TABOO- Erectile Dysfunction Among Male Christians

If you have noticed, now they are using women in commercials to talk about ED.

Erectile Dysfunction.

Most men and women in the world no longer blush about this taboo subject.

But talk about it in church and embarrassment is not too far behind.

A couple of years ago, I read an article about men using Viagra and other forms of medicine to combat erectile dysfunction.

Just in case you may not be aware of what erectile dysfunction is. It is the inability to get and maintain penile erection during sex. A man’s penis requires blood and when there is a dysfunction, a man’s penis will not be hard. He will not sexually perform.

Now this report that I read indicated that men are engaging in high risk sex because of taking these drugs.

Regardless of the many forms of STDs that are there, a man taking Viagra will take that risk for the sole purpose of experiencing more pleasure.

Thinking with his lower head than with his upper head.

In a different report, on the porn sets, Viagra and other drugs are available to help male porn performers maintain an erection for hours. Popping pill after pill.

Do Christian men use Viagra?

There is no question in my mind.

For the record, this author doesn’t use Viagra or any other drug to get or maintain an erection.

Do Christian men engage in extra marital sex called adultery, fornication, and homosexuality?


And it is not a secret. It’s just not discussed because it is part of the taboo world of male sexuality.

In a recent report that I read which could be seen here, men that do not need Viagra and other forms of medicine only use these drugs to increase the size of their penis and have longer sex, sometimes lasting more than 4 hours.

There is a clear and present danger because for men that do not have a problem with getting and maintaining an erection risk ED (erectile dysfunction) later in life. There is a much higher danger that may occur.

Engage High Risk Sex

This is where a man believes he is invincible. He engages in fornication and adultery. Or worse, homosexuality. He takes more risks in condom-less sex. He believes that he will never contract an STD. Especially unfaithful professed Christian men. With ED, it could be one or a combination of things that could cause ED.


In the church and outside the church, men and women do not exercise regularly. Sedentary lifestyles is a big problem. Whether you are on the Internet, watching TV, sitting around at work. Too tired because of work for sex with the wife. Whatever the case may be, an inactive lifestyle is detrimental to men’s sexuality with their wives.

For men that never were active, it takes a willingness to make lifestyle changes, determination to achieve your physical fitness goals, and long term maintenance to keep an ideal body weight.

To achieve these goals, being stubborn only adds to the frustration in the bedroom.

Instead of popping a pill to get and maintain an erection unless you are medically confirmed that you need it, try dropping the pounds.

According to most health experts, exercising three times a week for 30 minutes, doing intense (raising your heart rate) exercise, plus reducing caloric intake would do wonders in the bedroom.

Slow weight loss is preferred. Between 1 and 5 pounds a week is ideal.

Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats for protein is also ideal.

Fast foods, restaurant foods, and other places where you would eat out should be significantly reduced. Treating yourself is not a problem so long as you keep a watch on what you treat yourself to.

Also, you should weigh yourself once a week to keep track of your progress.

Before engaging in any exercise, please check with your physician.

Other Valid Medical Conditions

There are other medical conditions that I will not get into because the article will address those conditions.


Christian men that do not have ED do not need to be reckless with their sexuality. Bigger and better is just a fantasy. It’s 1 John 2:15-17. “The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.” The lust of the flesh and eyes comes from watching porn where a man watches another man seemingly has better sex because he is bigger and could have sex a long time.

The world of fantasy sex has driven men to engage in perversion that is against the will of God.

Hebrews 13:4 says, “Marriage is honorable among all and the bed undefiled. But adulterers and fornicators God will judge.”

Many of you will argue that what you do in the bedroom and what pills you pop is your business. However, in locker room talk among men in church and outside the church is just as public. When you begin to discuss with other men what kind of sex you are having with men or women other than your wives, it is no longer private. That’s because you have chosen to disseminate to other men your private bedroom affairs.

It is common for men to engage in talking about certain women and who they are seeing. No matter where a man is. Whether it’s in church, on the streets, or at home while watching sports with other men.

The affects of sexual immorality is public.

The more we treat these issues as taboo the more we are affected. We are challenged to deal with it after the dirt is done. So we must address these concerns and stop applying taboo when we do not want to talk about it.

Now there’s nothing in the Bible that prohibits taking Viagra or other ED medicines.

However, to take ED medicines to engage in fornication, adultery, and homosexuality is just another form of enhancing sexual performance to commit sin.

Taking the medicine is not a sin.

Committing fornication, adultery, and homosexuality is sin.

Taking the medicine when you do not need to could place your life in jeopardy.

That’s all I’m saying.


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