Berkeley Going Berserk: Gender Equality

People in Berkeley, California is gender offended and this city decided to ban gender specific terms from the municipal code.

In some states, especially in certain state or city jobs, gender indoctrination to remain employed has circulated.

Disciplinary action, up to and including loss of employment for sexual or gender discrimination is the teeth to such policy.

By changing gender specific bathrooms to gender neutral bathrooms, was a clear mistake that was rejected by the general population.

After pedophiles took license to enter women bathrooms, sane people quickly responded. But it didn’t stop most places.

All across America, the insanity to make abnormal behavior normal is overtaking the hearts and minds of people.

Here’s a short list of some of what’s been changed.

Fraternity/Sorority changed to “collegiate Greek system reference.”
Pregnant woman changed to “pregnant employees.”
Brother/Sister changed to “sibling.”
Male/female changed to “people of different genders.”
Manhole changed to “maintenance hole.”


We shouldn’t be alarmed because the world devised a gender neutral Bible.

What’s insane is that people are so sensitive that anything has become offensive.

But getting back to the point, it’s a complete erasure of masculinity for the sake of equality.

There’s one thing where equality will never happen.

Child birth.

It takes a woman to birth a male or another female.

You can dress a man to look like a woman, but a man cannot be inseminated, carry a child conceived in the womb for 9 months, then endure labor to give birth.

And a woman cannot inseminate a male.

Biological impossibilities.

Regardless of surgical reassignment, man cannot break the code of biology as ordained by God.

They’re trying though but so far, it can’t happen.

Therefore man will continue to alter the biological order with surgery, hormone injections, and other behavioral changes to conform with that gender against God’s ordained commands.

But we’re not confused, insane, or blind.

Now the moment you voice your disagreement and tell insane people that you’re offended, and refuse to fall in line to become as insane as insane gender neutral supporting people, you’ve become the enemy.

Now that Berkeley California is on the record to remove masculine addressing messages and signs, more American cities will follow suit to further indoctrinate people and erase masculinity.

You could read the story here

The LGBTQ Insanity: Accept Or Reject (Part 3)

On this final part, the question remains.

What is the driving factor of the homosexual agenda?


The right to do what they do without restraint, rejection, and to be militantly intolerant of those that refuse to accept such behavior as normal.

To normalize same sex unions was thought to be the one thing that would eliminate the existing prohibitions.

There’s still laws in the books of city and state government, including the UCMJ (Uniform Code Of Military Justice).

However, we see that since the hijacking of the 14th Amendment, a class of people was formed. This Amendment, in its initial groundbreaking form, had everything to do with giving Black people equal status as American citizens.

This sneaky maneuver proved to be the one thing needed to propel homosexuality as a normal behavior. For years, this sin was kept in the closet and now it’s out for all the world to see.

Proof that if you keep pushing for acceptance, over time, people will stop fighting and resistance to sin wanes.

But the one thing that didn’t happen is that it didn’t stop the sexually transmitted diseases from manifesting. It didn’t stop true believers from sounding the alarm that this behavior is sin.

But indoctrination continued.

Movies, main stream media, news outlets, books, television shows, church musicians and choir masters, pastors, preachers, and other places did the unthinkable.

Assist in making sin normal.

But again, the diseases associated with homosexuality didn’t stop.

It’s insanity.

Diseases is something that you run from not run towards.

Abnormal sexual behavior, which if not stopped, carries the potential to acquire STDs.

Sex between male and female outside of being married isn’t normal.

Sex between the same sex isn’t normal.

To impose these abnormalities as normal is imposing confusion.

But when the insatiable desire to fulfill the lusts of the flesh and mind comes, it’s certain that a measure of insanity sets in.

After the satisfaction is achieved, and word gets out that you’re a part of this world, acceptance is demanded.

No one wants to be rejected. It hurts.

But to what lengths a person is willing to go to get you to accept them?

It’s a no holds barred situation.

The argument will continue but in the end, it’s not normal.

To push people to accept the sin of homosexuality as normal opened up a can of worms.

Planned Parenthood fired Dr. Leana Wen as their president because, according to a story, she didn’t push transgender abortion.

Planned Parenthood hired a medical doctor to push transgender abortion?

I find it highly unlikely, but then again, it’s deeply concerning.

But as I’ve said in a separate blog that it’s insane to go through the process of surgical reassignment surgery, wait for a woman to die, transplant her uterus into a transgender female, that was once a male, and then abort a baby.

But even more troubling, is the fact that transgender woman that wants to be a man is entitled to abortions.


Again, the reasons behind firing Dr. Wen is highly unknown at this time and very speculative, but I do believe that according to the NY Times, Dr. Wen stated that abortion shouldn’t be a political issue, but a health care issue.

Which is a signal to politicians that Planned Parenthood is about abortion not about politics. And surely, that’s what Planned Parenthood didn’t support. Of course it’s political. How else are they financially supported?

And killing babies? Is this health care?

Killing a baby conceived out of wedlock, isn’t health care but death.

There were other philosophical differences, the Times reported but it’s clear that wickedness knows no bounds.

The wicked devices formed in the mind of man is becoming more insidious by the hour.

Sadly, hidden from our eyes are more insidious acts, waiting to be normalized.

Which only tells us one thing.

They will not stop until the whole world declares that that which is abnormal is normal.


You could read the decline of acceptance by millennials here

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