LGBT: The Homosexual Boy Scouts Of America

So the Boy Scouts of America capitulated.

Sort of.

Pastor Darren Butler of The International Good News Fellowship in New York called it The Gay Scouts Of America. 

Other pastors have called it this too so the concurrence is there.

We must understand that homosexuality carries perverted feminine traits that, unfortunately is a suppression or outright removal of the masculinity that makes a man a man given by God. Homosexuals are zapped of their masculinity when they submit themselves to perversion.

When young boys are just entering into puberty and their masculinity is just about to emerge, it is a critical point in their lives where they will go in either direction. Male or homosexual male. The anatomy of a male is forever designed to define which gender he will be. There is no question about it. When perverted thoughts enter the mind, males at the age of puberty will be pulled to the repulsive activities of perverted sex.

Any way the devil and LGBT can, this agenda of ruining the future of males is a disturbing trend that will reduce available men for available women. LGBT is taking the attack into areas that is alarming and until there is a constant vigilance to expose what the devil is doing, we will see a further erosion of the viability of the family.

One man. one woman. One family.

On the other side, with females desiring to be males, there is a confusion of gender identity. The roles of genders is swapped in perversion. When a woman attempts to act masculine, just like when a man attempts to act feminine, it is perversion.

Only the Lord and His Word of grace can restore a person caught in the web of false gender identification and place them back to His original intent, in holiness.

The whole concept of gender misidentification if for perverted purposes only. What matters at the end of all sex is the orgasm. The means to achieve orgasm is based on a person’s sexual preference but orgasm is the same.

As a side note, women need to stop treating men with feminine traits like women. I receive this insight from Pastor DL Foster of Witness Freedom Ministries in Georgia.

Pastor DL Foster said it powerfully. Words to the effect that women need to stop cuddling to the feminine spirit prevalent in male homosexuals. Stroking them and talking to them like they are females.

We are seeing this carry over into the Boy Scouts where Scout leaders are scouting young boys for gender misidentification so as to indoctrinate them for a lifestyle bondage to the sin of homosexuality.

Now the directors of BSA still placed a ban on adult homosexuals but they allow gay homosexual youth to be a part of the Scouts.

This compromise has called for an exodus of Scouts that are practicing Mormons and Catholics. Protestant churches will have to make up their mind. And quickly.

For a godly pastor, it’s a no brainer.

Break away, and do not look back.

Just have your own church scouting organization. You can camp elsewhere and still get the great skills Scouting used to be known for. Well, what if they come to stop what you are doing or force you to surrender to their terms? You stop what you are doing and find a way around it. They think that they could stop God.

Last I checked, death can stop man but death couldn’t stop God from raising His Son.

Now LGBT will have merit badges for homosexuality.

You think it’s funny or do you think I am kidding?

Folks, the days of Lot are here and it looks like the apostasy is picking up steam. If you are not out for Jesus all the way, and have a heart for sin, just remember Lot’s wife. She looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.

Such as it is all across the board. People that you thought would never turn on Christ, are turning away without thinking or blinking an eye.


Men loved darkness rather than light.

Hell will be full of darkness and dark people.

When you go to church, look to the right and look to the left. That person that raise his or her hand last week to God in praise might walk away from Jesus next week.

As with Lot, the instruction remains as ordered. “DO NOT LOOK BACK!!!!”

Where does this leave the rest of the church?

It’s a no brainer. Most Christians today, those that profess to know Him, will not even talk about it because of the secret hidden lives of sin they are in themselves. Many of you will quote Matthew 7:1 and use it as an isolated text to attempt to keep the heat off of your sins. However, Luke 12:2 is ever before you. By the way, read the rest of Matthew 7:2-5.

Now, in my youth, I was once a cub scout and then a boy scout. In Brown Memorial Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. Never in my wildest dreams would I read about this capitulation, but here it is. If you are a pastor in any denomination and you have Girl and Boy Scouts, it’s time for you to make a decision. More than ever, we are seeing the world squeeze its noose around the necks of every American organization, far and wide. It doesn’t matter if your godly organization is inside the four walls where it is safe.

It’s astounding that 3% of the American population that are practicing homosexuals has so much power, but that’s what we are faced with because of an inept church that refuses to evangelize its community. Sin is safe in the house of God. Holiness is not safe in the house of God. Calling a person’s sin out will get you a lawsuit or worse, it may get you killed.

It’s been the devil’s mission to kill God. He tried and killed Jesus in His flesh to trap His spirit but it didn’t work. For God raised Him up and now, all power in His hands.

The church is becoming less of a “sanctuary” and more of a house of ill repute.

In fact, in some local churches, it’s an ought right bath/whore house where open orgies and immoral group sex takes place with impunity.

The term sanctuary is a place where government was once off limits. Now, the overreaching power of government is inside the church.

The reason is simple.

When the preaching of righteousness reaches inside the bedrooms of perversion, the devil has set out an audaciously bold plan to hurt the people of God by invading the sanctuary. When he comes inside the sanctuary and perverts it, the original intent of the sanctuary now becomes the devil’s domain and the people of God will no longer have a place of protection.

This has the makings of pushing the people from the houses of worship to the underground. As I was preaching my message on Sunday, May 19, the Lord brought to my attention that the underground church in China, in some places, they have Bibles smuggled to them. In other places of the underground church, they only had one page from a Bible to preach from. This was years ago, but if the church in America doesn’t wake up to what is happening in America, we may be faced with the same situation.

Would you and I survive with no Bible, or a page? You better memorize the Bible. That’s what you are supposed to do anyway.

“Your Word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

There is no question that the hidden powers behind all of this is steering the politics of this nation against the people in the church. The power behind America used to be in the hands of the people, however, because people have become more corrupt on the level of the sinners of Noah’s day, we are seeing the systematic decaying of a once great nation.

If you look at history, you will see that all powers that come and go had a two hundred year limit. The United States, at age 236, has experienced 36 years of grace. Why? Because people recognized that when something traumatic happens in the nation, people quickly repented.

It is not so today. Repentance is an admission of guilt. True to arrogant Americans, guilt is something that we will never admit.

“Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall.”

All across America, you may see a sign that says…..“We will bounce back.”

You will hear speeches like…….“You will come back.”

Folks, look at your country and ask yourself a question.

Come back or bounce back to what?

If God is not in the comeback or bounce back, you are on your own.

For the first time in history, we have a homosexuality and abortion affirming president. We have a professed homosexual who happens to be a professional sports player. LGBT is invading every area except where the line is held and where the battle to stay pure remains impenetrable for the time being. The WNBA is known to have lesbians all in their ranks. The Girl Scouts, at this time is selling cookies with the proceeds going to Klanned Abortionhood. There is no doubt in my mind that lesbians are in their organization, it’s just that they are keeping it under wraps for the time being.

The tentacles of darkness has already reached in the church. For as long as anyone could remember, practicing homosexuals and perverted preachers have played and preached in the church for decades.

One by one, we are seeing what once used to be safe places for children become a battle ground for souls. At this point, no where is safe. But this didn’t catch God by surprise.

We must remain vigilant and remind ourselves that God is still God. No matter who is next to fall, we must remain watchful in all things. We must endure hardship. We must do the work of an evangelist. We must make full proof of our ministry. We are still here and the Lord hasn’t returned yet. We could either cry over another organization that fell victim to the winds of compromise, or we can continue to fight the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life.

It’s not over. It’s not finished. It’s not ending. Not by a long shot.

Expect more of the elite, shadow government to take down more organizations but they can’t have my heart. They might be able to make man made laws to shut down organized resistance, but they can’t have my heart. For inside my heart dwells the Greater One. Inside my heart is the Word of God, firmly planted. Therefore, as Paul admonished…..

“Be steadfast immovable. Always abounding in the word of the Lord. For your labor is not in vain, says the Lord.”

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