The winds, rain, and devastation of a Category 1 hurricane, called Sandy, has come and gone. Many lives will never be the same. Millions of people are without power. Homes are damaged. And lives will never be the same.

We know that in some way, global warming may be a part of this equation. As the polar caps melt, more water is in the oceans than ever before. Meaning that when hurricanes come, expect the coasts to be significantly affected.

Many of us may be wondering if anything will change.

I’ll explain in a moment.

The United States is definitely experiencing more trouble than it could handle. Catastrophic economic times. From devastating, unprecedented natural disasters, to terrorists attacks, or at the very least, attempts of terrorist attacks.

It is clear that in the past, people would flock to houses of worship to seek God after most disasters to find spiritual answers. To stop and make things right with God. To resolve to do right by God. We must point out that God does not speak through natural storms and natural destructions.

Why do they happen? Again, the world is in a fallen state. Adam’s transgression opened the door for these forms of destruction by nature.

Back to Sandy……

Adding insult to injury, looters are looting folks in Coney Island NY. People have experienced loss of loved ones. Halloween is looking to still be celebrated and the NYC Marathon will look to get underway this Sunday regardless.

Yet, once again, God is not even a thought.

What more is there to say?

We sometimes say religious things like, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that lost loved ones and have suffered loss of property.” People do want to know that someone cares, feel their pain, and sympathize with what they are going through.

What about God?

The Lord always feel the pain we suffer but we must also remember that the earth and His creation is in a fallen state.

What is there to say?

What would the Lord Jesus say?

What comes to mind is Luke 13. Jesus mentioned the disasters of His time and He had one word.

Unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish!

Some of you will say that this is a cold thing to say.


But it is true. Many of people, regardless of the effects of Sandy, will not turn from sin. They will go on with life, repair their homes, clean up the debris, and resume life. Even for those that may have lost loved ones, they will pick up the pieces and move on.

Some, will do so without God.

If you are going to hurl stones at me because of what was said, I cannot stop you. When the Lord Jesus spoke truth while He was in the world, they tried to throw Him off the hill.

But what is the gist of all of this?

Death can happen at anytime. Disasters can happen at any time.

When it is your time to go, it’s your time.

The best preparedness advice that I can give you is to “repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Should you find yourself alive after averting disaster, find your way to the house of worship. But do not visit. Because visitors seldom return. God wants your life and name written in heaven. This is what the Lord wants.

During the event, 60 persons were told to evacuate. Many people said to the authorities, “We will stay and ride this storm out.” When the storm intensified, 20 persons called to be evacuated. 14 were rescued. The rest were told that “The window of opportunity to be rescued is closed. You are on your own.”

So it is with turning down the opportunity to receive Jesus as Lord. When death occurs, yourwindow of opportunity is closed and you are on your own.”

Find your way to the house of worship to be a weekly part of God putting your life together through repentance and the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God is not speaking through this storm to send you a message.

Disaster is not how God gets a message over to you. You’ve heard Him tell you to “get saved.” To turn your entire life over to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The next storm that comes, the next natural disaster, the next terrorist attack, or worse, the coming of the Lord is sure to come.

Will you blow this opportunity, or will you take advantage before it’s too late?

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