Forcing The Religion Of Homosexuality Down A Christian’s Throat 

You’ve heard the saying before that when people are preaching the Word that you are “shoving your religion down my throat.”

The people say this because the convicting power of the Holy Spirit has invaded their dark hearts and minds. 

Now the Word says in John 16:8-11…

“And when He (The Holy Spirit) has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: of sin, because they do not believe in Me; of righteousness, because I go to My Father and you see Me no more; of judgment, because the ruler of this world is judged.”

The Word convict also means convince.

The sinner has been convinced by the Holy Spirit that they are in sin.

To suppress the convincing power of the Holy Spirit, they attack the Holy Spirit and the person being used by the Holy Spirit, and adamantly declare that you are shoving “religion” down their throat. 

All in an attempt to get you to stop being used by the Holy Spirit to convince people of their sin and repent.

So the devil took a page out of its own book and is now shoving the religion of homosexuality down the throats of true believers in Jesus.

Since sin has no convicting power, they resort to man’s legal system to force believers to stop preaching the Word with convicting power.

The first amendment was placed there by the founding fathers of this nation as a means of protecting freedom of religion and free speech. The burden of the first amendment is not on the church but it is upon congress.

The interpretation of the first amendment from Thomas Jefferson of “a wall of separation” has been “erected” was misconstrued to be a part of the first amendment. Giving the false notion that the church is to stay out of the business of government. 

Wrong on both parts. 

Government is made up “by the people and for the people.”

Again, the burden is on congress to not make laws to prohibit freedom of religion nor establish a religion, nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.

The religion of homosexuality is a blatant attempt to do exactly what government is prohibited from doing while silencing its own moral code.  

Not realizing that government is heavily influenced by moral law established by God in the OT. 

Without moral law, anarchy and lawlessness prevails with impunity. 

Today, the only objective of the proponents of the sin of homosexuality is to silence free speech from believers so that homosexuals could be free of the convicting power of the Holy Spirit; to be free to sin with impunity.

The religion of homosexuality defiantly reject and refuse the ruling of the Judge of heaven and earth, and is diabolically using the judicial system of the earth to force opponents of the sin of homosexuality to accept their sin without question and under penalty of law.

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, the SCOTUS will hear oral arguments to override the will of individual states that does not recognize SSM. Prayer is being made to intercept the justices’ decision.

As you well know, these justices already discussed this issue among themselves and have pre-determined which way they will vote. The ruling will be handed out sometime in June.

This doesn’t mean that they cannot change their ruling.

“With God all things are possible.”

Just imagine the priests and false pastors of homosexuality coming out and commanding the true church to accept the sin of homosexuality?

It’s not far fetched.

It’s been what the devils were waiting for.

Demons in people will force the holy people of God to accept immorality or be found in contempt of court should we refuse.

Daniel was told not to pray to His God or be eaten by lions. To the lion’s den he went. And from the lion’s den he survived.

The sons of Judah, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, were told that when the music plays, bow down or be burned. To the fire they went, and from the fire they survived. 

It’s best to be on fire for God than to be in the fire of hell because of sin. 

Religion by force is dangerous because the will of a person is not involved.

A person is free to choose.

God desires a willing heart. 

But satan cannot accept the fact of choice because he knows that people would come to their senses and ignore him. Hence, the legal agenda of the elite proponents of the sin of homosexuality. 

They can’t accept the fact that it’s about choice so they don’t just want to be accepted. They don’t just want to be left alone. They don’t just want to marry. 

They want God to stop convicting them of sin. They want true believers to not preach and live with conviction. They want to force acceptance of the sin of homosexuality.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They want validity from hold outs. They want righteous preachers to perform the sacerdotal function of holy matrimony. They want their children (surrogacy, artificial inseminated, adoption) dedicated to the Holy God of heaven. They want true believers to make cakes, flowers, and all other things to make this sin acceptable.

They want their homosexual gods to coexist with the God of heaven and earth.

Since the sin of homosexuality cannot stand on its own merits, meaning that let them go after their vile desires without true believers involving themselves in their personal lives, they push to force the religion of homosexuality down our throats and to make us toe their vile line.

The demise of the first amendment is just a matter of time. 

The demise of this nation, should believers fail to repent, is upon us. 

For judgment must begin at the house of God (see 1 Peter 4:17), not at the nation until afterwards.

The reach of the spirit of Nebuchadnezzar is pressing harder and faster in this nation. But also read carefully what happened to Babylon after Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom came to an end. Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, and Daniel survived and Nebuchadezzar died as well as his kingdom.

Hence, the outcome of the righteous will always be good and will continue, and the outcome of the unrighteous will cease and will always be bad.

So should the SCOTUS overrule the individual will of the states, darkness will further tighten its grip, the saints will be under more levels of legal maneuvers to silence the voice of righteousness, and persecution will deepen its commitment to enforce silence.

But the darker the world, the brighter the church.

But a much more sinister plot is unfolding. 


Race relations is a diversion tactic successfully deployed to draw our action away from spiritual matters.

Ferguson, Staten Island, and Seminole were tragic events, but no one really addressed the fact that three or more uncounted souls of black people entered into eternity.

Their souls if not in Christ is in hell.

When it comes to the policies of the United States concerning Israel, could it be that the Obama administration is using SSM to divert the attention of churches and pastors away from supporting Israel?

The two state solution is a failed solution that puts the United States in the crosshairs of the judgment of God. 

The Clinton administration and the Bush 43 administration both suffered serious judgment from God. The Obama administration has already set the stage to be the recipient of the judgment of God as the previous two administrations received.

According to Genesis 12, God gave that land to Abram and his descendants, and any nation that curses Israel will be cursed. Sharing the land is out of the Biblical God ordained question.

In 2012, millions of dollars were given to the Palestinians to rebuild housing after the Israelis destroyed the houses that Hamas used to stage attacks against Israel. 

Israel has a right to defend themselves and we give money to their attackers to rebuild housing for Palestinians.

Knowing full well that the Palestinians will sacrifice their families to destroy Israel. 

On camera, Obama supports Israel but behind the scenes, they curse Israel. But God will judge the United States in broad daylight.  

Do you expect us to be blessed by God when you force Israel to give up land to have peace?

The goal is to annihilate Israel. 

We all know that if the Palestinian get land or is recognized as a state within a state, it won’t stop there. 

When the church is overrun with Secret and Overt Sexual Sins, God can’t bless His church. This puts us as a co-conspirator with the devil to allow sin in the camp and nation, and to be anti-Semite. 

There is not one nation that has ever harmed Israel and were never judged by God. 

All who are against Israel must be judged or God lied about His covenant. 

The homosexual agenda was shoved to the front of this nation to divert attention away from the harsh policies against Israel. 

So in actuality, two policies are in play. Shove homosexuality down the throats of believers, threaten them with destroying their church if they preach against homosexuality, and support policies against Biblical standards. 

Which in turn, gets them to focus attention away from supporting Israel. 

Far fetched? 

Just know that with any administration, smoke in mirrors is always possible. 

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