The John Hopkins Study On Black Adolescent Anal Sex :Cost—$500,000 Of YOUR Money

If you are wondering why Baltimore is erupting, maybe it’s because they also got word about the US government giving half a million dollars to John Hopkins Medical research to study the effects of young black males penetrating each other during anal sex.

Using our tax dollars.

Never mind that we have a 17 trillion dollar debt. And that millions of people are still unemployed. Just imagine using half a million dollars to give minimum wage jobs and benefits to struggling families.


We’d rather spend it on a study to exacerbate homosexuality.

Rest assured that Baltimore doesn’t know about this vile study and it’s not the reason for the uprising.

Even with a continued judgment on this economy by the Lord because of an unrepentant church and nation, we have found a way to fund a study of black male on black male anal sex.

Why don’t they do a study on white male on white male anal sex? Or every other race for that matter?

Do not think that I approve of such a study on any race because homosexuality is an abomination before the Lord.

We all know that the Baltimore incident is about another disturbing situation with police and young black males (AGAIN), but why not be outraged about something that is just as horrific.

Some will say that these are two different issues.

Homosexuality, adultery, fornication, bisexuality, porn, masturbation is not about love.

It’s about LUST.

Let’s not be ignorant about this, lest we become simpletons.

And I am not approving riots or civil disobedience.

Non violent protest is one of many ways to get the message across.

The morals behind protest are lacking because when the government changes or imposes what is moral without God and the Word of God, it is immoral.

In many of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speeches, you will hear them say, “It’s the moral thing to do, or It’s the right thing to do!”

But what they are really doing is communicating to us their own immoral will. And the unsuspecting bites on the hook where the bait is. The rest is history.

Proverbs 14:15 says, “The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.”

The New Living Translation says this…..”Only simpletons believe everything they’re told! The prudent carefully consider their steps.”

So when you hear president Obama say some Scriptures, or make comments about their Christianity, just know that it isn’t real. You can’t claim to know Jesus when you support the sin of abortion and homosexuality. 

And if you say that you do not support abortion and homosexuality, BUT I support president Obama, it is no different than saying, I don’t support sin, but I support the devil.

And if you believe what they say, just remember that you are a card carrying member of Proverbs 14:15a.

But……….why aren’t we (ANY RACE) just as outraged?

Does it matter that the youngest age group diagnosed with HIV/AIDS between the ages of 12 and 24 is African Americans?

Then where is the outrage?

Does it matter that young black males are killed by police? Yes it does.

But when it comes to abortion of black children (OVER 17 MILLION BLACK BABIES SINCE 1973, 2 MILLION DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION) and HIV/AiDS among black youths, it doesn’t matter.

As a side note, I was told that abortion didn’t start on Obama’s watch.

This was said in defense of putting this homosexual/abortion supporting black man in office.

For that matter, a professed believer or pastor has no business supporting homosexuality or abortion, let alone supporting a president that supports these ungodly positions in defiance against the known will of God.

It is true that abortion didn’t start on his watch, but have we found a way to cover a disaster (MAAFA) that could have been averted from the second most powerful place in the world? The presidency of the United States? The first most powerful place on earth is the private prayer place of a believer where power with God, in Jesus’ name is the greatest work on earth.

When Obama was campaigning for the presidency, he made a speech at Planned Parenthood to let them know that Planned Parenthood isn’t going anywhere.

This sealed the deal that abortion would remain a bloody institution in the United States. The most dangerous place on earth for an African American baby is the womb. In unfairness, Planned Parenthood didn’t make the decision to have premarital sex. An unmarried male and a female did.

In all unfairness to Planned Parenthood, they are just there to help you “cover that mistake.”

They are there for the purpose of killing your baby when you make a “mistake.”

The parents makes the decision to kill a baby and Planned Parenthood fulfills their purpose.

Finally, the other thing that I find interesting is that after the looting and rioting in Baltimore, many good citizens are cleaning up after the mess was made. This is somewhat refreshing because it shows the true nature of people willing to go the extra mile to take a bad situation and make the best of it.

So until we stop looking at a symptom and never treat the disease, the disease isn’t worried about a cure.

What’s behind all of these things?

Everything that happens in the natural, happened in the realm of the spirit first.

Inspiration comes from God and for those in the world, unrepentant sinners are inspired by the devil.

The activities that we are seeing is judgment on an unrepentant nation. When you look beyond racism, you will see that whoever is our Lord/lord is the driving factor. When a nation has policies against Israel, and policies for sin, what should we expect?

The Barbwire story on young African American anal sex could be read here.

Which Way Will Black People Die? Abortion Or Killed By Cop?

A police officer kills an unarmed Black teen, Michael Brown, and Black America wakes up.

15 million black babies were killed since Roe v Wade made abortion legal in 1973 and nothing. No outrage. Not even a tear is shed.

It’s amazing that we can be outraged over the bloodshed of babies born out of the womb, but we shed no tears for the millions of children killed in the womb.

This further illustrates how stupid some of us are.

We complain and declare racism when we talk about Black on Black crime. Yet, the greatest Black on Black crime takes place days after a Black male and a Black female deliberately choose to murder a child before the child is born.

No outrage.

Just another child conveniently disposed of because the child, after fornication or adultery, has become the inconvenience.

So why do we treat the death of Michael Brown Jr. differently?

Because we’ve blindly accepted the lie of the devil that a bullet is no different than chemicals or forceps. Sucking a child out of the womb is not murder. It’s removal is just stopping a pregnancy.

Lies like these make even devils cringe because we have accepted death as a normal part of life to terminate a life.

We kill easy. Like breathing air without a care.

We protest and riot for these things, yet, we do not see the same intensity when we see another life killed in the womb.

The president gets on national TV and shares eloquently about the no bill to indict the police officer, yet, this same president wouldn’t do the same for the indicted child in the womb.

There is no question that there is a concerted effort to kill Black people. The devil has had it out for us and he wants to finish the job.

From the time that we came to Jamestown, throughout history, we have been targeted.

The sad thing is that what we have been doing is attacking this from only the “social aspect,” not realizing that this is a spiritual battle.

The devil has been after killing man from the time he was cast into the earth.

Except that we have seen a very well thought out plan to destroy Black people.


We have been known to be very spiritual people. The statistics prove it. Black people attend service more than whites. Even though we make up 12% of the US population, 42% of us attend some sort of Christian service. We are oppressed more than any other race in the nation. The national unemployment rate shows that we are double the national rate of the unemployed. We are arrested and incarcerated more. Uneducated more. You name it.

There is a phobia that if we were to ever rise above these figures, we would be formidable.

However, all we wanted was to be treated equal.

So now all that is left, after it’s said and done, is to keep us suppressed. Even to the point of killing us off.

This is not fairy tale stuff. Just look at the numbers and look at who is targeted.

But behind all of this is the spiritual power that God gives every man for righteousness sake.

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation, Paul said.

If we were to concentrate on the power of the gospel, nations would change. Cities would change. Counties could change. States would change.

If we would stop committing adultery and fornication, the abortion rate would decrease considerably.

Since the alleged civil rights leaders are too pre-occupied with chasing the lie, we will continue to place the blame on social issues without realizing that every problem of man is a spiritual problem. As long as we never turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, their job is secure. The moment we realize that only the Lord is able to change the heart of a sinner, they lose their jobs.


Watch every news channel when Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Jamal Bryant, and many others.

Not a one of them will talk about the heart of the deceitful and desperately wicked.

The only remedy is John 3:3.

They must be born again.

The heart can only be changed by the power of God. Therefore, their rhetoric will be hollow, shallow, and lifeless.

And the media loves this kind of preaching. No air time for the true remedy means more life to the agenda of death.

So we will continue to be deceived, diluted, and dead.

That snoring that you’ve heard in the background is the devils because they know we will do nothing about it.

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