Denominational Infiltration; The Homosexual March Into Holdout Churches Continues

The American Baptist College will have as it’s guest speaker Bishop Yvette Flunder of City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco CA. Already, 150 preachers are protesting this abomination.

I know, how can a homosexual be a bishop of a church of Christ?

How can a practicing homosexual declare they know Christ as Lord and Savior?

How can you be saved from sin when you participate in sin?

Is Christ the minister of sin or salvation?

We cannot have it both ways.

GCMWatch and others have already weighed in on this and there is no question that the assault and infiltration of hold out churches is continuing. LGBT is not satisfied until God submits to the devil. We all know that this is not happening. We have already witnessed the Presbyterian Church wholesale give in to the sin of homosexuality.

Remember when the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness.

satan said, “All these things I will give You if You fall down and worship me.”

Jesus passed this test and denied the devil the satisfaction of giving Jesus what the Lord already owned.

However, in professed Christian circles and denominations, one by one, the devil is giving the same line to them. I will give you everything if you fall down and worship me. Churches are struggling with church attendance and they are falling down to the devil, but the real reason is that churches that are in deep Secret Sexual Sins has already fallen down to worship the devil.

To have a homosexual “bishop” come into a well known established Baptist college to speak underscores the fact that professed Christians are sold out to sin in more ways than you could imagine. Already, the ABC (American Baptist College) is turning a deaf ear to anyone that voices opposition to the intent to have Yvette Flunder speak there.

The reason behind homosexuals invited to speak in legitimate places is that homosexuals are always looking to get into legitimate places to get credibility, to destabilize real Christianity, and to destroy true Christian living. This is what Paul warned the Galatians church. Preaching another gospel.

They and their false gospel is accursed.

This is no surprise because the end times indicate that these things would happen.

The one thing that the devil didn’t count on would be the resistance of true believers to stand against the sin of homosexuality.

The Giant (Body of Christ) is waking up.

“Greater is He that is in me(us) than he that is in the world.”

We are not taking this lying down any more.

True believers are making a stand. However, on the horizon, the stakes will get higher. In America, we have been insulated from the atrocities in the Middle East against Christians. It would make the devil smile if he could replicate what is happening in the Middle East against Christians and Jews in the United States.

Before revival can happen, repentance must be made. We will see revival because we get it now. Sin in the church is a stench before God. We get it now that God was not pleased with our defiance against Him and His Word. We desperately need revival and it will come when we repent of sin.

When sin is repented of, the church gets stronger in prayer to withstand the strategies and methods of the devil. The devil attempts to counter what the Holy Spirit is doing in the church with persecution. Over the years, persecution comes when the church gets stronger. In my humble opinion, when the church gets strong, withstands the evil in the evil day, God’s power shows up and the power of the gospel is unleashed. Our worship of Almighty God intensifies, prevailing mightily. Our love for God, His righteousness intensifies. Our desire to please Him in total obedience intensifies.

And like Enoch, we will please God so much that the church is snatched away, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.

We do not know the day or the hour when the coming of the Lord is, but when the church begins to please God on Enoch’s level, there is no question in my mind that the coming of the Lord would be imminent. However, we are not to pack our bags, quit our jobs, sell houses, and hide in the wilderness. The greatest hour of the church is before us and we must be ready to be used by God.

Martyrdom will occur and maybe increase. Yes, even here in the United States. Laws will continue to be devised to check the true believers. But just as God promised Abraham, we will possess the enemy’s gates. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. We will stand and be counted worthy of the honor to represent the One that is worthy of all the honor.

There are more denominations that will yield to the spirit driving LGBT. We have no time to spend 65 million dollars on a plane to make a preacher comfortable. We need to refocus our attention on what is important.

The preaching of the gospel and living the gospel in these last days.

The article from GCMWatch could be read here.

Prophetic Insight On Dealing With The LGBT Homosexual Agenda

GCMWatch has put out a very powerful and compelling article to help us to know what is going on with the LGBT community.

One of the things that the Lord Jesus said that we must do is “watch and pray lest we fall into temptation.”

Sin’s presence is everywhere and we must guard ourselves against every single moment of temptation until Jesus comes or should He tarry, we close our eyes to this life. The key element is the fact that people that claim to be professed believers are becoming more sympathetic to the sins of the world than taking a stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The deliberate version of correctly confronting sin by the unapologetic preaching and teaching the Word of God is avoided because to confront mean spirits and mean spirited people is a very dangerous business. When the Lord Jesus died on the cross, He did it to forever destroy sin. The Father will hold no one guiltless unless sinners repent of sin, renounce the lordship of satan, declare the Lordship of Jesus, and walk in obedience to the teachings of Jesus in righteousness and true holiness.

The Lord will hold no professed believer guiltless for failing in fear to stand in the truth, that cower in fear to live the truth, and compromise the truth for fear of reprisal from satan and his cohorts of LGBT sinners. See Revelation 21:8.

The winds of compromise is evident.

Listen to Paul by the Holy Spirit in Ephesians 4:14.

“that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting,”

The “feel good, non confrontational motivating preachers” are more popular than ever.

It’s almost as if to anger people about their sins is the third rail that must be avoided.

People will die and go to hell because we have polluted the gospel of Jesus Christ according to Galatians chapter 1.

Motivational preachers have perverted the truth and is preaching an accursed gospel.

An elderly man told me that I was a great motivational speaker. I said to him, “Respectfully, sir, I was not called to be a motivational speaker. God called me to preach.” I know that he was trying to flatter and compliment me but when it comes to the preaching of the legitimate gospel of Jesus Christ, we cannot motivate, coach, coerce, or manipulate people. We must preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and people have to make a decision to live what Jesus preached or die and because of the justice of God, the practitioners of lawlessness must depart from the Holy Lord in eternal condemnation forever.

Motivational speakers, coaches, those that coerce, and manipulate people while failing to preach the gospel will face Jesus.

Romans 14:11-12 says, “

For it is written:
“As I live, says the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.” So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.”

The homosexual agenda is clear and this did not catch God by surprise.

Please click the link here to understand what we must do from this point on.

We must stand our ground regardless of the winds that blow. This is not the time to walk in deception. This is the time to stand and fight the good fight of faith.

The Gold Standard : A Powerful Retreat Coming In November 2014

My friend Pastor DL Foster of Witness Freedom Ministries will be sponsoring a powerful retreat for anyone struggling with SSA and is looking to find fellowship, instruction in righteousness and holiness in the presence of the Lord.

I must point out that registration is limited.

The first 100 will be able to secure a seat. When you click the link, you will see all the information you need to apply. It is affordable but if you are serious about going, make your move before the music stops. 

No, I am not the facilitator of this. Just wanted to pass the Word. Anyone that is doing a worthwhile ministry to help ex-gays or ex-homosexuals maintain their deliverance, I will pass the Word. Every church and every pastor must be willing to point the direction to other ministries that major in things that we normally do not major in.

By praying for the success of this retreat, by passing the word, and money towards these kinds of ministry, we are seeing to it that the fruit that is brought into the house of the Lord remains in the house.

The climate in the United States and abroad is looking to keep people trapped in the sin of homosexuality. However, all across the country, we know that there are brothers that are looking for places where they can feel safe and have a sense of purpose, and belonging in a Spirit led, Bible based environment.

Very few ministries are geared toward this and this one is at the top of its game, and the list.

I strongly recommend this retreat to any brother looking to fellowship with other brothers that were freed from the law of sin and death.

As Paul said, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.”

Deliverance is just one of many steps in the life of a believer in Christ.

The work is in the maintenance.

I believe that ministries like this is geared toward helping people maintain their sanctification and holiness in the Lord.

Pastor Foster once said to me that “Heterosexuality is not the goal. Holiness is.”  

Now why would a man like me that never struggled with SSA would want to make a pitch for this ministry?

Sexual struggles are the same, the preferences are different.

The Spirit of God is the same. He ministers to all who struggle with any attraction that pulls a man away from the Savior into sin.

If you are looking for a place to fellowship, click the link below and make plans to attend.

You go everywhere else for vacation to enjoy yourself. Spend all sorts of money on other things.

Again, seats are limited. Only the first 100 will gain access.

Why not spend time learning with other brothers in the Lord some valuable lessons on living for the Lord and fellowshipping with overcomers in the Lord.

The link is below. Do not wait another second. Go ahead. The Lord is waiting for you, and the brothers that will meet you there are waiting for you too.

LGBT: I Hate God

Is it no wonder that every time a stand is taken against LGBT, or any other militant organization that you get a real sense that people hate God?

I’m quite sure that most practicing homosexuals will never say with their mouths that they truly hate God. In fact, some might be quicker to say that they hate true believers than to express the real reason for their hatred.

Even more so, some will just use the “why can’t we get along and love everybody?” line to keep the peace and avoid confrontation.

But look at what the Lord Jesus said in Matthew 10:34-39.

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to “set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter- in-law against her mother-in-law ’; and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’

He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

This Word has been fulfilled and will continue to be fulfilled until the consummation of the ages.

Conflict is inevitable. Whether it is inside the house with family or outside the house with people, conflict and offense will take place.

Count on it.

Anytime someone comes with the Word of God that’s written by men under His divine inspiration, they will be challenged. There are those that still believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God. The Lord is incapable and impossible of making an error, sin, lie, or make mistakes. Therefore His Word is incapable and impossible of error or mistakes.

On the other hand, there are those that believe that the Bible is full of error and cannot be trusted.

What it comes down to is who is telling the truth and who is lying. Who believes and who disbelieves.

I’ve come across people that will tell you in a heartbeat that they do not believe. Many will call God’s Word a “fairytale.”

Fiction, fantasy, fallacy, foolishness.

Listen to the Message Bible of 1 Corinthians 1:18-19.

“The Message that points to Christ on the Cross seems like sheer silliness to those hellbent on destruction, but for those on the way of salvation it makes perfect sense. This is the way God works, and most powerfully as it turns out.

It’s written,
I’ll turn conventional wisdom on its head,
I’ll expose so–called experts as crackpots.”

Obviously, this is very insulting but sometimes, people need their pride jolted to get them to understand the purpose of the gospel, whereas those that refuse to understand the gospel will turn this around on the true believers and call us “so called experts as crackpots.”

Now the Message Bible is a paraphrase and not a direct word for word translation of the Bible.

Listen to the NKJV of the same passage…

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”

So if you do not believe, Paul said that the gospel is foolishness to you. If you are a true believer in Christ, the gospel is the power of God. If you do not believe, it’s because you truly hate God. If you truly love God, the gospel is the power of God.

One of the things that most true believers in Christ are hurt about is watching sinners tell true believers in Christ what the Bible says. I admire their interest in knowing what the Bible says, however, we know why they say what they say.

Jesus said in John 3:18-21 that….

“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”

The argument of the 20th and 21st century is articulated in the blog called “Gay Christian Movement Watch or”

Sadly, and pathetically, practicing homosexuals honestly or deceptively believe that they can practice the sin of homosexuality that the Lord abhors and believe that they are a adherent follower of Christ. It is like deceiving yourself to call yourself a lion when you are really a zebra. Watch this. Just imagine a zebra walking up to a den of lions to sit with them, or even go on a hunt.

For a real lion, even some of them would take their paws and scratch their heads in bewilderment.

Other lions would simply attack the zebra for even contemplating this silly notion.

Pastor DL Foster of came across a website from a “Pentecostal” church that practices the sin of homosexuality.

The church is called “New Covenant Church of Atlanta.”

I took the time to read their “Tenets of Faith.” 

From the start, you just wouldn’t suspect that blatant homosexuality is practiced there, but when you get to the phrase “sexual orientation,” automatically you conclude that everything that they said about believing in Jesus, and mentioning that He died for our sins, it’s like……why even bother talking about sin when homosexuality is a sin?

The answer is simple.

To them, homosexuality is not a sin, it’s an orientation.

What’s worse is that on their web page, they have “Fire Institute.”

When you click the link, there is a video of, I believe, their praise and worship leaders and music ministers singing 10,000 Reasons. At the conclusion, a white man walked up to a black man, hugged him and kissed him on the lips.

10,000 Reason or more, why The Lord declared that homosexuality is “An abomination.”

This repulsive act underscored the false love that they have of God. It was a defiant act of hatred of God.

Many will disagree, and sadly, people that profess to know Jesus will protest the righteous statements that we are making.

See, when you love God, “you love what God loves and you hate what God hates,” according to A.W. Tozer.

More and more, we will continue to see perversion be firmly established in local churches and become a local church. Sinners want to have God but they do not want His rules, regulations, prohibitions, admonitions, chastisements, consequential or end-time judgment.

This hatred of God is not just a homosexual thing.

There are people that profess to know Him but commit adultery, fornication, pornography, masturbation, bisexuality, and bestiality. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”

The true proof of loving Jesus is when you do what He has commanded us to do.

We are commanded to repent (see Acts 17:30).

To repent means “to change your mind or reconsider…”

The reason why there is incredible boldness to question the Word of God is because people that do not know the Lord observed that the preachers and people that profess to know Him do not do what Jesus said to do.

If we are disobedient, how dare we attempt to tell sinners to obey the Word of God?

Paul said that we would be “disqualified” (see 1 Corinthians 9:27).

Since we’ve failed the standard, and attempt to preach to those that do not want to keep His standard, we have disqualified ourselves as the standard bearers of the gospel.

Hypocrisy is a sin few people tolerate or forgive.

There were two worse than hypocritical statements purportedly stated by LGBT that hurts.

LGBT has told us that since you can’t stay married, we will teach you how.

In another statement, they said that since you can’t treat children right, we will show you how to be a family.

Now in action, they are saying that since you do not love us in church, we will make up our own churches to show you how to behave towards homosexuals.

I know that I am off subject about hatred of God, however, these are underlying reasons why their hatred of God is acted upon by exercising perversion, in total disregard for what the Lord said in His Word to have a certain “brand” of Christianity that makes what they do easier to tolerate.

Sin is defiance of God. Sin is a declaration of hatred for God. Establishing policies and houses of worship to foster sin, the very thing that God is against, is not exhibiting the love of God but it reveals the utter contempt and hatred of God.

IF you say that you truly love the Lord, according to Matthew 7:21-23, we would do what He said for us to do.

If we continue in sin, it is a revelation of our hatred for God.

LGBT – EX-Homosexual Movement & GCMWatch (Pt. 2)

There is a series of messages that GCMWatch is compiling that comprehensively explain the EX Homosexual Movement that the Lord has called for in the times we are living in.

According to Hebrews 11, when the Lord raised up certain people, it is for a purpose. Each successive age with evil intended from the devil was addressed by a man or woman of God with a Word from God for that successive age. The charismaniacs (WOFM) Word of Faith Movement abused Hebrews 11 and preached it out of context. Upon further review, we see that it takes faith to stand against every wind of false doctrine that Paul talked about in Ephesians 4.

Faith is conviction.

The Book of Hebrews is a book about standing in faith for the conviction of the salvation of Jesus Christ. The Hebrew Christians were challenged to depart from the faith because the disciples of Judaism persecuted the believers in Christ so severely, that some departed the faith instead of holding fast to their confession of faith in Christ without wavering.

We are in the successive final age or days of Noah and Lot according to what the Lord Jesus said in Luke 17.

We all knew what happened during the ages of Noah and a few centuries later, Lot. Sexual promiscuity and perversion on an unimaginable scale. The sin of homosexuality is circling the globe faster than the earth is spinning on its axis. However, just because sin is abounding, grace does much more abound.

The Lord has raised up people with a Word for this successive age to counter the evil that is in the world. The sin of homosexuality and all sexual promiscuity is at the forefront of our times. Therefore, we are compelled to respond with the Word of God. Not just to counter the LGBT agenda, but to save people from the wrath of God that is sure to come.

You could read the second article here……

LGBT: EX-Homosexuality And GCMWatch’s Declaration Of Freedom

The battle for men’s souls continue. Many of you may be reading this and you are on the verge of making a clean break from the sin of homosexuality. You are not here by accident. You were drawn to or this blog. This is not an accident.

When it comes to breaking free, the Lord has in place many men and women that were at the decision you are now in. It’s not an easy decision but when you know that you need to escape, you need help. That’s where the grace of God comes. God will do for you what you couldn’t do for yourself.

To help you turn from sin to serve with purity and holiness, the true and living God.

GCMWatch has a very powerful article that speaks to the complete liberation of men and women trapped in the sin of homosexuality.

Pastor DL Foster has been involved in helping people break free of the enslaving yoke of bondage for over 20 years.

His passion to see people delivered is a very bright beacon of light in an increasingly dark world.

We all know that there are many men and women that yearn to be free but they do not know what next to do. In this article, there is a Declaration of Freedom from the sin of homosexuality that will help you acquire the next step.

You can break free from the sin of homosexuality and come to holiness, being justified freely by His grace that is through the redemption of Jesus. The finished work of Jesus made this possible.

Please read this article by clicking the link below.

You can become an EX-homosexual.

Kirk Franklin RADIO YouTube Video Pulled

When you see someone pull a video, it is a clear indication that something is not right. When you are caught saying or doing the wrong thing, the most important thing for a person to do is to protect their image. Never mind the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His righteous standard. What is more important to a man or woman in the music industry is their image.

We need to take a page from what Paul said about the Lord Jesus. “…but made Himself of no reputation.”

With “artists,” bad publicity directly affects music sales, contracts, if any, engagements worldwide, and other issues. When the truth of the matter comes front and center, we see that the Body of Christ is in crisis.

Identity crisis.

We have abandoned the fact that God gets the glory and we are to be the praise of His glory.

Nope. Just like the devil, we want the glory. So when a video tape is unbecoming of an “artist,” the best thing to do is pull the tape. Now, it wasn’t about a song performance, it was about the Word of God that was supposed to be correctly released when posed a pointed question about homosexuality and porn.

Image of man is everything in a world where dollars and cents make more sense to a person purporting to be a child of God, yet live below kingdom of God expectations.

The Lord is slow to anger and is full of mercy.

God is always quick to forgive, but forgiveness is offered when one repents. Forgiveness is not free. The blood of Jesus paved the way for all man to receive forgiveness. The requirement to receive forgiveness is simple.

Repent (turn away from sin forever) and ask for His forgiveness.

We pray for Kirk Franklin but we also declare that from this point on, if you are not going to use the Bible as the ONLY answer when asked questions about the sin of homosexuality and porn, just ask to be excused from the interview. Decline to go to interviews that you know will question your stand. It is much preferred to defer to other strong believers in the Lord than to give wishy washy answers that defame the name of Christ.

It is also important that when we are to answer these questions, we must not be found denying the Lord and His Word. The world is not competent nor qualified in the handling of the Scriptures. Remember that the Sanhedrin constantly questioned the Lord Jesus about the Word. The Sanhedrin were scholars of the law, doctors of the law, yet, they were able to twist the Scriptures. They replaced the commandment of the law with their traditions.

When questions are posed, the world will do the same thing. They will bring people that have degrees to challenge the already interpreted Word of God to attempt to bring into question what God really said. Sounds like another episode of the serpent questioning the Word of God and deceiving Eve.

At this point, Kirk Franklin could be hurting but the chastisement of the Lord is for the purpose of restoring him to the place of right standing and right relationship. He also needs true, disciplined leadership.

Get rid of them weak willed, milky way, passive pastors that stroke the egos of “artists.”

We pastors carry the rod and the staff. The rod to beat the wolf, but the staff is used to rescue the sheep. To use the hook to rescue them when they fall into a ditch. When they want to go in a direction other than the way they should go, the other end of the staff is also used to guide or to steer.

1 Peter 5:2 out of the Amplified Bible (AMP) says, “Tend (nurture, guard, guide, and fold) the flock of God that is [your responsibility],”

That’s what Kirk needs desperately. A pastor that will (nurture, guard, guide, and fold),” provided, Kirk is willing to submit himself to be under the spiritual care of a genuine shepherd.

The music industry is full of sheep without shepherds. Sheep that refuse to have a shepherd. Sheep that believe they could shepherd themselves in song. These sheep wander from place to place. Some are never under authority and they believe that they are mature enough not to be told anything. Hidden underneath all of their glitter is litter. Secret Sexual Sins and all sorts of lewdness that would make porn stars blush.

The Lord has a standard that must consistently taught, preached, and lived. When we are found whiffing at questions, it is clear that there is no conviction, strength, or courage. The enemy “seeks whom he MAY devour.” Peter said it this way because, sadly, it seems like the devil has too much choice over which sheep to devour. The easy ones are the ones that lack strength, faith (conviction), and courage.

GCMWatch got it right……It was a Joel Osteen moment. Here is the link……

I do have to admit that recently Joel Osteen edged a little closer to the conviction that homosexuality is a sin. However, he needs to close the gap and speak with decisive conviction. Something that his late father, Pastor John Osteen, never lacked.

As for Kirk Franklin, it is important that he find strength, conviction, and courage. The vacillation and capitulation is text book for those that fear the media more than they fear God. In a previous video with Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin appeared to be preaching the Word, but one of the things I always look for is the conviction. There is a difference between crowd pleasing and conviction.

One of these days, the preaching will be so thick, an altar call will not be necessary. Right where people are, they will simple recognize the holy presence of the Lord and repent on their faces before God. The days are coming in humble places where people will just do what is supposed to be done.

Recognize the holy presence of God.

As I’ve said, all you have to do is go back to the Garden and you will see that the enemy waits until you are ready to be tempted. Then he brings out his half truths, until you agree with him. Then he lies to you. Then he murders you in cold blood.

This is what’s happening all across the globe. People are running from the truth in this apostate era of time. Quick to walk away from the Lord and His Word because the pressure to stand for the truth is ever present. When we fail to stand for the truth of the Word of God, we’ll fall for anything.

It cannot be that Kirk was embarrassed. After looking at that video and observing the way that it started, (remember the “Church Ain’t Going No Where” song before the interview if some of you have seen it?), it seems like the believer in Kirk went somewhere.

“With their lips do they worship Me, but their hearts are far from Me.”

When you have no conviction of God in you, you have no fear of God in you. You fear the people more, and that’s when your heart is turned away from the truth. You believe in fables, and other young believers that watch you will live the way you are living. Compromise is easier than standing. Paul told Timothy to profess a good profession like Jesus did before Pontus Pilate. In other words, when it is time to testify, remember how Jesus did it before the Romans. The Romans were intimidating but Jesus didn’t flinch.

So keep Kirk in your prayers, but also learn from this lesson. The Lordship and dominion of Jesus must be so strong in you that you remember that the “eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on the behalf of those whose hearts are LOYAL towards Him.

LGBT In The Music Ministry

GCMWatch put the Word out about gays in gospel. It is a stunning and sobering reminder that music in the church is not as holy as one would think.

It’s horrific to know that sin could sound heavenly when coming from the belly of a person immersed in hellish sin.

Is your pastor permitting practicing homosexuals to play keyboard and organ in your church? Is there adultery and fornication going on in the choir? Are your musicians promiscuous? Are they watching porn and gratifying themselves?

Such was the case early in my teen years as a born again believer that this was happening in several Baptist churches in Brooklyn.

Case in point.

Over three decades ago, I witnessed something that I had no knowledge about.

Gays in the church.

While I knew that something wasn’t right, I wasn’t really privy to the horrendous activity that gays, excuse me, homosexuals, were doing. Even though it seemed innocent, the Bible is clear about the fact that homosexuals (catamites), sodomites, adulterers, fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

As a reminder, even, thieves, covetous, drunkards (defined as “tipsy”), revilers, (defined as “foul mouth abusers”), extortioners (defined as “people that prey upon others with violence”).

They will not inherit the kingdom of God.

If you think they are, you got another thought coming.

John said it like this in 1 John 3:7-8,

“Little children, let no one deceive you. He who practices righteousness is righteous, just as He is righteous. He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning.”

Then verse 10 says,

“In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God…”

So if you practice what Paul listed, you stand no chance of inheriting the kingdom of God.

You only knew that something was going on because of the way that males act or reveal the sinful nature of their father, the devil.


It’s not like this with all homosexuals because there are masculine males that would act masculine and the only way that you would be able to tell is when you are with them in the places where homosexuals congregate.

Any way, in church, we had homosexuals that played keyboard and organ. That’s right. In my first home church over 30 years ago in Zion Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. As a just recently saved teenager in the 70’s, I was propositioned by one of these homosexual musicians on two known occasions. He died a few years later, presumably of HIV/AIDS.

Then we heard of one particular church in Brooklyn that catered to homosexuals in the choir. This wasn’t isolated. It appears that this was almost every where.

In the many churches across all denominations, it just wasn’t homosexuality. Choir masters would be sleeping with choir members. Pastors would be fornicating or committing adultery with church secretaries. Deacons would have harems. Junior deacons from two local churches would be fornicating. Youth ministers would be sleeping with teen girls and molesting young boys. Music Ministers would be promiscuous, be involved in porn, and self gratification, commonly called masturbation, as well as fornicating, adulterating, and be bisexual in some cases. Praise and worship singers would swap husbands and wives, or be involved in orgies.

Perversion knew no limits.

And they would play, preach, and sing in church like the anointing of God never left them at all.

Yes, even in the 70’s and early 80’s, sexual immorality was rampant.

Here we are in the 21st Century, and it is MOAB. The Mother Of All Battles.

Sadly, we have grown accustomed to having music and sin in the church.

The two seemed inseparable. Pastors seemed not to get along without good music and good singing. The risk to do without it would cause attendance to suffer and offerings to decrease.

But what about God?

The church doesn’t deserve the presence of God today except in places where holiness is lived. The presence of God is something to be desired. We have reached the dry places and a famine of God’s presence is evident. We are desperately looking for ways to produce a worldly sound to attract the wrong crowd.

Homosexuals, adulterers, adulteress, fornicators, bisexuals and all sorts of lewd people feel safe and comfortable in church. The laws of the land have changed and they are challenging the church. So much so that LGBT is finding deceptive ways to set up house in churches that stand against the sin of homosexuality.

The church that stands will see the mighty hand of the Lord overturn their wickedness. The prophets of Baal in this day is in for a big surprise.

The sexually immoral are so comfortable that adulterers, fornicators, homosexuals, and lesbians kiss and hold hands during services, and they lift up unholy hands before the presence of the Lord without any conviction. They come to church intending to sin after service is over. They come in after they sin and the leave with every intention to commit lewdness.

Anytime a carnal saint feels safe to walk into the house of the Lord after a “night on the town,” it is clear that the mercy of God is in operation because when God’s presence is truly in the house, the stench of dead bodies would be unbearable.

If you are a pastor, it is time to make a stand and clear the deck.

1. If you have known sin in your life, it’s time to repent the right way. You cannot attack sin in the house of God if you are in sin yourself. Take time away if necessary to get it together. If you are clean, put your neck on the line and tell the congregation that you will resign if you fall.

2. Any currently serving in the music department must be confronted and challenged.

Pastor, if you permit their sin in the house, you are a co-conspirator. You are no different than Eli who never disciplined (killed) his sons for lewdness. The sons of Eli were also called sons of Belial (compare with 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). The name Hophni in the Hebrew root means “pugilist.” And Phinehas is defined a “mouth of a serpent.” It is clear that Hophni was a rapist and Phinehas was a smooth talking adulterer. His wife gave birth to Ichabod.

Pastors that fail to rein in the sexual immorality in the house of the Lord, stand to be disciplined by the Lord. The Lord might kill you with your overweight with sins self.

If they aren’t telling the truth, and they are lying, they may be in for an Ananias and Sapphira moment. No one gets away with lying to the Holy Spirit. If you think you can get away with lying to the Holy Spirit, would you like to be the first to try?

The intent is not to embarrass them but to offer the grace of God. The job of the pastor is to ensure that the proper respect for the house of God is in place. Second, the pastor must not respect the gift over God. Thirdly, the pastor must make sure that the house remain clean for the presence of the Lord. Otherwise, it’s not church. It’s a bar.

Should they refuse to Come Clean, you must compel them to quit and step down. Cut them before God either cuts you or removes them Himself. The latter is preferred because God always looks to extend mercy where a person needs it the most. God gets no glory by destruction. He gets glory when they repent and turn from their wicked ways.

Jeremiah chapter 7 reveals the current condition of the church.


The Nation That Wouldn’t Obey God

The Message from GOD to Jeremiah: “Stand in the gate of GOD’s Temple and preach this Message.

” Say, ‘Listen, all you people of Judah who come through these gates to worship GOD.GOD- of- the- Angel- Armies, Israel’s God, has this to say to you:
“‘ Clean up your act– the way you live, the things you do– so I can make my home with you in this place. Don’t for a minute believe the lies being spoken here–” This is GOD’s Temple, GOD’s Temple, GOD’s Temple!

“Total nonsense!

Only if you clean up your act (the way you live, the things you do), only if you do a total spring cleaning on the way you live and treat your neighbors, only if you quit exploiting the street people and orphans and widows, no longer taking advantage of innocent people on this very site and no longer destroying your souls by using this Temple as a front for other gods– only then will I move into your neighborhood.

Only then will this country I gave your ancestors be my permanent home, my Temple.” ‘Get smart! Your leaders are handing you a pack of lies, and you’re swallowing them! Use your heads! Do you think you can rob and murder, have sex with the neighborhood wives, tell lies nonstop, worship the local gods, and buy every novel religious commodity on the market — and then march into this Temple, set apart for my worship, and say, “We’re safe!” thinking that the place itself gives you a license to go on with all this outrageous sacrilege?

A cave full of criminals! Do you think you can turn this Temple, set apart for my worship, into something like that? Well, think again. I’ve got eyes in my head. I can see what’s going on.’ “GOD’s Decree! ‘Take a trip down to the place that was once in Shiloh, where I met my people in the early days. Take a look at those ruins, what I did to it because of the evil ways of my people Israel.”

‘So now, because of the way you have lived and failed to listen, even though time and again I took you aside and talked seriously with you, and because you refused to change when I called you to repent, I’m going to do to this Temple, set aside for my worship, this place you think is going to keep you safe no matter what, this place I gave as a gift to your ancestors and you, the same as I did to Shiloh.

And as for you, I’m going to get rid of you, the same as I got rid of those old relatives of yours around Shiloh, your fellow Israelites in that former kingdom to the north. ‘ ” And you, Jeremiah, don’t waste your time praying for this people. Don’t offer to make petitions or intercessions. Don’t bother me with them. I’m not listening. Can’t you see what they’re doing in all the villages of Judah and in the Jerusalem streets?

Why, they’ve got the children gathering wood while the fathers build fires and the mothers make bread to be offered to’ the Queen of Heaven ‘! And as if that weren’t bad enough, they go around pouring out libations to any other gods they come across, just to hurt me.

“But is it me they’re hurting?” GOD’s Decree! “Aren’t they just hurting themselves? Exposing themselves shamefully? Making themselves ridiculous?”

Here’s what the Master GOD has to say:’ My white- hot anger is about to descend on this country and everything in it– people and animals, trees in the field and vegetables in the garden– a raging wildfire that no one can put out. ‘”The Message from GOD- of- the- Angel- Armies, Israel’s God:’ Go ahead! Put your burnt offerings with all your other sacrificial offerings and make a good meal for yourselves.

I sure don’t want them! When I delivered your ancestors out of Egypt, I never said anything to them about wanting burnt offerings and sacrifices as such. But I did say this, commanded this:” Obey me. Do what I say and I will be your God and you will be my people. Live the way I tell you. Do what I command so that your lives will go well. “

‘But do you think they listened? Not a word of it. They did just what they wanted to do, indulged any and every evil whim and got worse day by day. From the time your ancestors left the land of Egypt until now, I’ve supplied a steady stream of my servants the prophets, but do you think the people listened? Not once.

Stubborn as mules and worse than their ancestors!’ “Tell them all this, but don’t expect them to listen. Call out to them, but don’t expect an answer. Tell them, ‘You are the nation that wouldn’t obey GOD, that refused all discipline. Truth has disappeared. There’s not a trace of it left in your mouths.”

‘So shave your heads. Go bald to the hills and lament, For GOD has rejected and left this generation that has made him so angry. ‘”The people of Judah have lived evil lives while I’ve stood by and watched.” GOD’s Decree. “In deliberate insult to me, they’ve set up their obscene god- images in the very Temple that was built to honor me.

They’ve constructed Topheth altars for burning babies in prominent places all through the valley of Ben- hinnom, altars for burning their sons and daughters alive in the fire– a shocking perversion of all that I am and all I command.” But soon, very soon “– GOD’s Decree!–” the names Topheth and Ben- hinnom will no longer be used. They’ll call the place what it is: Murder Meadow.

Corpses will be stacked up in Topheth because there’s no room left to bury them! Corpses abandoned in the open air, fed on by crows and coyotes, who have the run of the place. And I’ll empty both smiles and laughter from the villages of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem. No wedding songs, no holiday sounds.

Dead silence.”

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