Democrats In The House Pass Homosexual Rights Bill

H.R. 5 was passed in the House, giving the LGBT community some sort of equal protection under the law.

Well, if you’re an American, you already have equal protection.

The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, passed just after the Civil War, not by Democrats, but by Republicans, gave Blacks equal footing as Whites as citizens of this great nation.

When you don’t know your history, you’re ignorant of the great strides made by courageous White men to free Black people from slavery. It’s stunning to realize that White men would die to free Black men.

But it happened.

In the article that you’re about to read below, someone said something that we, as Black folk have been saying for years.

The homosexual agenda HIJACKED the Civil Rights movement.

If the homosexuals would use their brains, they would see that as American citizens they have all the rights they need.

But the right to commit sin isn’t what this is about you might say.

A homosexual’s orientation is what they were trying to protect. That because of what they do in the bedroom would not be held against them. Discrimination due to sexual orientation.

Homosexuality is very dangerous.

The practice of this vile sin brought about a grave crisis in the health care industry.

Now they’re saying that now that we have medicine to combat this, HIV/AIDS isn’t that bad a disease.

It’s not the “death sentence” as it used to be.

But here’s the truth.

People still die of this disease at increased rates and it’s still INCURABLE.

The medicine they use puts off the inevitability of death because your immune system is irrevocably compromised. So you must take these medicines to take the place of the immune system until finally, death’s course is fulfilled.

You won’t contract the disease if you abstain from the practice of homosexuality. But if you insist on practicing homosexuality, the disease is sure to come upon you.

Just like if heterosexual couples abstain from fornication and adultery, the woman can’t get pregnant until marriage, sparing the child’s life.

Just like if men and women abstain from multiple partners, they could decrease the risk of contracting STDs.

On the other side of the coin, people can’t discriminate because of one’s sexual orientation. We get what you’re trying to say and do.

To make it just as wrong to discriminate against someone because of their skin color.

But one thing is true.

I can’t change my skin color, but I can change a behavior.

Homosexuality is not permanent.

My skin color is permanent.

The science community already ruled that there isn’t any genes within you that make you a homosexual. But there’s plenty of DNA and other genetical factors to confirm my ethnicity.

My skin color isn’t a behavior. It’s an ethnic assignment given by God. I was powerless to choose who my parents were, and I was powerless to select what race I would be.

But when it comes to homosexuality, with exposure to this vile behavior, after a person becomes an accountable adult and sexually active, this is a preference that people select.

Behaviors can change. Skin color can’t.

It’s like asking a Zebra to become a Lion.

Now a definite contradiction exists in my statement above.

I purposefully intended to place this contradiction for the purpose of showing you where this is going.

If Homosexuals have equal protection under the law, that they already have, because of the 2015 Obergefell v Hodge case before the Supreme Court, a class of people suddenly appeared. Now that a class of people, namely homosexuals, have appeared, they need “rights.”

Now that they have “rights,” they will continue to push this right into the houses of worship, to pervert pastors and believers.

To make them obey the law in the house of God.

Now we all know that in the false places of worship, this is allowed, but they won’t be satisfied until true pastors and believers bow to their law.

Make no mistake about it.

To test this law, should president Trump sign this into law, after it supposedly pass in the Republican controlled Senate, they will send two homosexuals into houses of worship to apply for a job, and that house of worship better not have a discrimination against homosexuals policy.

If that house of worship (Christian) refuse to employ homosexuals, based on this law, they will bring a lawsuit to make them obey the law.

I would be surprised if two homosexuals show up to test this law in a mosque or Buddhist temple. We all know that they wouldn’t even contemplate it. But satan’s target has always been the true believer in Christ.


To make them compromise and capitulate. Or to make them an example should they refuse and remain faithful to the Lord so that they can put fear in other believers in Christ.

I, for one, will not betray my Lord.

He died for me to save me from sin, myself, and hell.

Most gladly I choose to suffer for Jesus because eternity in hell is a long time to think about “Why did I betray the Lord over this nonsense.”

But we all know that president Trump will veto this law if it reaches his desk should the Senate pass this law.

So hopefully, we won’t see a replay of 2015.

Romans 3:23 tells us “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

You can read the article here

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