LGBT: Evander Holyfield Knocks Out The Sin Of Homosexuality

While checking some FB posts, Pastor DL Foster of shared a post about supporting former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield when he made a very timely, power punch statement regarding the sin of homosexuality.

Pastor Foster requested that just as we supported Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty, when Phil made some serious statements regarding the sin of homosexuality, we should do the same for Evander, or for anyone that speak out against the sin of homosexuality.

Without hesitation or purpose of evasion, we are standing with them.

At the request of Pastor Foster, and on his behalf, I share in sending a Twit to @holyfield in support of his statement. I trust that you would do the same.

One of the most famous boxers of all time, Evander Holyfield made a statement about the sin of homosexuality that attracted attention.

Whether he will get the Phil Robertson, A&E LGBT dominated, Duck Dynasty treatment is left to be seen.

Here is the quote.

“The only thing I’m trying to tell you….You know how handicapped people are born? You can’t say ’cause they were born that way you can’t move that,” he said. Adding, “It’s a choice. Come on, that ain’t the way nobody is made…You ain’t gay unless you sleeping with the opposite sex.”

Very powerful quote.

This is no different than Phil Robertson describing vividly what practicing homosexuals do.

It’s no different.

Yet, the elite LGBT community always have a problem when the truth comes out. You know….the extremely militant division of LGBT that wants to rule the world. Shout everybody down or shut people down legislatively as they hijack Civil Rights. The radical ultra almost terrorist that wouldn’t bother with Muslims but pick on Christians.

Tolerant of sin, intolerant of righteousness. Criminalize God, decriminalize sin, and exonerate the devil.

At the end of the article in the pro homosexuality newspaper, the sins of Evander were conveniently posted.

Yes, he’s fathered 11 children from 3 different women. No question about it.

Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

But verse 24 tells us...”Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”

1 Corinthians 6:9-11 is equally powerful.

That’s the part that LGBT do not want because that means freedom from committing any sin.

Again, just like the Wizard of Oz of the militant LGBT group, people should “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

It is clear that the people behind gay people is making an attempt to distinguish people that practice the sin of homosexuality from the sin of homosexuality. That when you vividly discuss the disgusting sex acts of homosexuals, they take it personal. They will make every effort to make it appear as if you hate people.

Time and time again, we’ve shared that the Lord loves people and that the true believers in Christ love people based on John 3:16. It is the act, the sin acted out by people that is what we hate. The bondage to the sin of homosexuality has not yielded any good but evil. That’s why the Lord called it “an abomination” or disgusting.

Once again, LGBT gets to put pressure on high profile people that speak truth against the sin of homosexuality.

Here is the one way that LGBT can avoid being hit by the truth. Truth hurts but truth heals. Most medicine almost never tastes good but most medicines that never tastes good will heal the body. So it is with the Word of God. The Bible tells us to give attention to the words of an earthly father is “health to all their flesh.” Because it is true in the natural, it is true in the spirit.

When the Word is ministered to man by the Heavenly Father, His Word is health to all our flesh.

Why is it that man doesn’t want to be healed?

Why do man want to remain sick?

Well when it comes to sin, man believes he could fix himself. Throwing billions of dollars into HIV/AIDS is noble, but why are we coaching people to believe that a sin is beautiful when the results are devastating? Would anyone walk into a burning building? Well, it is a known practice that since homosexuals have AIDS, they look on the Internet to hook up with other homosexual men that were already diagnosed because they believe that they have nothing to lose.

As long as you are breathing, you have a chance to be redeemed and justified by the Lord. When you repent of sin and receive His forgiveness, the Lord abundantly pardons. Then the Holy Spirit comes in and makes you a brand new creature in Christ. Like you had never sinned.

This is called “Justification.”

Justification means to be innocent of all charges of sin even though you are guilty.

Why do people want to remain guilty is a big mystery.


Jesus said, “Men loved darkness than light.”

I support what Evander Holyfield said.

We must remember that a very small percentage of people want to make life difficult for those that stand for the truth.

We that are true believers in Christ try to make it easy for people to come to the Lord through repentance from dead works and faith toward God. Yet, as the Lord said, “…for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” 

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