The Slice Must Be Fatal; Murdering Your Goliath

The spiritual murder of your Goliath must take place. Show no mercy to your enemy.

Some of us may remember the battle in the valley of Elah between the Philistines and the nation of Israel.

Just a little background.

Many do not know that the Philistines were descendants of Ham. That’s right. They were of African descent. Nonetheless, A champion came forward to challenge the children of Israel. No one in Israel was willing to face the greatest threat to Israel’s security.

Without getting into the details of the story, we see that David had the Word of the Lord for the time that he was alive and because he had practice with slaying a bear and lion, David was poised to kill Goliath.

Today, many saints are struggling with something within their minds and flesh that is more formidable than Goliath. Many saints look at this story and are willing to slay the Goliath of finances. Slaying the Goliath of sexual immorality is another thought.

Sexual Immorality is the most formidable enemy of the child of God for both men and women that profess the name of Jesus.

Some of you may recall when David didn’t go to battle and ended up committing adultery with Bathsheba and Bathsheba got pregnant with the help of David. To cover his sin, he called his most trusted and loyal leader from the battle to get him to resume sexual relations with his wife so that the child would appear to have come from Uriah, the Hittite.

And yes, the Hittites were of Hamitic descent too, meaning that Uriah was a black man.

David had lust in his heart when he saw Bathsheba taking a bath. And when lust was conceived in his heart, he needed to “act out” his lust. Afterwards, it became apparent that Uriah was too loyal to David and never went into his house to have sex with his wife. David instructed that Uriah be placed in the hottest part of the fight to be killed.

And so it was.

David is now and adulterer and a murderer.

The death of a champion.

You see, within every man that has never slain a giant, and David emerged as the greatest warrior ever to emerge, there is always another giant within.

With every great man, there is a battle that rages that if it isn’t identified and destroyed, it will not be long before the giant within will rise to slay them. That’s why pride and arrogance must never have a stronghold in the man of God. Not just in preachers but in all who call upon the name of the Lord.

Proverbs 8:13 says,

“The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate.”

These two things, pride and arrogance has slain the mighty.

The four “E’s” of pride and arrogance are….

Elitism, Entitlement, Empowerment, and Expediency.

When you believe that you are the top dog, the best, you feel entitled. When you believe that you are entitled to anything, you feel empowered to get. When you are empowered, you will be expedient in your behavior. You will not regard the moral conviction demanded of leaders and believers in the Lord.

You will even entertain immoral ways to obtain the satisfaction of lust in the heart. The desire to obtain that which is prohibited overwhelms common sense and any law because once you have conquered something legitimately, the aura of invincibility sets in, blinds the mind, and a depraved indifference or an intentional or willful disregard, or neglect of care for a person and law sets in.

You have made yourself above the law. In the case of lust in the heart of a man or woman, you have established yourself above the law of God and moral conduct is suspended for the fulfillment of pleasure.

It was only until the prophet cornered David that he came to his senses. But too little too late.

But it doesn’t have to end there with you.

Like me, it took me a long while to look at my Goliath in the eye.

Like Saul, dismayed and terrified, I stayed on my side of the valley.

There comes a point where the fear of decapitating the Goliath in my flesh must be subdued by faith.

It was time to go to war with me and kill my Goliath within me.

Facing my Goliath within me was better than facing God.

It takes courage and faith within you to stand against you.

The you in you that defied God. The rebellious, defiant you that dared to look at God and walk by Him as you bring sin into His holy house.

It takes faith to work with God Who is able to do in me what needs to be done. Faith that God would be everything that I need from the point of Goliath’s death to my home going.

It’s time to stop living in misery and fear. It is time to face the urges and impulses of the flesh and mind. It is time to go down into the valley and meet my Goliath alive for the last time.

Only this time, the slice must be fatal.

To be satisfied with only a stone in his head is only cheating true victory.

The death of your tormentor is only fulfilled when the head is severed from its body.

From a distance, you threw your stone and it hit the mark.

It’s now time to get close to your enemy. Real close. Not to look at it but to do what must be done. As a heartless, careless murderer, you slay you and the members of sexual immorality connected.

Sexual immorality, Porn, Masturbation, Prostitutes, Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Bestiality, Catamites, Sodomy. Sight Adultery. Mental Adultery.

Without hesitation and before the giant has a chance to grab you, you pull his sword and with one blow, the head comes off.

The slice is clean and the blood of your enemy pours itself out like a living fountain until the pressure subsides to a trickle. You watch his eyes lose it’s vision. The pupil becoming small and dilated. The hands trembling no more. The lungs breathed its last.

The Goliath within you dies.

It’s called the Crucified life. Where it all comes together that you are dead to sin but alive unto God.

Each moment is to be cherished that the struggle didn’t overcome you. That is, your urges and impulses, and the common “muscle memory” to make provision for sin didn’t get the best of you.

You’ve finally put it all together.


You listened to the Word that was delivered you. You obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit. You kept your armor on and you put on Christ. You stepped into the arena of faith, fearless. You’ve slain your enemy and separated his head from his body without a second thought.

You’ve finally learned to lay aside the weight and the sin (Goliath) that easily beset you. Goliath, a cold blooded killer met it’s match. No longer able to spew venom. This serial killer met vigilante justice.

You may have slain Goliath in private, it’s now time to testify about it openly. Many will learn how you overcame a fierce opponent and cheated death.

The “how to’s” of warfare also know as an after action report is vital and of tremendous value for those yet to assume the field of battle.

For now, God is pleased and glorified, the angels cheer, and the heavenly coliseum of saints, led by Jesus, Who led the intercession for you, couldn’t be prouder.

The devil and his angels are planning but no weapon formed against you shall prosper. It doesn’t mean the fight is over, it means watch and pray that you fall not into temptation.

The struggle cannot be handled any other way.

No hesitation.

You fell to your knees to ask God for strength. You called a fellow warrior to help you engage your enemy. You received sufficient grace to be made perfect in weakness. In patience, you possessed your soul. The submission to God started an earth tremor as the devil flees from you seven ways to get out of the way of the sword.

But to his failure, the slice was fatal.

As you put distance from your last struggle, you are waxing strong. Only take heed lest you fall and stay close and stay clean, in Jesus’ name.

Yes. you can achieve the same measure of victory many of us received by the grace of God.

Tonight, slay your giant.

Tonight is the funeral of a giant that tormented you. In the valley, they will not have time to lament their loss for their necks shall be sliced too.

Slay them all and let none escape!

Bring your Goliath to the valley to let the vultures feed on its flesh. May nothing be left to the bone. May the bones be brought to naught.

Tonight, My Goliath dies.

Have no mercy on your enemy.


The slice must be clean.

The slice must be fatal!

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