Transgender Pastors……A Crowning Achievement Of LGBT?

Recently, Joan Rivers, the 80+ year old comedienne, declared that president Obama is gay and that Michele Obama is a “tranny.”

This is not news.

Tranny is slur for transvestite or transgender.

But this is about a man that changed his gender to a woman. He was already ordained in the ministry and struggled with his gender before he changed his gender.

Obviously, he had a sex change and now, it’s no big deal.

It’s no big deal to them but with the Lord that never changes, cannot lie, and His Word is forever settled in heaven, it’s a big deal.

Folks, your birth certificate settles forever what your gender is. What you came out of the womb with is who you are physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The identity crisis is not a big issue…….with God and His Word.

Genesis 1:26-27 settles forever our identity.

We were made in the image of God, after His likeness. When He created us “male and female,” there is no question in God’s mind who we were to be when our parents had us.

The lies of the devil infiltrated into the minds of men that do not know God. Or the devil has infiltrated his perverted lies into the minds of people that walked away from Him and His Word.

Isaiah 29:16 says, “Surely you have things turned around!
Shall the potter be esteemed as the clay;
For shall the thing made say of him who made it,
“He did not make me”?
Or shall the thing formed say of him who formed it,
“He has no understanding”

The way people think these days makes it seem like God is the one that is in complete error.

God is never in error.

Psalm 100:3a says “Know that the Lord, He is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;”

If you have made yourself before you were born then you have the ability and license to be what you want to be. But you do not have that power. Only God has the power.

How dare we change what God created?

There will be many that will read this and accuse me of sexual bigotry, discrimination, and declare me to be intolerant. There is no Biblical justification of transgenderism and there is no Biblical justification of the sin of homosexuality. Transvestivism and transgenderism is a very small minority offshoot of the sin of homosexuality. So to justify sin would require the Lord God to apologize to satan for kicking him out of heaven, and the Lord God must apologize to the Lord Jesus for sending Him to die for the sins of the whole world.

These two things will never happen. For without the shedding of the blood of Jesus, there can be no release of sins. Furthermore, the release from the penalty and punishment of sin is never to be taken as permission to continue in sin. The purpose of the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus is to free us from ALL sin.

We must remember that the Lord God is holy and the just demands of the God of heaven must be satisfied. In addition to satisfying the just demands of the Holy God, sin must come to an end. It is never the will of God for sin to continue after He judges the world in His wrath and at the judgment seat of Christ called the Great White Throne Judgment.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why would a man change his gender, or why would a woman change her gender (see my Transman blog). We do not have to have people lay down on a couch with a psychologist to get into the deepest resources of human behavior and thinking. And please do not get me wrong. I do not minimize the work of Christian psychologists. However, the Bible is absolutely clear about what the Lord created. To confuse yourself about your gender is just another ploy of the enemy called satan, to use you in his perverted scheme to hold you in the bondage of sin to take you to hell.

The more confused you are, the more you might yield to your urges and impulses to act out sexually in accordance with your sexual preference.

It’s called…………choice.

Sin is a choice. Acting out sexually is a choice. Committing sexual sin is a choice.

Obedience is a choice. Disobedience is a choice.

Your birth gender is not your choice. Your skin color is not your choice. Your parents is not your choice.

Having said these things, it is important now for people that attend a house of worship to refuse to walk in the same measure of confusion that others are walking in.

In 1 Corinthians 14:33, Paul said by the Holy Spirit, “For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.”

The word “confusion” means “instability, disorder, commotion, or state of disorder.”

While what Paul shared is in regards to how a service should be done, decently and in order,” the principle of disorder can apply to the way a person carries out the way they live their lives and the affairs of life.

In James 1:8, James said by the Holy Spirit, “…a double- minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

James uses this verse to underscore the fact that you cannot ask God for something and then be in unbelief at the same time. You won’t receive anything from God if you claim to be a person in faith and then turn and be a person who cannot believe that God can answer prayer.

The same principle applies to the affairs of life.

When a man is walking in confusion or instability, it’s simple to understand that he is a man with two kinds of thinking in his mind. Even when he settled on becoming a………..woman…….he will forever be a man as far as God is concerned. That’s because God was never confused to begin with.

His body says male. His mind says I want to be a female but I am a male.

What could I do to either prevent this or yield to this?

To end the confusion, this “man” changes his gender. Ultimately, it is a struggle between sin and righteousness. So, he suppresses righteousness to fulfill unrighteousness. The gender change is just a struggle to fulfill the lust in his heart.

This is no surprise because he is just the first one to come forward. There are many that have yet to come out, and they will.

They were just waiting for someone else to make the first move.

We’ve already had a wave of bisexual pastors come out, now we are going to watch a wave of transgender pastors come forward.

This level of perversion is a crowning achievement of the LGBT agenda. Progressive Christianity. Progressing into more perversion and the sad thing about this is that people that do not know God and His Word will sit there, Sunday after Sunday, smile and praise the devil for what has happened. God will not be praised because this is not of His doing.

God is the same. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Word remains the same, and God’s true people must choose to remain the same.

It is worth noting that there are trannies that reverted to their original gender. Just like there are ex gays, or ex homosexuals. This is the thing that LGBT fears the most. That deliverance from the sin of homosexuality is possible. They’ve repented and reversed their decision. While they are alive, they can come back to God’s original plan and walk in the Word of God. As long as they are alive, it’s never too late. But when they pass away, it’s too late. Their eternal fate is sealed.

Will they go to hell because they’ve changed their gender?

To be condemned to hell is based on a person’s belief or unbelief in Jesus and whether they’ve obeyed what Jesus said John 3:3, Matthew 7:21-23. Also the works that sinners commit are recorded. According to Revelation 20, the books will be opened,and the evidence of their sinful works will be exposed to confirm their unwillingness to turn from sin forever to serve the Lord.

Here is a link to the article from End Time Headlines.

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