Prophet Carn – Undercover Prophetic Brother & Temple Prostitutes In The House Of God.

The casualty list is growing.

In the Navy Times, every now and then they publish the list of fired CO’s (Commanding Officers). After 25 to 30 years in the Navy, the pinnacle of most naval officers is to get a chance to command a multi-billion dollar war vessel. All of a sudden, because of “issues” they are relieved of command. You can’t trust someone that has the power to rain down destruction with a warship when they are compromised.

Unfortunately, it is not so in the ministry.

Prophet Carn is another casualty.

Just check out this blog and other related blogs to find out what happened.

In the ministry, sanctification means nothing. We are watching LGBT establish a serious stronghold in the church because the watchman on the wall is getting laid. The preacher of today and even in the past are falling and there seems to be no stopping of this progression into the pit of hell. There is two sides to this story.

While it is commendable that an apology be issued in passing an STD to a woman. What is this woman doing in bed with a young preacher to begin with?

This is a classic case of fornication.

Yeah. She made a big error in judgment in allowing herself to go to bed with a man of God. The Bible is clear about marriage.

Sadly, in the church, there are temple prostitutes that knowingly engage in sexual immorality as part of their “worship.”

This may not be the case with this young lady, however, in another incident last year, a married pastor with five children infected at least 4 women in his congregation with the HIV/AIDs virus. He was arrested but the damage was done. There is no question that the stigmatization of being a temple prostitute is the case.

Women, for the most part talk. And if they didn’t know what was going on in their church, it is a clear indication of one hand not knowing what the other hand was doing. But if they did know, and said nothing, then silence was permission. They acted negligently. As a result, they all paid a heavy price with their lives.

“Marriage is honorable among all and the bed undefiled, but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4.

Please note in this verse that the writer is speaking of male and female fornicators and adulterers.

It is easy to get upset at the man of God but we need to get upset and the woman as well.

Two did a dance and tangoed.

She should have exposed this false prophet before getting into bed with him. 

But she didn’t. She consented to his request for booty call and she ended up with an STD. She exposed him after she contracted the disease. A disease that could have been avoided. Ladies, if you are reading this, I cannot feel what you feel but I know that the Lord speaks to men and women. If we choose to ignore the warnings of the Holy Spirit, it is not to say that you deserved it. It is to say that I wish that you would pay more attention to the cunning craftiness of false preachers.

Snake oil salesmen have one thing in mind. How to take advantage of you.

Based on preponderance, it is possible that Carn may be watching porn and masturbating. Allegedly, he just took sexual addiction level one to the highest level in that category. From fantasy to reality. Porn and masturbation is pretend sex. You deceive yourself into thinking that you are having sex with that image. It is also called idolatry where you are sexually worshipping that person you are observing and you are worshipping you in acting out sexually. Be mindful that in porn, they will also have “threesomes,” which is a combination of straight and homosexuality sex.

By watching porn in any spectrum, you are agreeing with the full spectrum of sexual immorality, including LGBT.

Your participation endorses homosexuality. Engaging in sexual immorality is a clear connection to the agenda to plunge the United States into the dark dungeon of sexual immorality. The prison door is open and you can walk away forever when you truly repent of this sin.

Ladies, it is not worth it.

It is easy to blame the man.

Both need to be blamed.

Ladies, I know that it is difficult to withhold yourself because this man is smooth with his words, as most men are. You were smitten by his charms, good looks, and personality. Essential elements to have when you are a deceiver.

But you have to find a way to walk away.

The Holy Spirit will not lead you into temptation. The Holy Spirit will lead you from a smooth talking snake charmer. Phinehas was a smooth talker and perverted the tabernacle of Moses. It resulted in the removal of the Ark of the Covenant and sure defeat of the armies of Israel. And you wonder why the church in the United States is impotent. Pun not intended.

Ladies, you have to trust the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is right every time.

Paul said to “Flee fornication.” 

To flee means to run in terror.

Like all of us, we know that when we are about to sin, the Holy Spirit will warn us with a strong impression and it is our job to heed the warning. It’s just like watching a man who does online chatting with a decoy. He arrives at the house where he thought he would have sex with a minor. He gets this funny impression that he should not do this. It’s not the Holy Spirit all the time. Our conscience speaks to us. The conscience is the voice of the human spirit. You do not have to be saved for your spirit man to speak. However, for a believer, the Holy Spirit talks loud and clear……DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

However, we are driving and we refuse to pay attention to the red light or the stop sign at the intersection. We do not slow down. We make a break for the light. 

We do not slow down, we push it and then after it is done, it’s too late.

Just imagine. They wake up the next morning. Having suppressed the conviction, they act like nothing is going to happen. They act like married couples but something happens.

A pregnancy. Symptoms of a disease.

Among African Americans, 39% of males become new HIV/AIDS cases between the ages of 12 and 24. There is a more than greater risk of Black women acquiring HIV/AIDS. In some cases, they won’t know until later if the disease incubates. That puts their children at risk. Especially if they have multiple partners. With this young lady, we may not know if she had any other sexual partners. With Carn, we know he did because he transmitted the disease.

These guys would go to the location to meet up. Hotel, house. And here come the cops out of no where. All of a sudden, the cops bust him.

It’s the same with women that engage in having sex with a preacher that is single or married. Except you got busted with an STD.

It’s embarrassing but if sexual immorality is your game, these are the associated consequences.

God loves us and He will do everything in His power to protect us, but if we insist on violating Genesis 2:24, we only open ourselves up to vicious cycles of sexual immorality that only takes us deeper into the bondage of darkness.

Here is a very important development that you should read.

Click this link for an update…..

Sex and Worship, Worship Of Sex

As one king after another in the Historical section of the OT came about, many of them failed to do one thing.

Remove the high place.

Before the children of Israel occupied the land, the Canaanites built high places for their temple worship. Their high places were used for three things.

1. Worship of Idols.

2. Sacrifice of babies (out of womb abortion).

3. Sexual immorality.

There were temple prostitutes, both male and female, ready to “service” the worshippers.

As I was studying this out, I wondered why in the world would the nation of Israel would forsake God and chase after idols. Then the revelation came. This revelation came after I came out of the blindness of my own heart as a sexually sinning believer.

Sometimes when you are walking in the place of sexual sins, the meanings are completely obscured. But when you come to yourself by the Holy Spirit, the light reveals a lot of things.

Sex was the driving factor of Israel’s idolatry.

After David committed adultery with Bathsheba and killed Uriah the Hittite, Solomon took over the throne just before David’s death. The apple never falls far from the tree. Solomon had 1000 women and they all turned his heart away from the Lord. The Bible tells us that he “loved many women.”

These women worshipped other gods and turned Solomon’s heart to do the same. I do not buy the argument that Solomon did this as part of his diplomacy to keep peace among the nations. When the Lord commanded the nation of Israel to subdue the nations they were to completely annihilate these nations so that the sinful habits of these nations would not infiltrate and flourish in the land of Israel.

If you study Numbers chapters 19 through 25, you will see that the children of Israel were defeated at the plains of Moab by sexually immoral women. The plan to stop the slaughter of the nations before Israel was to get God to curse Israel (the Balaam and Balak show).

It didn’t work.

But Balaam thought about this a minute and devised a plan that the Lord Jesus revealed to His apostle, John recorded in Revelation 2:12-17.

Get the nation to curse itself by committing sexual immorality. Get them to get God mad at them.

We see the same thing today in the church.

Worship and Sexual Immorality.

For years, the church has been bound and cannot escape the temptation of sexual immorality.

In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul gives the answer to solve sexual immorality in the church.

Get married.

But males, these days are scared to commit. My wife and I were talking about this. I said that it’s a shame. Men are not afraid to go to war. Into harms way. Men are not afraid of getting in the ring to get their heads bashed in. But when it comes to commitment and marriage, they turn yellow belly.


When the Lord created our bodies, it wasn’t for the purpose of perversion.

What would happen if someone came into your home and tracked dirt on your white carpet? You would get upset because you had to clean up their mess. Right?

While sinners will not understand this, believers, you must understand that your body is not yours.

Listen to the message Bible of 1 Corinthians 6:18-20….

“There is a sense in which sexual sins are different from all others. In sexual sin we violate the sacredness of our own bodies, these bodies that were made for God- given and God- modeled love, for “becoming one” with another. Or didn’t you realize that your body is a sacred place, the place of the Holy Spirit? Don’t you see that you can’t live however you please, squandering what God paid such a high price for? The physical part of you is not some piece of property belonging to the spiritual part of you. God owns the whole works. So let people see God in and through your body.”

What happens when we commit sexual immorality with our bodies? Remember, our bodies is the temple of the Holy Spirit. So if we commit sexual sins, we are desecrating His temple.

What happens when we desecrate the temple?

Look at 1 Corinthians 3:16-17……..

“Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy, which temple you are.”

Now you can see why 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 is there.

Here is where the church, the believers that profess Jesus as Lord has been missing it.

We’ve been worshipping ourselves in sexual immorality. We worship our organs. We worship our orgasms.

I know. It’s gross but you do not realize that you are idolizing yourselves and worshipping yourselves and you have assumed the throne over your bodies to commit sexual immorality at will.

The hands that are to be lifted before the Lord are to be holy.

Instead, they are lifted in Secret Sexual Sin.

The hands that have touched ourselves in self sex or in touching others in adultery, fornication, and homosexuality, we raise these same hands to God.

Not in repentance, but in utter defiance. Our defiled temples are worshipped without any thought to cleanse the temple.

The abominations continue each week and we have not stopped to think about the fact that we’ve grieved God. We are so indifferent that we do not care what God thinks. Though at times, the Lord looks at us and desires for us to simply repent before it’s too late.

Every temple that is defiled must be destroyed.

The devil’s only pleasure is when you refuse to walk free of the cycle of addiction, and you find yourself bound in an opened cell. The shackles and chains that bind you were removed by the Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

The only thing that is holding you where you are is your will to stay. The devil cannot make you stay because Jesus did everything possible to free you and you are looking through an open cell that leads you all the way out of the entire prison house.

His demonic forces, incubus and succubus, rome the world in the spirit realm, looking to have sex with sleeping men and women.

As a result, the temple is desecrated.

And the Lord is not about to let your temple stand.

It’s destroyed. And when we up the ante and “act out” with another person in adultery, fornication (porn), masturbation (self sex), and homosexuality, the price is paid in full.

How is it destroyed?

STDs, HIV/AIDS, and other forms connected to death. Drugs, alcohol. The seamless fabric of sexual immorality is everywhere. But the ultimate thing is that we worship eroticism. We worship our ability to seduce men and women into the defiled bedroom and commit sex acts in the search for love, intimacy, and sexual supremacy of bodies.

And that’s why our worship services are so jacked up. So many people come in bound sexually and they are trying to worship God, but they return home to the place of their sexual chain post. Lock themselves up. And commit sexual immorality.

They worship themselves in lascivious living and are raising their hands to themselves. To worship sex.

Then they come to the facility where the church assembles and mingle with the righteous. Like a virus, sexual immorality spreads. Temple prostitutes come and offer sex to preachers, ministers, deacons, ushers. Destroying marriages. Abortions. Homosexuality.

All up in the church.

If we do not break and destroy MOAB, The Mother Of All Battles, we will see more scandals than at any time. The mighty will fall. More predominant men and women of God falling into sexual sins.

If the church doesn’t turn to God and leave behind on the cross their flesh and renew the mind, the people of God will continue to defy God and that leads to the overthrow and destruction of their temple (bodies).

The taking of Communion will curse and doom many. The meal designed to commemorate the Lord’s death is now a meal that commemorates sin, and the Lord will not let the meal of celebration, and remembrance of Him be used as a meal to commemorate sexual immorality, or any sin, for that matter.

You can stop bowing at the altar of masturbation, porn, adultery, fornication, bisexuality, and homosexuality. Un-employ every demon and drive your flesh to the wilderness and seek God in humility, cleansing yourself from the filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

Destroy the altar and crucify the flesh.

Right where you are, just repent and ask for the Lord forgiveness. Ask Him to change your ways and to give you grace to overcome the next temptation that will come in the next moment or tonight.

There comes a point where you have to stand and fight.

This is the moment.

You have read many blogs on how to defeat sexual immorality. It is time to put it all together and defeat this. There is nothing too hard for the Lord and there is nothing that is impossible, if you ask the Lord to help you to live holy, moment by moment.

Turn your worship of you off, and worship God. Dethrone yourself and enthrone God. Crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords. Lift up your heads, O you gates and let the King of glory come in.

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