The Buttocks Consecration Service; Wayne T. Jackson; And White Blood Cells

Recently, we have seen a massive attack against a disease that entered the Body of Christ by way of video. Wayne T. Jackson was caught on video consecrating two men by laying on their buttocks. From the vantage point of the video, it appeared that on the first man, he laid partially on his buttocks. However, on the second man, he laid completely over him.

The Body of Christ is infected with the AIDS virus. The sin of homosexuality obviously brought about the AIDS virus. It was once called “Gay Man’s Disease.”

This piece isn’t about rehearsing what we already know but about uncovering a serious recovery program underway in the Body of Christ. A regiment that indicates that the Body of Christ is still fighting a disease.

The disease of false doctrine.

As with AIDS, it is a severe compromise of the immune system where certain common and uncommon diseases could kill a person because its defenses are compromised.

The White Blood Cells’ job is to defend the body against both infectious disease and foreign materials. As long as the white blood cells does its job, the body can survive. White Blood Cells swarm to overwhelm intruders. So at this point, Wayne T. Jackson feels like he is being overwhelmed with people speaking against his unScriptural act.

It’s the White Blood Cells doing its job to attack and kill the disease of false doctrine and the foreign matter of pride and arrogance that reveals elitism, entitlement, empowerment, and expediency.

As with most diseases, some learn to adapt to the medicine and the immune system. They mutate to overcome the power of white blood cells. They figure out a way to fight death so that they can cause death.

That’s when defending an indefensible position warrants irrational actions, such as shutting down or preventing any comments, questions, and preventing YouTube recordings of the incident. This is also called suppressing the evidence or tampering with the evidence. Obstruction of justice.

Go figure.

When the body cannot fight a disease, death is inevitable. So it is with the Body of Christ. If there is no way to fight false doctrine, death is inevitable. Now, you and I know that God will not walk in a dead church. That’s why he takes that which is dead, cut it off, and keeps what’s alive.

But the way this incident is being handled, underscores the disease of false doctrine mutating.

The question to be asked is…Why is Wayne T Jackson fighting against this?

Money and reputation.

You see, if this were about being right in the sight of God and be doctrinally correct, loss of money and reputation would be no object. However, when you are before people and you intentionally and deliberately do everything in your power to cover, conceal, run and hide, what is there to run and hide from?

The easy way out is to repent and declare that you’ve missed it. The hard way out is to defend an indefensible position.

A mutation is underway to undermine the exposing power of God according to Luke 12:2. Pulling the tape is a way to fight death. A serious attempt to suppress the video is underway. As with any incriminating evidence, if too many people see what we’ve observed, it brings to question the validity of their ministry, and the sincerity of their hearts. No one wants to be exposed but when the Lord sees that the Vine is about to be infected, the diseased branch gotta go (see John 15:1-8).

The diseased branch must be removed and sent to the fire to be burned.

A healthy tree produces healthy fruit. A healthy branch produces healthy fruit. The Vinedresser is not going to let the Vine become infected. That is not going to happen.

The response from this video has been overwhelmingly negative for Wayne T. Jackson. I am against any deviation from the Scriptures. There is no Biblical precedence for this ungodly act.

Hundreds of his followers defended his actions.

From using Scriptures like Psalm 105:15, “Do no touch My anointed ones, and do my prophets no harm,” to Elisha raising a widow woman’s son from the dead by laying on the boy (face up- not face down; see 2 Kings 4:32-35). And also Paul laying on a man that fell asleep on Paul while Paul was preaching (see Acts 20:9-10). Folks, this is called “elasticity of the Scriptures.”

In other words, a stretch of the spiritual imagination. This is directly resulting from three things that is evident in Word of Faith (WOF) circles and other camps. 1. Emotional Manipulation. 2. Intellectual Manipulation, and 3. Revelatory Manipulation. It’s one thing to be loyal to a man or woman of God, but it’s another thing to be loyal to God. Loyalty to God and His Word must be paramount no matter what.


Because God and His Word is final authority.

As many of us stated, we just want Scriptural precedence. Avoiding the issue instead of answering the question is a coward’s way of handling the situation. Cowards will have their day in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone (see Revelation 21:8). I have no heaven or hell to put people in, but the Lord does. For those that do not know the Lord. For leaders, it’s a different ballgame. When you mislead people, you are leading them to follow you and not the Lord. Jesus confronted this with the Sanhedrin and gave His last message in a leadership meeting in Matthew 23. He called them all hypocrites. The worst sin of leaders is that of a hypocrite.

Read well Matthew 23 and Ezekiel chapters 8, 9, and 34.

Leaders are held to a higher standard according to James 3:1.

The Scriptures gives us the only safe haven to operate. Where there is a lack of solid Biblical precedence that cannot be refuted, this is where a person could safely operate. When you do not see something in Scripture, it is clearly not to be done. Silence is not permission.

As I have stated my last blog, liturgical precedence never supersedes Biblical precedence.

This is what we’ve been saying all along.

There are many professed believers that will fight for a man of God but will never fight for the rightly divided word of truth. They will run like madness to the aid of a pastor, bishop, elder, apostle, and so forth. However, when it comes to the Word of God, many will not defend the truth.

Many of these professed believers have already cast us into hell for talking about the mand of Gawd. Folks, I wish with the same emotion and loyalty you would live for Jesus instead of bringing sin in the house of worship with you. Can you raise your hand and know that it is clean of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bisexuality, porn, masturbation, and lesbianism? So quick to defend a demonic ritual but you run when it is time to confront Secret and Open Sexual Sins.

This hypocrisy is all in the church and those that defend pastors and what they do is only a fact that the world is quick to point out.

White Blood Cells are at work in the Body of Christ, spiritually speaking. The swarm of people preaching the truth about this matter is just what the Lord ordered. Even though this video was taken in August of 2012, the Lord is about healing the body. First, the diagnosis must be accepted. That means that people have to stop being in denial about the facts.

The video speaks for itself. We know that people are out to protect what they’ve accomplished. Impact TV and anyone connected. Jakes, Prince, Meyers, Osteen, Hilliard, and Dollar. We have yet to see any of these people weigh in on this and chances are they won’t. This club of clubs is going to ignore it and let the storm pass because the money and fame is too much to jeopardize.

But know that the White Blood Cells are at work.

We may be able to protect things for a little while but the disease of false doctrine cannot escape the White Blood Cells.

By the way, people are not the White Blood Cells. Allow me the liberty of using this analogy to identify the White Blood Cells as The Word of Truth. The truth of the Word also cleanses according to Ephesians 5:26-27. In John 15:3, Jesus said to His disciples, You are clean through the Word I have spoken to you.

Psalm 119:9 says “How shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your Word.”

This is a good thing. It shows that the Body of Christ is engaged and will not let people who attempt to pervert the Scriptures for their own personal uses get away with it. As I have said in my FB comments, the enemy is in the church, not before us. We are overrun with the enemy and for years, we have been praying for “danger close” missions, where the bombs are sent over the places of friendly forces to save lives. Yes, people will die, but lives will be saved.

For so long, the church has been in denial because of leadership looking the other way and not addressing the issues of our day without compromise.

Perhaps, this sign of life, the White Blood Cells could be the very thing needed to repel the enemy from within the house of God.

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