Coming To And From A Presidential Candidate Near You: Morals & The Economy

Just imagine a Presidential Candidate that is willing and unafraid to speak about the moral condition of a nation. Such a candidate is rare but we may have such a candidate in the Republican ranks. It’s not a woman, or former and a current governor. It is not a former Speaker of the House or current or former House members.

There is something brewing in the background of the Republican Presidential Candidates. While the details of a potential covert but overt operation cannot be divulged because of how God will work it out, it is clear that God already made it clear that immorality will not be tolerated from the fourth most powerful place on earth.

God is working and He will get His will done in the earth according to Isaiah 46:8-11.

What if this “operation” doesn’t take place?

Most assuredly, God always deals in the affairs of men with His ordained people and from places you know not of. When the will of God is at stake, it doesn’t take much to figure out what the Lord intends to do. The only thing that we have to do is be sensitive enough to the Lord, be prayerful, and be obedient.

The first most powerful place on earth is the private prayer closet of the holy saints that know their holy God. Andrew Murray once said, “Prayer is power with God.

The second most powerful place is the sacred, holy pulpit where the unadulterated, non-compromised preaching of the Word of God takes place. As one preacher said, “A holy man is an awesome weapon in the hands of a holy God.”

The third most powerful place is the voting booth in the United States. Morality determines the spiritual direction of a nation. Morality determines the outcome of nations. Morality determines a nation’s moral destiny.

Years could be added or taken away from a nation because of the morals, or lack thereof, in a nation.

The fourth most powerful place on earth is the White House.

All power is delegated power from God according to Romans 13:1-7 but delegated power is governed by God through His prayer agents in heaven and earth according to Romans 8:22-34, Hebrews 7:25, 1 Timothy 2:1-2, and Proverbs 21:1.

Where there is a lack of effective praying, such a lack will tip the scales. It’s doesn’t mean that the church is fully to blame for what unsaved man is able to accomplish. It does mean that God’s intervention is to be solicited and is mercifully required no matter the state of things.

What if prayer was made, and the answer didn’t manifest?

We must remember that when it comes to prayer to God, man is a free moral agent. He has a right to choose the perfect will of God or reject the perfect will of God. The rejection of the will of God from man is stored and must be poured out upon the earth as God’s wrath against man (see Revelation 5:8 and 8:3-5).

No one’s prayer will be wasted except misfired prayers according to James 4:1-10, Psalm 66:18, and 1 John 5:14-15.

Do not let the conditions of the earth fool you into thinking that God doesn’t know what He is doing. The devil’s people are not in full control. It may seem like they are in control but it is not the case according to Acts 17:22-27.

When there is prayer going on, something is about to happen on earth that God called for before the world began. He was waiting for someone He called for in eternity past to show up in the assigned successive age to pray it through. And, the people that are present on the earth is assuming their godly positions to effect change in the earth with the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unbeknownst to you, your birth is not an accident. You were called for such a time as this. You are walking in your destiny to affect change in the earth at precisely the right moment.

God is neither Republican, Independent, or Democrat. When it comes to world affairs and the moral conditions of a nation, God is God and He will use anyone that is willing to walk with Him in the valley of the shadow of death.

God is strategically placing persons of influence with time tested ministries in the paths of these Republican presidential candidates. Not like the prophets of the past that keep messing it up when they get weak kneed and silly.


These prophets or men and women of God will not be mesmerized by the awe of their potential presidential stature. They will have backbone. You may or may not know who they are and it doesn’t matter. They will not be the next TD Jakes, Fred Price, or any of the other well known preachers of our times. They will not “two step” Scripture just to save face or their reputation.

They will have names you’ve never heard before and they will keep it that way so as not to attract attention to themselves.

If you haven’t noticed already, there were two things that the current president said would happen.

1. Planned Parenthood.

The president, on his campaign trail in 2008 declared that Planned Parenthood was here to stay.

Wrong speech. Bad speech.

You cannot continue to defy the Lord and kill innocent, unborn children and figure that you will get away with it.

Little do we realize that there is a “seamless connection” with sexual immorality, porn/prostitutes, strip joints, human trafficking for the sex trade, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, masturbation, child pornography, child molestation, and abortion.

Now the States are struggling to keep Planned Parenthood open and governors are looking to take State funding away from these institutions of legalized murder to balance their State budget.

While the federal government is prohibited from funding abortions, we all know that it is happening. The devil and those that are not saved is a liar and you know it. In one incident, Planned Parenthood lost millions of dollars and they can’t account for the missing funds.

How convenient?

It doesn’t take E=MC2 to figure out a liar.

“But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolators, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8.

2. Same Sex Unions.

The repeal of DADT or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the military and other pro gay issues embolden the States to legislate immorality. We must remember that the LGBT community is only 1% of the American population, not the 15% or 16% they would like for you to believe.

They are a small group with a very militant, boisterous agenda. Yet, they somehow have the ear of fearful, spineless politicians and weak willed, “soft” preachers.

These two issues, along with selfishness that brought about a spirit of covetousness, that brought about the economic conditions of our times is at the heart of the Republican Presidential Debate

Make no mistake about it.

Morals is connected to the economy.

Then there is the abomination of sexual immorality in the church.

While it is not all bad out there in all churches, there is enough to be very concerned in terms of its moral standing and spiritual direction. When sin is allowed to go unchecked in the heart of the pastor, sin filters down to the believers. The way you know that sin has a grip in the church is when pastors acts like Eli in 1 Samuel chapters 1 through 4.

Completely indifferent to God and His Word.

Case in point.

Eddie Long is challenged again with another law suit.

This time for a ponzi scheme.

When Bernie Madoff was convicted of his multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme, there were million dollar schemes going on that went under the radar. Not to mention the fact that mid level SEC personnel were caught up in Internet porn while the nation was in a economic downward spiral.

Members of Eddie Long’s own church invested millions and were looking for a return of 20% on these investments. As always, saints got no business throwing money away on something that even Wall Street couldn’t and wouldn’t guarantee.

If this is a frivolous law suit, then it will be seen as such.

If not, then it is a clear indication that sexual immorality and money are bedfellows in the life of Eddie Long.

When you have sons that refuse to be corrected and you do not kill them, you love sin more than you love God. When a pastor’s loyalty of God is misplaced, they must be replaced. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth. No other institution is the foundation of truth. If truth cannot be found in the church, the world has no light and is in utter darkness.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the pastor to repent and regain his or her footing. It is the responsibility of the pastor to enforce righteousness in his or her own life first. It is the responsibility of the pastor to ensure that the standard of righteousness and true holiness is evident in his or her subordinate leaders or have them removed.

This is John 15 and 2 Timothy 2:14-22.

When the morals in the church line up with the standard of the Word of God, the Lord will witness to that church and make that local church a beacon for all to see.

The wayward church opened the door to immorality in the United States. The immorality that is prevalent in the United States is a result of light being hid under a table. We are called to be salt and light in the world. So far, we still have a chance to turn things around before another church loses its candlestick becomes dark, and be without the presence of God.


When a nation is bent on disrespecting the Lord, there is no question that the outcome of a nation is certain. When you read stories of people that can’t make ends meet, and they rely on the last available credit on their credit card, it is dire.

When you hear of husbands and fathers killing their families and then committing suicide because they cannot pay the mortgage on their house or they lost their jobs, it is dire. When you hear of stories of people living in conditions that make living in a third world country more desirable, it is dire.

Morals is connected to the economy.

Yet, these people that remain alive will not come to hear the Word of God and seek the face of God. In pride and arrogance, they thumb their noses at God.

What is the Lord up to?

Ephesians 5:26-27.

So far, we have yet to hear from the rest of the Republican presidential candidates on where they stand on issues of morality. Only one candidate was willing to walk in the minefield of morality and state on the record about homosexuality.

We are aware that some of them did sign a formal letter stating their position on marriage but since then, there hasn’t been a return to these issues.

If the Republican candidates are to make a surge in establishing a solid nominee, they must take a page out of the Bush II second term campaign and establish morals as well as solid economic plans that will shore up America across the board.

No. I am not advocating a return to economic policies that opened the door to greed and covetousness. Yes, the Bush II economic policies was clearly a part of the problem, make no mistake about it.

Why did it have that much of an affect on this nation?

The way a nation treats Israel. Remember Genesis 12:1-3?

The republican party has yet to seriously reach out to the minority communities in a significant way. As long as they are arm’s distance from touching the hurting in the minority communities, they will never be serious about the White House and changing the direction of a nation.

But here is another point. On “Porn Harm’s” website, they’ve sited that when the Reagan and Bush 1 administration was in power, they were able to use the existing laws to put adverse pressure on violent porn.

There is no question that the morals in the White House directly influences the morals of a nation.

The question is, will anyone be bold enough to live holy and speak truth in this hour?

Puppet prophets need not apply!

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