Pastoral Scandals. How Do They Happen?

How does a pastoral scandal take root?

Not in any order, but……

  1. When the slightest sin is never confessed.

2. When we ignore the slightest warning from the Holy Spirit.

3. When we deceive ourselves that we’re not being watched by God or others.

4. When porn and masturbation isn’t crucified.

5. When looking at women or men lustfully isn’t crucified, you’re unwilling to pluck out your eye or cut off your hand.

6. When exposure happens to the other pastor and not you.

7. When we take forgiveness, grace, and mercy for granted.

8. When we easily return to our folly.

9. When we suppress & forget God, His Word, and when the Christ was on His blood stained cross.

10. When we have no accountability partner.

11. When we don’t think that God would hold us accountable.

12. When we pretend repentance when we’re actually remorseful.

13. When we sneer and snicker at the penalty.

14. When, over time, we get over the chastisement and embarrassment.

15. When we call it a mistake instead of sin.

16. When we don’t believe God is offended.

17. When we don’t believe we’re a hypocrite.

18. When we don’t believe that God would pay us the wages of sin in hell.

More scandals will emerge. It’s just a matter of time.

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