Megan Rapinoe Posters Defaced In NYC Subway

When you deface a poster of Trump, no problem.

When you deface or burn the American flag, no problem.

But when you deface a Megan Rapinoe poster in the NYC subway, you will be investigated for committing a hate crime against homosexuals.

In fact, what was this all about any way?

Was it about women’s soccer?

More pay?

Yes, if you were a women’s soccer fan.

And no, not really about women’s soccer.

Because it was a blatant show of one individual involved in the sin of homosexuality.

It was free advertisement.

It was a worldwide promotion of the combination of women’s soccer and the vile sin of homosexuality.

They used a legitimate sport to advertise sin.

Just like in the WNBA, as in other women’s sports, The Lesbian Connection is front and center.

More often than not, it’s a shame when you could see that Megan Rapinoe is used by the elite homosexuals to advertise that it’s “ok” to be homosexual and involved in sports. It’s passed off like it’s “ok” to be involved in women’s sports and if you’re a homosexual, that’s “ok” too.

But we have millions of people that commit adultery, child sex (Epstein), fornication, sex trafficking, prostitution, and involved in all sorts of high and low profile jobs.

Should they lose their jobs because of these things?

Labor Secretary Acosta is being asked to step down because he wasn’t tough on Epstein over underage sex over a decade ago.

See, morality has a problem in other areas of sexual immorality.

We change the rules as we go.

Now it’s not a crime to be a woman playing sports.

However, we see that homosexuality is definitely promoted.

The “masculine look” of Megan Rapinoe was all the advertisement needed.

Megan’s posters were probably in abundance in the NYC subway system.

More advertisement.

Now there’s tons of graffiti in NYC.

Some permitted in certain communities, others aren’t.

Graffiti, back in the 60’s and 70’s was considered visual pollution.

Now, there’s specific chemicals that will remove graffiti. Like on trains, cars, trucks, and walls. But it doesn’t stop the tag artist. They return with a vengeance.

Now when it comes to physical assault or verbal assault, a child of God will not stoop low and do what the world does to send a message. It’s beneath the dignity of a child of God to become like the world in expressing with violence and assault the disapproval of homosexuality.

The preaching of God’s Word, in a peaceful but loving manner (speaking the truth in love), is the only way to voice God’s disapproval of the abomination of homosexuality.

The Lord instructed His disciples to preach the Word of God to those willing to receive. If they do not receive you or your Biblical message, leave them and their city after you’ve shaken the dust of that city off your feet (see Matthew chapter 10).

But to deface or damage property or commit the crime of physical assault is not becoming a child of God.

Apparently, NYC may have pockets of resistance to the laws regarding homosexuals.

In fact, when you click the link below, you will read the story regarding a gay flag burning in front of a homosexual bar in Harlem NYC. But if you were to burn the American flag, it’s no problem.

Now Megan Rapinoe, the co-captain of the women’s soccer team that won the World Cup, expressed in her speech at City Hall to “Love More, Hate Less.”

Code for “Love More Homosexuals, Hate Less About Homosexuals.”

Many will say that you’re putting words in their mouths or that you’re twisting what she said, but face it. It’s what homosexuals want.

Love on their terms and get people to stop what they perceive as hatred of homosexuals. But I find it very strange that homosexuals hate anyone that express the Bible to deliver them from sin.

They tell us not to hate but they express hate.

Contradiction. Irony. Hypocrisy.

Sadly, homosexuals believe that if you preach against the sin of homosexuals, then you hate homosexuals.

On the other hand, you have extreme zealots pretending to be Christians and exercise hatred that goes beyond the teachings of the Lord Jesus.

A true preacher of the Word of God will preach that God is against homosexuality BUT they will also preach that the power of God is available to deliver the sexually immoral from the escapable power of sin.

A true preacher will preach from the Word of God that those that continue in sin will perish in their sins BUT as long as you have breath in your lungs and blood running warm in your veins, the offer of eternal life through repentance and faith in Christ is available.

The incentive is our date with the destiny of death.

Hebrews 9:27 says,

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, after that the judgment.”

So if death is true on one hand, judgment is true on the other.

You’re offered to exchange the sin you’re in for the life of Christ.

But it has a “sell by” date.

Your death or the coming of the Lord Jesus, which ever comes first.

The choice is completely yours.

True believers NEVER force Christianity on people.

In fact, true believers love people, no matter what sin they’re involved in.

Megan Rapinoe, as a true believer of Jesus Christ, along with other true believers, we love you.

It’s an offer that you can accept or refuse.

No one hates a fireman when he comes to the rescue.

For years the homosexual elites push their message of tolerance while having zero tolerance for those that hate the sin of homosexuality.

Regarding love, the Lord Jesus instructed His true believers about love.

Matthew 5:44-48 (NKJV Strong’s)

“But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the tax collectors do so? Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

There’s no question that homosexuals hate the God we serve and His Word.

In fact, they believe that hating us is the right thing to do, yet, they want true believers to love the sin they’re in.

But how can you love the sin they’re in when the sin of homosexuality brought upon humans an incurable disease? The love of God within us would want to warn people that practice the sin of homosexuality to quit before consequential judgment falls on them.

STD is the consequential judgment imposed on all those that commit sexual immorality.

A true believer that loves homosexuals will warn people of the consequences so they could avoid the “…penalty of their error…”

Sadly, homosexuals would rather you be silenced so they could sin in peace.

But there’s a greater penalty beyond STDs. If you repent before you die, you will avoid the penalty (see Romans 6:23), but if you die without repentance, you will be sent to hell to await the Great White Throne Judgment (see Revelation 20:11-15).

After your death, there will be no mercy, grace, the blood of Jesus will not be available to you, or the love of God (see John 3:16-21).

Not realizing that the Lord loved them so much.

Jesus was sent by the Father to die for the sin of the whole world. The Father demonstrated His love for us, in that “….while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

That’s true love beyond measure.

So, NYPD will pursue their case against someone defacing Megan Rapinoe’s poster in the subway because she’s a practicing homosexual, but we offer to anyone involved in sin the ONLY remedy.

The Lord Jesus Christ.

You could read the story here

Sexual Bigotry- More LGBT Silliness

As an African that happens to be an American, there is a very silly notion purported by proponents of the sin of homosexuality.

I’ve written about this before and several other men and women of God has sounded off about this as well.

It is very easy to look at a Black person and know that the potential for racial bigotry is instant. It is so ingrained in American society that it is to be expected. Racial equality is still a challenge for many Americans.

The convoluted underhanded mentality of those involved in the sin of homosexuality pulled a fast one on the entire human race.

One of the first things to happened is that there was a very crude attempt to mix the struggle of Black people to be similar to the struggle for perversion to be equal with racial discrimination. Mixing these struggles to be alike.

Sadly, president Obama diluted the potency of the Civil Rights Movement by using Stonewall and Selma as synonymous terms.

Pathetically and profound was the silence of some of the Civil Rights elder statesmen and women. They never corrected a Black man who happens to be the president of the United States that was too young to experience, let alone understand the times of those dark days of the pursuit of racial equality.

You can’t get HIV/AIDS for being Black. But when you practice the sin of homosexuality, there, a person stands a very good chance of being infected. You can’t get STDs for being Black. But when you engage in sexual immorality, you stand a very good chance of being infected.

Now tell me, how silly it would be if I told you that when a child is born Black they get HIV/AIDS for being Black?

What many people will tell me is that it’s impossible.

But if I were to tell you that when two men act out sexually or two women act out sexually, they will be Black.

What many of you would tell me is that it’s impossible.

But if two men act out sexually and two women act out sexually, there is a good chance that they will contract some type of STD, including HIV/AIDS. What many people would tell me is that the possibility of STDs happening are better than good.

For years, people have made being Black out to be a crime.

So when we know that sexual immorality occurs, the diseases that manifest is commensurate with the act.

There is no discrimination in this. The law of God requires that man and woman be married, have lawful sex, and produce children. Something that two men and two women can’t do, since their bodies are incompatible. Copulation is between one man and one women in marriage.

Sexual orientation is a code word to include homosexuality to real legitimate sex between one man and one woman in holy matrimony. For years the homosexuals have attempted to muscle their way into legitimacy, since homosexuality cannot win legitimacy on its own merits. That’s because the sin of homosexuality has no merits. We all know that they have strong armed their way to steal, rob, lie, hijack and slither their way into being authentic but the sins they’ve committed falls short of legitimacy, authenticity, and genuineness.

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

As usual, LGBT will be angry and tell a Black man that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

It’s very easy for people without my skin color to deny common sense and tell others that the sky is purple.

They are convinced that because¬†they¬†say that the sky is purple, they intimidate, animate, and will scream to the top of their lungs that the sky is purple, while we look up at the same time and see that the sky is………………blue.

So convinced are these people about the lie that homosexuality is not a sin, that when a person speaks the Word of God and declare that homosexuality is a sin, we are the ones that is wrong. We are not loving. We are discriminate bigots. We are sexual racists, (if there is ever such a thing).

I have yet to see a white person put on my skin and search for a job.

You can’t get HIV/AIDS just for being Black, or White, or any race for that matter.

It’s when you engage in an illegal sex act outside of marriage between one man and one woman that STDs await them.

So you can stand there and hold your breath for a very long time because there is nothing that LGBT and practicing homosexuals can tell a Black man about discrimination, bigotry, and racism.

All you need to do is ask yourself whether or not you want to believe that lie about discrimination or understand what true racism is all about.

You can be smart or you can be ignorant. It’s your choice.

Make all the laws you want. The truth is the truth. The lies are clear for all to see.

We all know that sexual orientation is a lie.

All sin is a threat to humanity. Not just homosexuality, but since homosexuality pose a greater threat of incurable diseases, wouldn’t it make sense to avoid the sin altogether?

Homosexuals are not a class that is superior to others with special privileges. Just a class of sin that people are involved in that ranks as the most destructive of Secret Sexual Sins.

Homophobia: Who’s Really Afraid

Be afraid. Be very afraid!

It always amazes me and I’m even puzzled, that the LGBT community honestly believes that genuine, God fearing, people loving believers are afraid of homosexuals. Clearly, the phobia is more from people that are involved in the sin of homosexuality and rightfully so.

The LGBT community does have a legitimate fear. It’s just that they are using tactics to make it appear that those that truly believe in Christ are the ones that are mostly afraid.

Let me be clear.

I and the many genuine believers in Christ fear the God of heaven more than any person, including the LGBT community on earth.

Psalm 2:11-12 (NKJ and AMP) says,

“Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for His wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”

“Serve the Lord with reverent awe and worshipful fear; rejoice and be in high spirits with trembling [lest you displease Him]. Kiss the Son [pay homage to Him in purity], lest He be angry and you perish in the way, for soon shall His wrath be kindled. O blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in Him!”

Psalm 27:1 says,

The Lord is my light and my salvation-whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold in my life-of whom shall I be afraid?

So out of their (LGBT) fear they attempt to make politicians, people of “faith” and straight people afraid. Especially true believers in Christ.

Based on the merits, LGBT’s flawed arguments cannot stand alone even when they attempt to misapply and misappropriate the Scriptures. They must use militant tactics “as a roaring lion” to get their point across.

If God, His Word, and true believers weren’t a threat to the LGBT agenda, they wouldn’t bother.

Light is always a threat until it becomes a fulfilled promise. When the Word of God comes, light comes.

Psalm 119:130 says,

“The entrance of Your Word gives light.”

And if you can take the fight out of the true believers, conquest is easy. Uncontested and unconfronted sinning is a sinner’s dream. That’s why true believers have armor and sinners have no armor. True believers walk in righteousness. Sinners have no righteousness to stand on.

That’s why they use secondary laws to establish their own false righteousness and they pick, choose, and avoid righteousness and true holiness Scriptures like the plague.

If the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ does not speak up, it’s because we are afraid to confront the sins of our times. A miserable failure of the courage test of Joshua.

Proverbs 28:1 says,

“The wicked flees when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”

Our silence becomes their permission.

And when sympathetic supporters that claim to be believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, that don’t know their Bible join in condemning the stand of true believers, you wonder where in the world did they come from. What Bible are they living by and reading.

It is clear that they are under great delusion and were mesmerized and seduced (see 1 Timothy 4:1-2 and 2 Timothy 3:1-5) by the current times we are living in. The Lord Jesus warned us that we would be living in the days of Noah and Lot (see Luke 17:26-30). We all know what the Bible says about what happened during those days. And we are seeing a repeat performance that will rapidly funnel people towards the end times.

When you have people who claim to be saints not only agree with LGBT, but sanctioning their position, and join in their stern condemnation of those that stand for the righteousness of Christ, it is a clear understanding that we are seeing apostasy according to the book of Jude and 2 Thessalonians chapters 1 and 2.

I understand the LGBT community has something to be physically afraid of because there are extreme people that claim to be Christians out there that use harmful words and actions (criminal actions, too).

There is no question in my mind that extreme believers” are beyond the Scriptures when it comes to verbally and physically abusing human beings.

Such unjustified actions is clearly inconsistent with God and His Word, and must be vehemently condemned because it does not and will not reflect the true character of God. Even with Sodom and Gomorrah, Abram interceded for the people before destruction came upon them (see Genesis 18:16-33).

Believe it or not LGBT community, someone is praying for you.

I know.

You are saying, “You can keep your prayers.”

Believe it or not, we can’t keep our prayers because the will of God in our lives compels us to pray for you in the love and compassion of the Lord.

We pray to the Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus for you not to be destroyed, harmed, or judged, but to come to the knowledge of the truth.

The knowledge of the truth is that Lord Jesus and correctly taught believers truly love the sinner just as the Father in heaven, no matter what preference of sexual sins a person is involved in. The blood of the Lamb that was shed for all, places no asterisks next to homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, transgender, or queer persons.

You are not excepted or exempt.

“But God demonstrated His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

We must underscore the fact that sin will never be condoned. For reasons established in this blog at the conclusion.

So, because of the vicious attacks from misguided extreme believers against LGBT people, to fight back, the LGBT community singled out the God of heaven, the Word of God, and genuine believers, hog tie them to the “extreme radical believers” that have no love of God in them, draft up hate crimes legislation, and the LGBT community can live in peace.

As long as what I am doing (homosexuality) has human legislation, homosexuality is not considered a sin.

God is wrong, the Bible is wrong, and genuine, God fearing believers are wrong, and out of date with the times.

There are laws already in the books against assault, manslaughter, and murder.

Now we have “targeted” legislation that includes preaching righteousness as part of “hate crime legislation.”

Already in Canada and the Netherlands, preachers of righteousness are being arrested.

Then to further “acceptance or tolerance,” allow them to get “married,” have a “family,” develop a public school curriculum to teach tolerance to children so that “bullying” against same sex attracted youth would diminish. And the problem of extreme hatred towards people of sexual preference/oriented people of LGBT will diminish or go away.

Then there are certain corporations and private companies that will discipline or fire anyone that “discriminates” against homosexuals and lesbians.

When I come across certain articles, I do so to intentionally portray the depravity of sexual immorality. By doing so, the risk of being called a hater of homosexual sin exponentially increases. It is with intent that I do this because when people reason against the Scriptures, it is clear that they are ignoring the very reasons why the Lord said what He said.

The stigmatization of being connected to depraved activities may have been too much for people in the LGBT community to bear.

When you read articles like “Cancer on the Penis,” it is a clear reminder why bestiality is an extremely gross sin. While this is not happening in the United States as often as it is in other Third World countries, the article did state that bestiality occurs among educated people in the Untied States.

Educated people.

Folk that’s supposed to be…huh…smart.

The connection to the depravity of homosexuality is clear.

What men do with other men is just as depraved as what men do with animals.

It’s the depravity and perversion that is to be underscored.

Perversion means- “an aberrant sexual practice.” Aberrant meaning “one whose behavior departs substantially from the norm of a group.

The norm of the group is straight folk.

People that have normal sexual intercourse between male and female. Just as the way the Lord God originally intended when Adam and Eve were created. But it’s not just normal sexual intercourse, but normal interaction between two persons of the opposite sex.

So male and male in a homosexual situation is “perversion.”

Female and female, in a lesbian situation is…you guessed it.


A behavior that is a substantial departure from the norm of a group.

Too often, we tend to mentally assent to separate depraved sex acts from other forms of perverted sex acts so that what we are engaged in as sinful sex acts is tolerable.

The shame and the guilt is lessened, so to speak, by agreeing to lower the stigmatization of the sexual sin we are involved with.

When I was trapped in the sin of porn and masturbation, I honestly thought that rape, sodomy, human trafficking for the sex trade, prostitution, strip joints and gentlemen’s clubs were separate issues. So I lessened the measure of guilt and shame of what I was doing.

“At least I didn’t get a prostitute or I didn’t have an affair.”

But I was committing adultery in my heart (Matthew 5:28) and I was sinning against my own body according to 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.

And to a degree, they are separate, but they are seamlessly connected. The material is the same. The fabric is the same, but the only difference is the string that attaches each piece of cloth of sexual preference to make one fabric.

The fabric of….

Sexual immorality.

The LGBT community is a very militant, in your face organization that will use hatred to attempt to push back at believers in the Lord that stands for the truth of God’s Word. The one thing that they will never overcome is the truth.

The diseases that are connected to sexual immorality speaks for itself.

It’s called consequential judgment.

The only way to avoid STDs and HIV/AIDS is abstinence.

Fact. If you stay inside during a rain storm, you will not get wet.

Fact. If you do not touch electricity, you will not get electrocuted.

Fact. If you use a condom during sex, you reduce, not eliminate contracting STDs, including HIV/AIDS, and women reduce the risk of getting pregnant.

Fact. If you do not have sexual intercourse with a woman, she cannot get pregnant. Although it is also a consistently determined fact that sperm has been known to travel from outside the vagina into the uterus and impregnate women after close exposure or minimal contact of the genitals.

Fact. If a man has unprotected sex with a man, he increases the risk of acquiring STDs, including HIV/AIDS.

Fact. If women have unprotected sex with a man that had multiple partners, she increases the risk of contracting STDs, including HIV/AIDS, and pregnancies.

Fact. When a malignant tumor is present in an HIV infected person, they are now declared an AIDS patient.

Fact. If you go to a church building, it doesn’t mean that you inherit the kingdom of God.

To avoid consequential judgment, all you have to do is abstain from perverted behavior.

I understand that the LGBT community will use every available means to get accepted as a normal group of people but there is nothing normal about repulsive behavior. They will argue that there is nothing repulsive about same sex attraction.

Just because you may have same sex attractions, it doesn’t make you a homosexual until you act out sexually on those attractions. That’s what abstinence is about. But when you sympathize with same sex attraction positions, and false theology, it is very safe to assume that when you suppress the Word of God, you are an enemy of righteousness.

They are entitled to believe whatever they want.

But they also need to understand that God and His Word will never change.

Numbers 23:19 says,

“God is not a man that he should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent.”

Malachi 3:6 says,

“I am the Lord, I change not.”

James 1:17 says,

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”

Hebrews 6:17-18 says,

“Thus God, determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability (unchangeableness) of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath, that by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before us.”

The two unchangeable things is what God promised and His oath to make good on what He promised.

That’s why LGBT is angry because they cannot change God and His Word.

So what they have done is create a separate church.

To have some measure of legitimacy, they use the Bible but only selected verses that is appealing to them apart from the conviction of departing from iniquity and living in righteousness and true holiness as the full counsel of God mandates.

The God of heaven and earth and the Bible was here before all of us and, should the Lord Jesus tarry, they will be here after us.

The Bible is the number one best selling Book of all time.

God is second to no one.

The one thing that the LGBT community want to do is put the fear of human law before a genuine child of God in an attempt to stop the truth.

2 Corinthians 13:8 says,

“You can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.”


No matter what you do, the truth will remain the same.

Truth #1

“For God so loved the world (LGBT) that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Truth #2

“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone (LGBT) to come to repentance.”

So now we have bishops, pastors, ministers, ministries, and churches of “inclusion” popping up all across the United States to become safe havens for those whom the “church” rejected and ex-communicated.

These churches are sown by the devil to look like the church. Jesus warned us about wheat and tares (see Matthew 13:25).

And according to Vine’s Expository Dictionary Of NT Words, tares are “The seeds (that) are poisonous to man and herbivorous animals, producing sleepiness, nausea, convulsions and even death…The Lord describes the tares as ‘the sons of the evil one’; false teachings are indissociable (cannot be divided or severed) from their propagandist.”

This is not sarcasm.

Why not be bold and call these safe havens what you want.

Safe Haven For LGBTQ Assembly

Don’t call it with Christ in it because Paul said, “…is Christ therefore a minister of sin? Certainly not!”

You can’t use Good News either.

Although it would be good news for sinners in the sense that you can come to an assembly where there will be no conviction of sin. Good news that you can do and be who you want to be without feeling condemned about what you do.

What will be missing is the presence of the Lord because His nature is Holy.

Clean and dirty. Two separate things.

Light and darkness. Two separate things.

Love and hatred. Two separate things.

Oh, by the way.

Why hate God, and the Word of God, when you want to have a church or ministry for God? Why hate believers that speak the truth in love and then speak words of hate at us? Why hate the truth when the truth is designed to help you see that what you are involved in is against the very nature of God?

You can’t have it both ways.

The standard of the Bible is clear.

God had Michael kick satan out of heaven (Revelation 12:4, Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:11-19).



God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden so they wouldn’t eat of the Tree of Life.



And…so they wouldn’t live eternally in the sinful condition they were in.

What makes you think that sin is acceptable before God?

What makes you think that sin would ever be allowed in the presence of the Lord after you die?

Why did He send Jesus to die?

Isn’t it because He was sent to pay for our sins?

Jesus didn’t die for our sins so we could continue in sin.

So far, the LGBTQ community has yet to find one Scripture in the Bible that justifies their sin. One Scripture in the Bible where the LGBTQ community is the exception to the rule. One Scripture that allows them to inherit the kingdom of God in the condition they are in.

Heaven and God’s throne would be engulfed in the flames of the lake of fire if God allows the very thing that He hates to be a part of heaven. God would have to cast Himself in the lake of fire if He allowed sin in heaven, and we would be just to call God a liar, and the greatest scammer of all time.

Then Jesus died for nothing and His blood was a waste.

That’s why sin can never be condoned.

After all of the human legislation is passed. After rights after civil rights is passed, what is there left?

You are still looking over your shoulder of your greatest fear.

The God of heaven and the correctly taught Word of God, the Holy Bible.

After reading this, get your Bible and refute every statement with Scripture. Be bold and find a Scripture to refute what is said.

Little do they realize that the devil that gives them these fantastic arguments and sticking points, is the same devil that is out to kill, steal, and destroy people in the LGBT community. The devil lied to them by saying that the believers in Christ is responsible for the attacks.

So who’s telling the truth?

Pull out the Bible and challenge each statement. Chapter and verse.

In the mean while…..

Yes, fear Him.

So now, it’s not homophobia that you are pushing on believers that love God, His Word, and every sinner including the LGBT community.

It’s truly a fear of God that you have.

And this fear you have of God won’t go away until you repent!

Because fear of God is not a phobia.

Phobia is defined as-an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations.”

True believers do not have an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme or irrational fear of simple things or social situations because we have the answer from God and His Word regarding simple things and social situations.

1 John 4:18-19 says,

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out all fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect (mature) in love. We love Him because He first loved us.”

For more on this subject, please go to to download any of our episodes on Homosexuality and other subjects along the lines of Secret Sexual Sins.

The “L” Word; Understanding The Origin Of Lesbianism

We all know that the word “lesbian” describes female homosexuality but where did it come from?

According to one source, it is Lesbos, the name of a Greek island located northeast of the Aegean Sea. One meaning of the word lesbian derives from the poems of Sappho, who was born in Lesbos and who wrote with powerful emotional content directed toward other females. It is interesting to note that she was married and did have children.

It is known that lesbians would take tourist trips to this island. While this may not seem important, everything has a place of origin. While this is not the place of origin for homosexual behavior, we are aware of the strong emotional attachments to this island and to Sappho’s poems regarding the lifestyle is undeniably present.

Regardless, I find that any reprehensible lifestyle cloaked in the cultural aspects of poetry is demonic smoke in mirrors. I know that this will make many readers very angry, however, my intent is not to stir the brew of militant anger.

I just want to reveal the fact that there is an objective to the cloak.

There is no way possible to dress sin up to make sin seem harmless. We must be careful not to be sympathetic to what God hates.

This is why many homosexuals accuse believers in Christ of being narrow minded or un-inclusive. No matter which way you explain the fact that sin is what Jesus died for, the homosexual community doesn’t mind if any other sin is reprehensible. Just their “sexual orientation” is not to be considered sin. Just as Dr. Michael Brown’s detailed book, “A Queer Thing Happened To America,” so eloquently lays out.

That’s the whole idea about hate legislation and same sex marriage.

The other argument is that it’s about love for another person of the same sex. Have you considered the fact that the “love” for that person needs to be transposed into searching for the deep seated need to be loved by God?

If I can reduce or completely eliminate the pain of the stigmatization attached to homosexuality without coming to God on His terms, then I can be at peace about the way that I want to live my life. But have you noticed that your conscience is still talking to you?

Even your own conscience is suppressed because of accepting the false notion that this is what you want and that you are happy.

Why is it that you fight depression if you are “happy?”

Shame brings depression. And because you do not know Who to go to (God), sometimes suicidal tendencies emerge because the pressure of the stigmatization, shame, and despondency over the commission of homosexual sin squeezes you to make a fatal decision.

The cessation of life to find relief.

Exactly what the devil wants you to do to seal the deal.

Depressed about the stigmatization and looking for acceptance by the world and the church. Depressed that this is not working as you thought it would. Each day, you fool yourself into thinking that this is what you want out of life.

That’s the true essence of autonomy.

Life without God.

For argument’s sake, why is there a consequence for sin? For instance if you get infected with a sexually transmitted disease, contracting that disease was a risk you’ve accepted.

Through STDs, the Lord is communicating to us three very basic things.

First, it is sin.

Second, there is a consequence if you commit such a sin.

Third, if you repent and forsake sin, you will obtain mercy. I’ll forgive your sin if you repent and walk away from it forever. God loves you enough to tell you that you are going against Me and My will. You were never designed for perversion. You were created to glorify God.

Sin is defiance or autonomy of God.

Disease is supposed to be a deterrent to sin, but you ignore it because you insist on having it your way like Burger King.

Ignoring deterrents is like you’re on a high speed chase down a oneway street. The next five blocks is nothing but red lights or stop signs but you insist on proceeding at dangerously high speeds, thinking that you would never get into an accident. You make it through the first stop sign with no problem but the next one would be your last.

A T-Bone.

Sin is opposite of the nature of God. Sin is inconsistent with His character of Holy, Love, Truth, Righteousness, and Faithfulness.

And God doesn’t hate lesbians, homosexuals, sodomites, adulterers, fornicators, and bisexuals. He says that they will not inherit the kingdom of God according to 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, but you can have verse 11 if you dare to come to Jesus.

Contrary to what you have heard, there are “extreme believers” that strongly voice to the homosexual community that “God hates you.” This is an extreme error on the “extreme believers” part. They do not know the Word of God and they are voicing their opinion in anger apart from what the Scripture reveals.

Why would you assume that God hates you when He sent His Son, in love, to save you?

If God hated you, He would never have sent His Son to die for you to save you from your sins. He would have saved the effort because anyone that hates you wouldn’t waste any time, let alone His life and blood, for you.

But He did.

Just for you!

God loves you no matter what you decide to do. If you decide to live a sinful lifestyle, that is your decision and God respects that. If you decide to come out of that lifestyle, the Lord’s love for you doesn’t change.

His love for you is consistent.

Otherwise John 3:16 would be a farce.

The one thing that we have to understand from the Scripture’s standpoint is that sin is incompatible with His nature. Because sin is inconsistent with His nature, sin cannot be allowed in His presence. Otherwise, the death of Jesus was in vain.

When God created male and female, He didn’t create them in perversion. He created them in perfection. He told them to be fruitful and multiply. Before they were created, the world was created and everything was to reproduce after its own kind. It was God’s original intent to give male and female the delegated power to reproduce Himself in man.

What does this have to do with lesbianism or homosexuality?

Same sex can’t copulate to reproduce.

You will never see a case where a man impregnates another man. He can’t receive seed. Shooting sperm during oral sex and anal sex doesn’t count. He can only give seed. He has no eggs and he cannot give birth because of his bodily design. He doesn’t have a uterus, a womb, or a birth canal.

Woman are bodily designed to give birth but they need to be impregnated by a man.

You will never see a case where a female impregnates a female because she cannot inseminate another woman.

It takes sexual intercourse to become one flesh and to reproduce after it’s own kind. The only thing that is bodily transmitted when same sex couples “act out” sexually is sexually transmitted diseases.

Even with straight couples that fornicate and adulterate, an illegitimate pregnancy and STDs underscores the illegitimacy of the relationship. The woman receives the brunt from two fronts. First, she’s a whore, adulteress, fornicator, or she prostituted herself and, second, she carries a baby out of wedlock. For the man, all he gets away with is STDs and or, he is an adulterer, fornicator and is an irresponsible biological father of a child out of wedlock.

You did it without God.

True autonomy.

The true legitimacy of marriage is not just in the exchange of vows because marriage is validated by offspring from a solemnized, bonafide relationship between two opposite sex persons without artificial insemination, adoption, or surrogacy.

Therefore, same sex can only alienate and indoctrinate to perpetuate LGBT myths to gain unattainable legitimacy.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they would still have the delegated power to reproduce but with a fallen nature. This produced in man the option to be dependent upon God to live or live independently of God and die.

In either case, we are all subject to physical death, but, through His Son, we can physically die but we can eternally live when we accept the provision of salvation from the Father, through His Son, the Lord Jesus.

We must remember that the Father gave you a free will to choose. If you decide that this is what’s best for you, God is not going to force you out. It is not the job of believers in Christ to force people to come to Jesus.

It is the job of the believer to offer freedom from all sin through a relationship with the Father, and with His Son, the Lord Jesus. It is the job of the believer to refute doctrinal error that blatantly attempt to be empathetic to those involved in the bondages of sin.

After all of the explanations of attempting to justify a sinful lifestyle, isn’t it still interesting that there is no explanation or human solution to sin except the remedy provided by the Father?

Autonomy has no legs where grace is preached and accepted.

Remember, Jesus didn’t die for our sins so that we could continue in sin.

Jesus died so that we can be freed from sin.

“He whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

To be free from sin is the heart of the Father, exhibited in the sending of His Son to die for all of man.

The object of believing in Christ is not to hate people. Hating anyone is reprehensible and clearly against what Christ taught.

For the Bible tells us,

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

We must remember that the purpose of the life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is to save us from our sins, so we would not perish. That’s right. Perish!

Yes, if we neglect so great a salvation, God is still God of judgment. His Son was sent to the earth to die for us so that we would not perish. How can a loving God send sinful man to perish?

According to John chapter 3, it’s because of your choice to remain in darkness when the Father, through His Son, made a way out for you. You couldn’t make a way out for yourself because you were helpless. So He came to help you out. Yet, you throw His salvation back at Him and said, “No, thanks!”

What is there left for God to do? He will not take you into the kingdom in the condition you are in. Just like at certain high profile parties, it’s a black tie affair, jeans are not allowed.

Heaven is a White Throne affair, sin is not allowed.

We all know that death is coming, but the promise of eternal life is given to those that desire to be free from sin.

“For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

If you are a lesbian or a homosexual, God loves you so much. More than you will ever know. He will not force you to change. However, He is waiting to accept you where you are. He is prepared to take your broken life and put it all back together again.

The love, peace, and joy that you were searching for in the sin of homosexuality, you will find only in Jesus.

Just do not take it from a man’s point of view. If you are interested in deliverance from lesbianism, we recommend these authors and their testimony.

Who Said It Couldn’t Be Done by Denise Jones, MS

From Lesbianism To Grace by Michelle Smith.

For lasting peace from the lifestyle of sin, please click the “Sexual Addiction Recovery” portion in this blog. It will lead you to some of the most powerful sites to help you come out of the lifestyle of Secret Sexual Sins.

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