New York City Chick Fil A Vandalized

No, it probably wasn’t Antifa, but perhaps, just a few disagreeing people in homosexuality that disagree with the leadership at Chick fil A regarding their Biblical stance on marriage.

That according to the Scriptures, marriage is between one male and one female.

Some that participate or support people in the vile sin of homosexuality fiercely disagree with the Bible.

You have that right to disagree but when you look at the Scriptures, and the Lord offers deliverance from sin, it’s in your best interest to consider the offer.

Now if you have a better offer than to have your sins forgiven and grace and mercy extended to you before you die, we’d like to know.

The incentive to get saved is to recognize that one day we all will die.

But Who said that we have to die? And importantly, if the Lord told us that we have to die, and why we have to die, we’re left with a choice.

We can ignore it and hope for the best. We could believe in another god other than the God of the Bible to be delivered and set free from sin, and take a calculated chance. Or we could accept the offer from the Bible and know with certainty that His plan to save man is the best offer.

Sadly, another Gay Pride Month passed and taking your anger out on a facility doesn’t solve anything.

But it’s consistent with the way the world operates to express anger against Jesus and His true followers.

We pray that their eyes and hearts, and minds would be open to see the truth and not express anger and violence.

We do not communicate hatred.

All we do as true believers is offer the truth in love.

There’s hope in Jesus.

You could read the story here

Homosexual Pastor Storms Off Interview

When you question people that claim to know the Lord and even call themselves “pastors” while practicing homosexuality, being that last month was “Gay Pride” Month, you’d expect them to be proud to talk about homosexuality.

In this interview, you’ll see why coming out of the closet is still a tough issue for many practicing homosexuals.

The Fallen State TV, by Jessie Lee Patterson interviewed Curt D. Thomas, of The Renewed Church of Los Angeles. Curt Thomas claims to be a pastor but is a practitioner of homosexuality.

You can’t be a Christian or a pastor and claim to be active in sin.

But that’s what LGBT want you to believe. That it’s possible to follow God while practicing sin.

But we’re also seeing that people want God to be a certain way.

Any way, when you watch the interview, keep in mind that delusion and lies within a person is required to remain a practitioner of sin.

The moment of truth comes when truth shared in love hits the mind.

Notice what Paul said in Romans 1:18-19 (NKJV Strong’s) “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.”

To remain in any sin, you have to suppress the truth. In other words, you fight with everything you have to keep truth from effectively forcing you to make a choice to keep sin or walk away from sin.

The convicting power of the Holy Spirit will do just that.

Challenge the mind to reject sin.

To keep sin, you must suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

Fortunately, if you look in the like and dislikebuttons on YouTube, 12 thousand liked the video and 1.2 thousand disliked the video.

Which means that a minority of people didn’t like the video.

We’ve always noted that a small minority of homosexuals exist in the nation. But also be mindful that even if you’re not involved in the sin of homosexuality, you might be a supporter of those that practice the vile sin of homosexuality.


We may have family members and close friends involved in the vile sin of homosexuality, and to say anything Biblically true about hope in Jesus to be delivered from this sin, the world calls it “hate” speech.

The world want you to believe that preaching the Bible and living out the Word of God does more harm to people.

Patterson didn’t preach to Thomas but the morality of his questions at the beginning of this video, as well as using the theological approach to define “The Fallen Man,” was textbook lawyering.

Truth hurts but in the end, truth helps.

That’s why Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

Lies never made one person free.

In order to stay in sin, lies must be built upon lies to keep the lie going.

And when truth comes, the lie can’t stand.

Now just as a warning, expletives are used and while I don’t condone the use, you will see that this homosexual “pastor” clearly isn’t as holy as you think.

You could see the interview here

Antifa Attacks Conservative Homosexual Asian

Citing Wikipedia Antifa is: “The Antifa (/ænˈtiːfə, ˈæntiˌfɑː/)[1] movement is a conglomeration of left-wing autonomous, militant anti-fascist[7] groups in the United States.[11] The principal feature of antifa groups is their use of direct action,[12] with conflicts occurring both online and in real life.[13] They engage in varied protest tactics, which include digital activism, property damage, physical violence, and harassment against those whom they identify as fascist, racist, or on the far-right.[18]

Activists involved in the movement tend to be anti-capitalists[19] and subscribe to a range of ideologies, typically on the left. They include anarchists, socialists and communists along with some liberals and social democrats.[25] Their stated focus is on fighting far-right and white supremacist ideologies directly, rather than through electoral means.[12]”

It’s amazing that they’re defined as an “anti fascist” organization when they’re fascists themselves. What an irony.

It’s clear that just like the KKK in the 19th & 20th century used terror tactics against Black people, Antifa, a fascist organization made headlines by attacking, what they’ve termed, a “gay conservative journalist.”

The left, in people and politics, is definitely out of control.

Ted Wheeler, Democratic mayor of Portland, Oregon, did not use the power of his office to use the Portland, Oregon police to restrain Antifa.

The mayor should have articulated to them and others a “no tolerance” for breaking the law policy.

We don’t know if an order was given to “stand down.”

But we know that something may have allegedly been communicated to prohibit the police from carrying out their law enforcement duties to protect life and property.

I remember some of the pictures from the street on Broadway in uptown Brooklyn, NY when a black out occurred, sadly our Black people looted the many stores that made Broadway, Broadway. After the self inflicted destruction and looting, for over 30 years, those building and businesses never returned.

The people weren’t restrained and very little arrests, and protection of property took place.

When you do not address the problem, everyone suffers.

This is what happens when lawlessness becomes the law.

Everyone suffers.

Peaceful reasonable protests within the law, is not a problem.

Any outbursts would quickly bring all parties involved to the bench of justice.

Antifa is known to commit violent acts and destroy property. Just this basic intelligence alone, should have been enough to deploy adequate police support to deter Antifa’s aggressive actions. Massive police action should have been prepared. Develop layers of perimeters. Establish designated “no go” areas for Antifa. Any acts of violence should have been swiftly dealt with, quickly deterring and subduing Antifa, including making reasonable arrests.

You’re not going to completely control what Antifa would do to circumvent these basic police policies. But if you’re the mayor of a city, you want to do everything that’s necessary to protect life and property.

As long as there’s a refusal to protect life and property, Antifa and any other organization bent on destroying life and property will have license.

If you show that you’re not serious about quickly and effectively exercising common sense policing against Antifa and other organizations, more people and property will be destroyed.

Baltimore is proof of this.

You don’t let them “blow off steam.”

And it will cost us all more in tax dollars to repair the damage done.

MSM like CNN (Don Lemon), ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and other left wing leaning media pundits defend Antifa.

It’s clear that until these media outlets condemn Antifa, they’re co-conspirators of violence against Americans.

So far, we haven’t seen Antifa confront the people that they’re claiming to be after. Extreme right wing or more explicitly, KKK, White nationalists, Neo Nazis, and other such organizations. They won’t go down to Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, or other places where these militias are.

There’s a reason.

Antifa would be stomped to death.

I’m not an advocate nor supportive of any acts of violence.

If you’re a true American, the moral rule of law is what we live by, and we take causes to the voting booth in a peaceful non violent manner. Protests that pivots towards violence against another person is lawless.

Now to my point.

Could it be possible that homosexuals are now enemies of Antifa?

I don’t think so, but satan casting out satan is a valid point.

In other words, the Democratic house that fights against itself cannot stand.

Even Nancy Pelosi is in the crosshairs of the Democratic moderate and extreme left wing people of her party. She’s experiencing a political battle within her party instead of driving that energy against the Republicans.

Face value, they talk like they’re unified but behind the scenes, a coup could be happening. I might be wrong about this.

Now this homosexual is a well known, targeted conservative journalist.

This means that essentially, no one is safe.

Hurricanes are indiscriminate.

Hurricanes care less about what’s in its path.

Tornados are the same.

It swirls indiscriminately and leaves a trail of destruction, injury, and death.

When you have a mayor that refuses to take control of a situation, no one is protected. And these same Democrats want to disarm legal, law abiding people?

Should Antifa choose to arm themselves, what would the Portland, Oregon police do?

Let them get away with violent assault? Murder?

Here’s another thing.

Distractions. Distractions. Distractions.

Violence and political unrest.

BTW, have we heard from the Democratic candidates for president condemning this?

Maybe they did and we haven’t heard, or MSM isn’t reporting it so it continues to tear up the city.

Already, the same Democrats are blaming Trump for the political climate. Blaming Trump for Antifa. Now there’s a difference of opinion when White supremacists acted in the south and Trump didn’t condemn them to the Democrats’ satisfaction.

No side is safe except being on the side of the Lord.

Bad and evil is everywhere except where the righteous are.

If we that believe the Lord and the Word of God aren’t careful, we will find ourselves putting our Bibles down and side in with evil on any political or social side.

We must remember what Paul said in Ephesians 6:21 that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.”

As Peter said, Be sober, be vigilant. For your adversary, the devil, walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

You could read the story here

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