Same Sex Marriage In New York

by Fred C. Rochester, Pastor. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Now that New York joined Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., in legalizing gay unions, a few other states will follow suit. Poll after poll, if you believe them, states that the support for civil unions is over 50%. I’ve found another reason why the politicians are catering to the gay vote. It is not about letting gays have rights.

If you thought about it, from the president on down in the Democratic party, they’ve used your cause to prevent “too close to call” kinds of elections. They are forcing the Republicans to abandon conservative voters for a liberal agenda to pull voters.

Hence, abandoning Christian conservatives voters. Of course, you do not want to believe it, but the politicians will never be honest enough to tell you that this is what they fully intended. Or, at the very least, this is collateral results that they sought.

I know.

Another “Right Wing” conspiracy. But think about it for a moment, you got what you wanted, right?

Now what?

For the past few years, the election of politicians on most levels is too close to call. The swing votes may come from “I.O.U.’s. Politicians will cry out and say, “I signed legislation for gays to be unionized!” Certain incumbent candidates will state, “We do not want to turn the clock back, so, I need your vote.” You’ve heard that before, haven’t you? As a gay person, you got what you wanted. Gay unions to be recognized like heterosexual marriages.

Now you will feel compelled to vote for those that supported your cause. Not because you have rights, but out of a sense of obligation. It’s sad to say, but for sin, the gays were used. Sold down the road of political gain. Real politicians rarely express genuine care about their constituents.

Now that part of the truth is out, when it comes time to vote, just remember, you were used. The politicians are somewhat assured that the gay vote will come out and vote for the candidates that championed their cause.

“Too close to call” in certain key states, is a thing of the past.

And it will be the same in any other state that choose to go down the same path.

Spiritual immorality always seals the fate of a state or country.

Doomed to consequential judgment unless repentance is made according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Proverbs 14:34.

You have noticed that the gays wanted their unions to be recognized as a marriage between one male and one female. Common sense shows us that it can never happen no matter what laws are placed in the books.

Based on their flawed concept, they now want to legitimize their sinful concept of “a family.”

My challenge to every gay couple. Every male to male and female to female couple that went to get their marriage license.

Without adoption. Without artificial insemination. Without surrogacy. Produce a family.

Let’s look at it very closely.

Apart from “It’s about love, not about biology.” Let’s review basic….

Biology 101

It takes a male and a female to have natural sex, conceive a child, and have a “natural family.” Please correct me if I am wrong.

So far, this is right, isn’t it.

Even apart from the Word of God, this statement is correct.

Do you disagree with this statement in any way?

The statement again is, “It takes a male and a female to have sex, conceive a child, and have a “family.”

My question to you is, “Can one male inseminate another male to conceive a child, and have a “family?”

The common natural biological answer is…


Why? It is unnaturally impossible for a male to inseminate another male and the male that is inseminated conceive, and naturally give birth, to have a natural “family.”

God never joined male and male, or female and female together to be one. God joined one male and one female to be one flesh. It is impossible for two persons of the same sex to be one flesh. The anatomy of the male is incompatible with another male.

The anus of either sex doesn’t count for sexual intercourse. The anatomy of the female is only compatible with a male. Sexual intercourse can only take place between one male and one female.

The best that a man can do is inseminate the anus where human feces exits, or inseminate the mouth during oral sex. We know that a man or a woman cannot get pregnant after swallowing semen.

In the anus or mouth of another man, there is no egg for the sperm to go to. The only thing that is left is for the sperm to sit there until it is time to use the rest room to excrete human waste or digest it after oral sex.

Graphic? Graphic is light in comparison to grotesque.

Why can’t man become one flesh with another man?

When God created Adam and then Eve, they were created male and female, not female and female or male and male.

Genesis 2:24 says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Notice the pattern. “…a man shall leave…” Leave who? “…father and mother…” Please notice that the father is the male and the mother is the female.

Please notice that the man is the son of the “father and mother.”

The father married his wife and produced a son. A son was born to them.


They had natural sexual intercourse.

The father had a penis and the mother had a vagina. Very basic. It is not too hard to understand. Conception took place and the wife naturally gave birth to a son.

Males cannot give birth. It is physically impossible. So all of those males that went to City Hall, picked up marriage licenses, and are recognized by the state as same sex couples.

But….they cannot naturally produce a child resulting from consummation of a “marriage.”

What a bummer.

According to man’s laws, they are recognized as a couple. But according to the highest standard, the Word of God, they cannot become “one flesh.”

It is not my job to make people mad or to frustrate their thinking. It is my job to present the truth from the Word of God in light of man’s attempt usurp the divine order of God.

My question is directed to male couples.

“Which one of you will be impregnated? I mean, you want to have children, isn’t that right? Which one of you will get pregnant and give birth to a child? Or, am I sadly mistaken? I mean, you got “married,” right? So now that you are married, which one of you will carry a child for nine months?

You do want a “family,” don’t you?

I’m being sarcastic but it is true. Just think about it for a moment. Adoptions and
artificial insemination is a secondary method of pregnancy for a woman. In any case, it requires a female to give birth or the child is to be birthed by “C” section.

Have we ever seen a man be man enough to be artificially inseminated?

So, no matter which way you look at it, a two male union must still rely on a woman to give them a child. It all goes back to God’s original intent and design.

Truth is hard to accept sometimes.

A woman is specifically designed by God to carry a child in her womb. To provide all of the necessary antenatal care while the child is developing in the womb of a woman.

A man is not designed by God to carry a child because he will never have a uterus, ovaries, eggs, and have a womb. The woman is a child bearing, child birthing person. Specially created by God to produce life through the birth canal. Man can only inseminate. Not give birth.

For female unions, it still comes down to egg and sperm. Her same sex partner cannot inseminate her.

Think about it. She has to rely on artificial insemination or adoption. Biologically equipped, she can be a mother but she cannot produce and ejaculate sperm to inseminate another woman. She must rely on a man in order for her to become a mother.

There is no valid argument against the Word of God and the way God created male and female. So far, their only argument is, “We are still a family.” But let’s look at what you did to make it a “family.” No matter which way you look at it, it still takes a male sperm and a female egg.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot conjure up any reasonable human conclusions. (please listen to our Secret Sexual Sins Broadcast)



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