There’s ONLY Two Genders

Part of the delusion is that people in the world want you to believe that there’s more than two genders.

Last we checked, either a male or a female comes out of the womb from birth.

The age old question is………..which came first?

The chicken or the egg?

The Lord Jesus quoted from the OT regarding the divine order of God regarding male and female.

Matthew 19:4-6 (NKJV Strong’s) And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Go to the hospital and visit the maternity ward.

Ask for permission to watch a few births.

Every child that came out of the womb of their mother was either a male or a female.

So far, we’ve never seen a baby come out a male and the parents didn’t like the sex of the child. Put the child back in the womb, and presto!!!!

Out comes a female.

OR we’ve never seen a baby born a female and comes back out a male.

Or a baby comes out of the womb without the equipment the child was born with.

In extremely rare incidents, people are born with both male and female organs.

But to be born either male or female, and the parent puts on the birth certificate “non gender conforming,” is an alarming occurrence.

But in this incident, a student was challenged by a professor.

This professor, citing government policy, that the student’s believe was contrary to government authority.

The student declared unapologetically that there’s two gender.

The Bible is clear but just in case you don’t believe the Word of God, go to the maternity ward and look at each child that comes out of the womb.

The child will be either male or female.

Man cannot absolutely control which gender will arrive.

Gender assignment comes from the Lord Who is the giver of life.

Ethnic assignment comes from God.

You and I have no control over God or the parents that the Lord knew would come together to conceive us.

But this is the delusion that the world is under. And when it comes to delusion, when you bring truth to bear to kick down the illusion delusion, their law and their authority will challenge Absolute Authority.

The Bible and the Lord is Absolute Authority.

You say,,,, “NO!!!” They’re not Absolute Authority.

Fine………Who said that we have to die?

Any way, just ignore people that fight the truth and try to enforce the lie with government authority.

Romans 13 tells us that authority comes from God.

But when authority violates the Word of God, they’re not to be obeyed.

We submit to righteous authority that lines up with the Word of God.

When government tells you that you can’t worship God, I do just the opposite.

I worship God.


Government doesn’t have a hell to put me in.

So let’s not be delusional as the people in the world are.


One more thing.

Surgical reassignment is counter the Word of God according to Isaiah 5:20 and 1 Corinthians 14:33.

God isn’t the author of confusion.

I was a male trapped in a female body (my mother) until she gave birth and I remained a male ever since.

It’s not by my preference but by God’s will and design.

You could see the discussion from YouTube here

The Lie Of Reproductive Health Care

Riddle me this?

How is killing a child reproductive health care?

How is abortion Healthcare?

If you are taking away someone, it’s subtracting, not adding.

If you’re killing, you’re not reproducing.

You’ve deliberately stopped the beginning stages of reproduction.

It’s a false notion to terminate a child before they’re born to avoid the penalty of murder. But that’s not the case. Even in the womb, that person was deliberately murdered.

We wipe our mouths like no wrong or sin was committed.

Not so fast!!!

Murder is murder whether in the womb or outside the womb.

Murder is murder no matter how many laws man may pass to excuse the snuffing out of a life within the womb.

Do this to an animal and all the animal rights groups will bring a lawsuit against you, they will get you arrested, tried in court, convicted, placed in jail, fined, and lambasted in the news.

Many will argue that the mother is choosing to end a pregnancy but in reality, they’ve chosen to snuff out a life.

If you have any sense, just because a male and a female engage in fornication and adultery, they deceive themselves into believing that they have a right to kill a baby.

They do this by declaring the “pregnancy” that’s actually the child, an inconvenience.”

But if you used your brain, the immoral sex was convenient?

So, convenience and inconvenience.

The choice is about pleasure, then all of a sudden, the child is inconvenient.

We argue all of the time about abortion but what also should be mentioned is the immoral sex that made the conception of a child possible. If people would think with their head and not with their sex organs, the life of the child might possibly be spared.

Conception is possible when sex takes place.

Conception is impossible when two people abstain from sex.

Let’s face it.

Most males will not stop to put on a condom.

If 1 million males have sex without a condom, and 1 million abortions takes place a year, it’s proof that conception took place because the female and the male agreed to not use the false notion of safe sex.

And condoms fail as well as in pre ejaculation, sperm is present. As well as STDs once bodily fluids are exchange in any form.

Inconvenience is the reason why a child is killed. But you had convenient immoral sex.

You see, as long as we lie to ourselves, deceive ourselves into thinking that reproduction choice is a health care issue, if we buy this lie, it only reveals how blind in sinful pleasure we are.

And the child in the womb became expendable.

Hence, reproduction became destruction.

The child in womb gets to have their limbs pulled apart.

The child in the womb gets to have their brains crushed by forceps.

The child in the womb gets to feel the pain of chemicals burning its precious skin.

The child, in the 3rd trimester gets to get pulled out of the birth canal and have their neck snapped by scissors.

This is called by the world…..reproductive health care.

If this is reproductive health care, then murder shouldn’t be a crime.

In fact, since killing a child isn’t immoral, what’s stopping us from murdering each other. I am not condoning the hideous act of murder. But look at the can of worms that will come out when murder is no longer considered a crime.

So when you call abortion…. reproductive health care, be mindful that there’s noting healthy about killing an innocent child.

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