Late News Regarding Riverside Church, NY


The Rev. Dr. Amy K. Butler became the first female pastor of Riverside Church in 2014.

It should be no surprise that when you hire a pastor, the baggage may come out, but the surprising thing is that Riverside Church is a liberal left wing, LGBTQ supporting organization.

So when Butler went to a meeting in Minnesota and made a stop at a sex shop with a few occupants in the vehicle, one of which is a practicing male homosexual, and purchase sex toys, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

What’s surprising is that according to this story, this male homosexual pastor was “offended?”

It’s a very telling thing when a homosexual associate is offended when they support homosexuality.

As a result, it seems like a major problem either with this story or her exit was over a salary dispute, or a combination of things that warranted her resignation.

Let’s be clear.

Now it appears that Butler isn’t a practicing homosexual because according to Wikipedia, she’s a divorced mother of three.

But we don’t know because there’s a lot that we don’t know about Butler.

One thing is clear, the liberal places of worship are inclusive houses of worship.

Just know that when you walk into a house of worship where LGBTQ and other liberal agendas overrule the Word of God, it’s a house of worship……..of demonic proportions.

You could read the story here

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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