandi fans. Love Christ, hate Christians, The word “Christian” is a spiritual slur hurled at followers or adherers of Christ that do what the Lord said according to Matthew 7:21-27. You can’t do part of what He said and call yourself a full-time disciple or adherent of Christ (see John 15:1-8).

It just hit me and I never would have thought about it but there are a lot of professed believers that practice Adultery Christianity. Fornication Christianity. Bisexuality Christianity. Pornography Christianity. Masturbation Christianity.

Rightfully so, Gay Christianity is at the forefront of today’s “progressive” professed lip service, heart far from God people but the forerunner of Gay Christianity is Adultery Christianity. Fornication Christianity. Bisexuality Christianity. Pornography Christianity. Masturbation Christianity.

So now we see a concoction of false doctrine intermingled with truth. I mean. Come on. The devil cannot sell a lie. He must have an element of truth and enough people accepting this mixture. That is the devil must have people that are without any measure of literate comprehension of the Word of God to accept this poisonous mixture in order for more fish to get into the boat.

Sort of like watching people chew on something that looks good but it doesn’t taste very good at all, however, with a smile on their face, they all continue to eat. All the while encouraging others to try it. Dining to death.

When you practice lawlessness or unrighteousness, commonly called sin, you are not a follower of Christ. So the best way to change that (that is to deny the truth of the gospel) is to pretend or imitate a true child of God while practicing the thing that God is against, and get as many Biblically illiterate people to join the party in the boat above.

As I have said before, Jesus died to set us free from sin, not so that we can practice sin.

People sometimes forget why God sent His Son into the world.

Click this link and please do not scratch your head. 

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