Pastor Zachary Tims: The Timeline Prior To His Death

I. His Itinerary.

To put his death in proper prospective, there is an intense pursuit to establish an indisputable, air tight timeline. Or there is a deliberate attempt to withhold information so as to keep a person’s personal reputation on the up and up.

Truth be told, details of recent activities of the decedent would go a long ways in exonerating or, sadly reveal certain secret activities that would tarnish his image.

If nothing questionable took place, then Dr. Tims’ image would reflect integrity. If not, then it is only a revelation that he needed help and was unable or unwilling, for whatever reason, to go to the right Person and persons to get help.

What was he doing in New York City?

So far, the story is that he was supposed to be in a “meeting.” Some say that it wasn’t unusual for him to minister throughout the country because he is a “much sought after speaker.”

If he was ministering in NYC, what church was he supposed to preach in? If it wasn’t a church service, was it a meeting among ministers to set up a speaking engagement in the NYC area?

Perhaps his former “inner circle” is folding the cards on this information unless Pastor Tims deviated without contacting anyone. This is not unusual either.

No surprises here.

The inner circle have every right to withhold this information, if any, even after his death unless the police is investigating this aspect. The discovery of what Dr. Tims was doing and why is critically important.

If you are investigating, the intent is to rule out any foul play or follow the trail to where ever it leads.

Leave no stone unturned.

So far, the knowledge of his itinerary is not as revealing as we all desire.

There are security concerns behind releasing an outspoken pastor’s itinerary. There are some wild people in the body of Christ that don’t know how to give a pastor some space.

Pastors or any minsters, known or not, are not to be treated like stars but because folk do not know how to act, it doesn’t hurt to have someone assigned to look out for your security. Not that pastors need to have an entourage or security detail but having one is not unusual.

After all, most people are not that much of a threat these days, but you never know.

Pastors should be approachable and I believe Pastor Tims was approachable.

With the unknown factor of the specifics of his itinerary, we can only go on what we know so far, and live with what we may not know as details emerge or remain concealed.

The other thing that is intriguing is that sometimes in the death of an individual, whether it’s a homicide or not, when police may have a hot lead on someone, they will not reveal certain details because it may interfere with their leads, if any. To make it appear that something is developing or not, it’s a known tactic to conceal certain details until the right moment.

If there is nothing to this story then the facts will remain as given at face value.

No story, keep it moving.

In any itinerary, there is flight connections, transportation, the person or persons in charge of handling his luggage. I’m quite sure that all of these arrangements could be taken cared of by himself but again, we cannot over look certain things.

For instance, if most pastors are guests at other local churches, depending upon the “preferred treatment” of people in the ministry, arrangements of the host church would be responsible for several things.

1. Picking up the guest preacher.

2. Handling the guest preacher’s baggage.

3. Hotel and dining arrangements.

4. Transporting the guest preacher to and from the hotel to the church or place of the meeting.

5. Security and other personal needs.

If it was just a meeting among ministers, the same approach is standard.

We all know that there is a people connection or people trail. Anyone that handled Pastor Tims prior to the discovery of his remains in his self locked hotel room, may or may not know “what else” he was doing in NYC and who he was or would be with, if any.

There may or may not have been “plans” while a main plan was in play.

Cellphone or texting message records, hotel purchases of movies, personal or church credit or debit card purchases, places where he may have eaten or bought certain items, hotel security cameras, airport security cameras to see if anyone picked him up or conversed with him, stores he may have went to that may have security cameras, and Internet connections are also vital clues unless he went black (completely undercover).

After this information is compiled, a time line of his itinerary could be firmly established.

Such a timeline would rule in and rule out things and surprise many people.

Then again, it could confirm that nothing happened. It was a natural death.

If it was a natural death, then we may never know what killed him.

II. Who did he know or who does he know in NYC?

When it comes to NYC, it is very difficult to follow a people trail unless there were specific persons in NYC that he knew.

He could have connected with friends, family, if any, and it’s all about nothing. Another factor to add is how many times in the past has Dr. Tims been to NYC, where did he go, and who did he meet with?

On the suggestive speculative side, with the drug culture of NYC, the list of known and unknown drug connections is incredible. However, it’s not impossible to piece it all together.

This is not indicative of any current drug use by Pastor Tims except what he revealed in his book prior to his miraculous salvation and deliverance from drugs.

What I am about to share is in no way connected to what happened to Pastor Tims, but there was an article about a drug factory bust in the suburbs of NY.

The house where they were “doing work” blended in very well in the neighborhood but something made this nice house stand out.

A van would come every night and go into the garage. Every night.

If it were somebody that had a legit business, their business would be advertised on the vehicle, but there was no advertisement. As always, a trail was placed on the vehicle. It would pick up people at this same spot. They would wear clothing to blend in with the neighborhood.

If you do something over and over again, sooner or later a dependable schedule habit will emerge. Routine has always killed many criminal enterprises.

In WWII, the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese sub because it was determined that the Captain elected not to use a zig zag course to throw off the tracking capabilities of an attacking sub. Upon further investigation, according to the Japanese sub skipper, it wouldn’t have made a difference. With zig zag patterns, additional distance is the only con but it’s purpose is self explanatory. This was standard operating procedure (SOP) during WWII for open ocean steaming under wartime conditions.

880 sailors were killed. The survivors of the attack were left to be eaten by sharks. 317 were picked up after 5 days.

Predictability of patterns or deviation of patterns may prove to be deadly.

Why am I mentioning this?

All throughout NYC, “drug factories” blend in with the fabric of the city. Even in Midtown Manhattan.

Several years ago, as I was on my lunch break, I walked down Vanderbilt Street in Midtown Manhattan to get some pizza. I walked by what used to be called the Pan Am Building, which is now called the MetLife Building and observed a young white lady walking up to a young black man.

It didn’t take long to put two and two together.

Sometimes there is some regularity to certain situations. Either she was a regular customer or it was just a one time deal. The former is a better scenario to accept.

It was a simple drug purchase during lunch time.

In the blink of an eye, a transaction can happen.

Just a quick exchange.

Am I suggesting that this is what took place with the late Dr. Tims?

First, we don’t know what took place except for what we’ve been told. Period.

As a note, let’s just say that it was cocaine, were there any labels, if any, red or otherwise, on the bag containing the “white powdery substance?”

The label may or may not be connected to the dealers or their “enterprise”. Or, if there were no labels, then where did the alleged substance come from? Allegedly, was it a rogue police plant to make Dr. Tims look bad? The next question would be, “Why would a rogue police officer plant drugs on a preacher?”

With rogue police officers, we can’t put it pass them either. Even with a badge, they can lie like a dog so long as they can bust you.

Allegedly, what if he was with a female accomplice and they had something going on?Somehow, she was able to slip it in his shorts. Or, allegedly, she put it in his hand and then he put it in his pocket. When she left, he took it out and used it, and put the bag back in his pocket; leaving only a residue of the substance.

Cocaine is predominantly snorted these days. Was there any residue anywhere else in the hotel room?

How silly is this?

Look folks, these days, I put nothing past anyone, including preachers.

Second, if the toxicological test comes back and there is nothing to it, then our “speculating” is just fodder.

Third, if the test confirms the substance, then we need to pray that God reveal who the dealers were and that they get taken off the streets. While they can’t be called murderers, they allegedly gave him something that contributed to his death.

As I have said, the devil is out to destroy preachers. Remember what the book of James chapter 1 says. “But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.”

In other words, every person has preferred sin that the devil observed in your life. All the devil does is accommodate you with the tools to fulfill the sin you love until you accept full deliverance from that sin.

We do not need a moment where we slap ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves for figuring it out. Nor do we need to “get happy” for determining by speculation what may or may not have happened to Dr. Tims.

Somebody will start saying, “I knew it! I knew it!

What will that prove? Nothing. Except that nobody seen it so it could be stopped in time.

What is important?

That you understand that your pastor needs prayer and that he or she does not need to turn to the elements of the world to seek solace. Your pastor needs an accountability group of other pastors so that they could help him or her navigate the ministry.

Together, we can prevent another pastor from leaving their assignment before their time. (Secret Sexual Sins Broadcast)

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