Chemical Castration To Change A Child’s Gender…………Demonic


Just when you thought that adults would just change their gender with surgical procedures and then you hear about a mother attempting to change the gender of her son by chemical castration.

A seven year old child.

I heard about this months ago and it alarmed me.

Then I heard about it again in a prophesy update regarding the convergence of significant world events that lead to the coming of the Lord.

It’s clear that according to the prophesy of the Lord Jesus in Luke chapter 17 that when you see the days of Noah and Lot upon us, that these are the days of the coming of the Son of man.

We hear of wars and rumors of war, ebola is back in Central Africa, socialism is attempting to take hold of people in the United States, financial misery across the world.

The world is a ticking time bomb and it’s just a matter of time before the Lord returns. But the conditions are setting up. More and more we’re seeing weird things take place.

Now when it comes to chemically castrating your child, this is beyond crazy.

This is way past the insanity meter.

A mother is supposed to protect her children, regardless of gender.

According to this post and FB, it appears that Jeff and James were born as twins.

At the age of 3, the mother started dressing James as a girl. Apparently, the mother probably wanted a girl and went crazy. In a custody battle, she’s pursuing the right to change the gender of James. The parents, obviously are divorced.

The sensible solution.

Now that you’re divorced, find another man to marry, and try to have girls.

But this is not her intention. She’s bent on changing James into a girl and securing custody of James is one of many steps to destroy a boy.

Folks, the world has gone insane and this won’t be the last attempt if she succeeds.

Transgenderism is the last line for homosexuality.

However, we’re seeing depraved actions to further erode and erase masculinity.

But what’s it really all about?

Destroying the image of God.

Man was created in the image of God, male and female the Lord created them.

Since satan can’t destroy God, his next best thing is to destroy the image bearer.

With everything the devil has, he’s on a course to destroy anything that God created. God is masculine and so it makes sense for satan to destroy the very expression of masculinity.


But satan can only destroy but so much. So satan uses a woman to destroy man.

We shouldn’t be angry at women. We need to be angry at satan.

Remember what Paul said in Ephesians 6:12.

As insane as man is, we need to address our anger at satan and the best way to do that is to pray to the Father in Jesus’ name, speak the truth in love, and share the gospel to a lost and dying world.

This is femininity on steroids to destroy masculinity.

They talk about addressing toxic masculinity.

This right here, is toxic femininity.

You can read about chemical castration of sex offenders here

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Author: The Minister's Crucible

The Minister's Crucible is designed to inform the Body of Christ about the inner workings of the ministry. The word Crucible from Latin, is "crux" where we get the word "cross" from. It also means a "metal container" where metals and other substances are melted or are subjected to higher temperatures, put to the temperature test. The Lord Jesus said "If any man desires to follow after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me." Let's take up our cross and follow Him.

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