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The Person(s) Behind The Obama Homosexual Agenda


This is nothing new.

Let’s cut to the chase.

It isn’t Obama alone that is making these policy decisions.

If anyone was watching “24,” the hit series with Keifer Sutherland, we know that just like in this series, there are people in the WH that is driving the homosexual agenda.

President gets a phone call or they sneak into the WH without being observed by the press.

Or they are observed by the press, but the press doesn’t see or say a word, or they would be “dealt with.”

The politics is bought and the media is bought. 

Now we are faced with Trump, a billionaire that is just as bought.

With his own money.

Both, the president and the press are threatened to make sure that they stick to the agenda or things could get ugly.

North Carolina is not walking the walk of the LGBT sin of homosexuality agenda and the Justice Department (Injustice Department) and the WH is threatening to withhold much needed federal dollars from the State (exercising its right as a State).

All over discrimination against transgenders being allowed to use women’s restrooms.

We all know that men in woman’s bathrooms, no matter what surgical procedure, is STUPID, DUMB, AND BRAINLESS.

Cow dung for brains.

If you are wondering why the threat of terror is still among us in this nation, like the children of Israel Leviticus 26:16 and Amos chapter 4, is the reason behind the threat of terror.

It’s a sad day in America.

What this is all about is that whoever is behind the scenes, pushing this vile agenda, they don’t have much time.

IF Hillary or Trump gets in, a new set of faces and players will enter the WH and push this agenda to levels unprecedented.

But why are they pushing the homosexual agenda and why is this happening in the first place?

Why has the sin of homosexuality any teeth?

What is the real purpose of this?

We all know that Obama’s blackness/whiteness is the backdrop to disarm smart black Americans.

We all know that homosexuals stole the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

When you look at the sin of homosexuality, it is the very sin that brought about judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. In Genesis 19, God poured His wrath on those cities and other cities that harbored their sin.

The Lord Jesus clued us into the reason why this is happening.

These are the end times.

The beginning of sorrows is upon us and it is happening exponentially. We are seeing unprecedented shifts in political power and money.

For 7.5 years (since 2008), there has been no rebuttal  or opposition to the Democratic agenda even with a majority Republican in the House and Senate. There is just a “token” resistance” to lull us all to sleep while the plan to remove the Constitution of the United States, or it is removed, we just didn’t know it yet, since they select what laws they want to make and follow.

On paper, we are a democracy, in reality, we are a one party country.

Socialist. Totalitarian.

The visit by the president to Cuba was strategic.

We couldn’t announce our communism by standing with China, Russia, and North Korea.

We do it with a country that is second to the bottom of communism.


There is no question that sexual immorality plunges a nation further into vile and hideous practices. Jesus warned us about the pervasiveness of human depravity. These are signs of the end times.

The world is governed by the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience and children of wrath. It is a push behind the physical realm of satan to plunge more people into hell.

Remember, the devil has but a short time.

At this pace, the more people are accepting of sin, the more darkness. The more blindness, the more people will not see or refuse to see the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is no other reason in the natural.

The only reason is spiritual.

The henchmen that work in high levels of power in the United States are working for the prince of darkness.

They are pushing this agenda in every corner of society.

The only place of safety is in the secret place of the Most High.

The people in political power will not stand up to the strong winds of their handlers. The president, certain congressmen and women will toe the line and follow the script.

To do so would cost them more than what they are willing to pay.

In the world, the darkness in people’s lives is the fuel. Attached to this is the money. It costs people to pursue sin. In chaos, satan knows exactly what he is doing.

This is where the saints of God are a problem to the agenda of darkness.

As long as we stay out of sin, stay in the secret place of God, stay holy, righteous, and sanctified, the wicked one cannot touch us to stop God. And even if martyrdom were to come to some of us, just like in the NT, it didn’t stop the Head of the Church and those that remained.

God always had a ram in the bush.


God will always have something in reserve that will pray the will of God on the earth.

satan and his henchmen have no defense against God and the prayers of the righteous.

satan’s works are futile.

Again, I want to point out that at this breakneck pace that satan’s agenda is being set up, it’s because the political landscape is about to solidify. The spiritual apnea in the church has taken hold in most places.

I dare say that many of your “TV” preachers are in bed with this agenda. Putting some of us to sleep so that we wouldn’t warn the way we are supposed to. False prophets and teachers are all over the place, lulling us all to sleep. We refuse to wake up and smell this vile petrifying coffee and sound the alarm.

The sewage of the mouths has permeated some hearts and they have grown accustomed, acclimated themselves to this smell. And they insist that they have bathed in the presence of the Lord.

Liars will have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone.

Lying will send you straight to hell.

There is no call to real repentance and prayer. No call to fasting. No call to seek the face of God from these so called “Motivational speakers” because they have no call of God on their lives to begin with.

There is no anointing on their lives.

There is no sense of urgency to warn the flock of God for the times we are living in.

Instead there is a call to “Enjoy your life.” This is your best life now. You can have it all. Don’t be so negative. Be positive. Everyone is going to go to heaven, but you can have a good life now on earth. Woman, Thou Art Loosed. And other emotionally charged, faithless perversion of another gospel that we are exposed to.

Hyper grace messages that excuse sin. Confusing messages about the law of the OT and the grace of God.

Prophets of the false are all over the place. Telling you about your “purpose and destiny” while stealing from you from your pocket book and wallet in every service.

Lulled to sleep with these mess—–ages (not a typo).

As I watch these preachers, in the beginning, it seamed like they were anointed but their fame robbed them of real anointing. Like Saul in the OT, the people ran the king out of power. Saul did what the people wanted. At the same time. Saul disobeyed God because he didn’t love the Lord God with all his heart.

The combination of the two will always rob a man of God of the presence of the Lord.

Standing on many of our stages are men that have no fear of God before their eyes. The platform they stand on is “entertainment.”

God is forgotten and the people don’t know or fear God and His Word.

But the real power behind the WH is not Obama. I will say this that ignorance cannot be claimed by Obama. From the start of his involvement in politics, he knew how to play the game. You cannot play this game if you are willing to fight the power behind the scenes. Any one with common sense will see that this homosexual agenda is perversion at its highest state.

Obama knew what he was getting into and he was willing to play the game. As a result, we are really seeing the manifestation of perversion on unprecedented levels. All presidents have advisors that are seen and unseen.

I don’t think that the president is smart enough to concoct a nationwide agenda. Then again, I could be wrong. His political suaveness was enough to put the federal government against state government (THREATENING WITHHOLDING FEDERAL DOLLARS) in an attempt to push a national agenda of homosexuality.

The icing on the perversion cake is a monument of dishonor for the vile sin of homosexuality.

For what it’s worth, again, this is not new. It’s just not revealed yet who the players are.

A real prophet of God that hears from the Lord would reveal names and call them to repentance. A false prophet will preach  smooth words to power.

The story about NC standing up to the bullying tactics of the WH could be read here and the furthering of the homosexual agenda article could be read here.

Homosexual Love Is After Your Child……And There’s Nothing Good About It


The indoctrination of children in the classroom of homosexuality is one of the most heinous forms of vile perversion that targets children in the classrooms today.

Especially when a practicing homosexual brought a book (King & King) to read it to children about two men finding “love” without parental consent.

In North Carolina, a practicing homosexual wanted the support of the school board after it was discovered.

Folks, if we do not fight for our children, they will take our children.

There is nothing beautiful about homosexual “love.”

The whole purpose of indoctrinating children is to “reproduce” more children. Reproduce by indoctrination. Since men cannot inseminate men and since men cannot give birth, their only recourse is to indoctrinate, surrogate or adopt children.

To teach children sexual immorality where consequential judgment will fall is not educating children. It’s setting them up for a date with sickness and disease, and quite possibly death. Not to mention the drugs and alcohol that is associated with such sinful behavior.

Parent, take charge of your child or the devil’s children will take your child.

We all know that it is about homosexual lust.

The goal is to get them involved in the sin of homosexuality early. To deposit the seeds of unrighteousness in them early so that later on in their life, they move from innocence to sin which produces in them guilt and shame.

In Genesis 19, two angels were sent into the city to rescue Lot and his family. The men in that city, young and old, demanded to have sex with the two angels. Lot offered his two daughters but the men in that city refused to have any sex with a woman. The men of that city wanted the two angels. Evidence that it was about the sin of homosexuality. The angels blinded the men in that city. A few hours later, the city received fire and brimstone.

Their lust for men is what it was about.

So it is today.

It is not about love but lust and everyone knows it.

But what is the end result of obeying the lusts of the flesh? Especially on the level of having sex with the same sex?


It’s called consequential judgment.

There is a penalty attached to sin. No sin goes unpunished.

The sad thing is that the reasoning has gone crazy. From trying to shift blame of acquisition of the disease to pretending that God doesn’t punish sin.

On the Internet, movies, and other venues, the media always try to make homosexuality acceptable, pretty, and beautiful.

There is nothing acceptable, pretty, or beautiful about it.

And everyone knows it.

Sin is like vomit from a dog or human, sitting on a street corner on a sunny day with flies on it.

Homosexuality is “…an abomination,” or disgusting.

And everyone knows it.

The STD’s that are contracted even when adultery or fornication happens is the gist of sexual immorality.

There is nothing beautiful about acquiring STDs when sexual sins is avoidable.

Sadly, the pleasure of sexual sins is like taking a plunge in a pool that is 10 feet deep with no water.

The pleasure of sexual sin is like jumping off a cliff.

The happiness that they claim to have will always have a shadow of shame, hopelessness, and unfulfilled-ness attached to it.


The heart of man yearns to be fully satisfied. It is never found in the sins of the flesh. It is only found in Jesus. There’s something good about the love of Jesus. He fully satisfies. Everything that you are looking for is found in Jesus. There is no danger of STDs when you accept the terms of salvation. There is no fear of Jesus walking out on you. There is no fear of Jesus turning His back on you.

Jesus will not trade you for another lover.

Jesus is Faithful.

He proved His faithfulness when He died on the cross for the sin of the whole world. Jesus loved us with an everlasting love. Jesus’ love for us is not cheap. He shed His blood for us. No greater love than this that a man lay down His life for His friends (John 15:13).

The Father demonstrated His love towards us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).

There’s nothing to be afraid of when you turn your life entirely over to Him.

“His love never fails, never gives up, it never runs out on you.”

True love cannot be found in lust. For lust was destroyed on the cross and our love for God replaces that lust.

We prove our love for Him when we keep His commandments (John 14:15 and 15:14).

For the Bible says “Perfect love casts out fear.”

This perfect love is only found in Jesus. Not with another man. Not with another woman.

Perfect love that never disappoints is only found in Jesus.

The article regarding the North Carolina incident in the public schools written by the Family Research Council could be read here.