ABORTION: The Gosnell Verdict And The CURE Press Conference and Legislative Briefing

Before I begin, I want to thank The Lord for inspiring Mr. Lonnie Poindexter, CURE Director of Outreach and Education, for inviting me to the Press Conference and Legislative Briefing for Congressional Leaders in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

I wrestled with going but through it, The Lord was in it. I spoke to my wife, Valeria, about attending and as always, she goes with the flow of the Holy Spirit in my heart.

Our 28 year old daughter, Sheryl, accompanied us and she graciously handled getting our hotel room because we knew that we need to rest after driving down from PA (which coincidently is the state where they dropped the ball on investigating the Gosnell abortion atrocities for 15 years).

My thanks to my wife and daughter for accompanying me.

Incidentally, while we were on our way to the press conference, we were already in the DC area, I stumbled upon several speeches on my car radio, made by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Especially the “I Have A Dream” speech made in 1963 on the Lincoln Memorial. I was only 2 years old at the time he preached that message but I noted that he was 32 or 33 when he made that speech.

He, and other Civil Rights leaders were relatively young but had hearts of fearless lions.

Such a daunting task, yet, with God’s unquenchable grace, these ordinary men met the challenge with an extraordinary Word from God.

In a way, it was to be a special moment. No where near the electricity of the moments of 1963, but enough power to at least let us know that we can rise to the occasion at anytime to stop injustice towards African Americans.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, said Dr. King.

The moment that my wife and I arrived, we sensed the presence of The Lord in this. Brother Lonnie said this on at least two occasions and that’s what was confirmed in my heart as we prepared to stand with our colleagues in the ministry.

It wasn’t just a moment of political grandstanding. It was a stunning moment where a reckoning was underway with a sense of urgency.

You can feel the fierce tugging of demonic forces surrounding the area but as Elisha said to Gehazi, more are with us than those that be with them.

It became a defining moment in the history of African American pastors that were willing, not only to demand that Congress hold hearings and shut down the abortion machine deliberately intended to reduce, if not totally annihilate African Americans from the womb, but to repent of our sins. Sins of the flesh, and neglecting our duties to speak the truth in the face of lies.

For years, the African American pastors were silent and relatively non existent on the issue of abortion. Sadly, I read a comment that a person made. The question was “Where were we?”

In a nut shell, the commenter even said that for 25 years we weren’t heard from and that we were to go back to where we’ve come from.

Here is the link and my comments…


That is a pound of truth to our ounce of inept representation.

However, the tide has changed. We are sorry for not speaking up on the issues facing our communities and congregations. No longer will we be silent. For the most part, we understand and we get it.

One of the things that we need to be aware of is that Secret Sexual Sins in the lives of pastors in the pulpit is one of the major reasons why we were absent. Just go to my previous blogs and also BlogTalkRadio.com for my prior broadcasts about my life and involvement, and you will see a small piece of a major sin running rampant in the hidden lives of pastors.

This will give you critical insight for why we were absent.

Additionally, there are rogue pastors that turned coat to vote in a person that is dead set against the Word of God. When a “so called” pastor tells people that they know that homosexuality is a sin but in the same sentence, vote as a sign of endorsement, for a president that advocates the cruel and heartless slaughter of innocent children, and the support for same sex marriage, they are no more a pastor than a truck mechanic claiming to be a heart surgeon.

CURE Founder and President, Star Parker, on short notice, was able to put together this press conference with distinguished pastors, and preachers of great ministerial stature and unquestioned educational qualifications from around the country. Some have travelled hours to unapologetically share their powerful testimonies, admonitions, personal repentance, warranted rebukes, and critical insight into the Gosnell situation and abortion as a whole.

Some have even provided some startling statistics and irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy to plant Planned Abortionhood facility in Black and Hispanic communities. Some of this is documented in the Documentary “Maafa21.

Margaret Sanger is responsible for these facilities that account for over 55 million abortions. 17 million of which were African Americans that make up 12.6% of the American population.

There is no question about this conspiracy and the time has come to address this issue and stop the abortion murder mill. The Gosnell trial has put the definition of murder on trial. When you see the horrific conditions and the cold, calculated, callousness of this African American abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, as one pastor and others have put it, this is not the exception. It is the rule.

It is clear that throughout the country, there are abortionists that have done this and perhaps, if it is ever investigated, worse crimes on humanity. This systemic murder of innocent lives rivals what Germany has done to the Jews. In fact, if you compare 6 million to 17 million. or 6 million to 55 million, with tears, America has done a better job at killing a specific ethnic group than Germany did in killing innocent Jews under Hitler.

I cannot recall who said it but “Abortion is not the exception but the rule.”

The righteous demands for legislative hearings and even for the president to say something was strong and clear. Even more so, prayers were prayed we were told by an evangelist that was sharing at a table that either the president change and repent, or that he be removed.

We know that we may not hear from the Commander in Chief of Homosexuality and Abortion because of the “elite.”

I’ve already call them the “shadow government.”

The last free thinking president was John F. Kennedy. Since then, the politics of this nation is run by those that directly funnel the political powers that be by the purse strings. Should “their” money be adversely affected in any way, we all know that if a president truly becomes an advocate for all people, his days are shortened.

During the Civil Rights Movement, president Kennedy took up the issue. Civil Rights became the one thing that would free African Americans from the tyranny of slavery. As soon as these rights were supported by Kennedy, November 22, 1963 blew a gaping hole into the heart of America. Nonetheless, Civil RIghts was afforded to Blacks, but somewhere down the road, these Civil Rights would be used against us and perverted.

Hence, LGBT.

It is reprehensible for the blood of martyrs be trampled upon. The unconscionable disrespect of homosexuals to disguise the sin of homosexuality as a Civil Right stinks to high heaven. I rebuke and condemn this hijacking in Jesus’ name!

The powers of politics is nothing but about money. That’s why, to them it makes sense to annihilate African Americans because it affects the bottom line. By killing off our generation, we have no future and the futures of others flourish.

Abortion is the first line of murder. The lack of education becomes the next line should a baby get past the abortion doctor. Without education, a life of crime and the prison system is the next line of murder. Mixed into all of this is the reduction of real males becoming husbands first, then fathers, second, and raising a family. That’s why the LGBT agenda is also pushed.

African Americans males that indulge in the sin of homosexuality further reduces the availability of males for available black women.

As you can see, the African American is deliberately targeted to fail. Deliberately targeted to be slaughtered. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s was a bold stroke to shake and destroy the foundation of this nation regarding racism.

Now, we are seeing these rights reversed against the African American males. On top of all of this is the refusal to repent.

With all of these things happening to the African American community, the pastors have set out on an agenda to never address these critical issues. With great reason. When you are involved with Secret Sexual Sins yourself, it is very easy to pass on this issue. We just hear addresses that will never have any teeth.

I look at my lack of involvement and observed that I am part of the problem and not the solution.

Therefore, there must be a departure of the safety of my four walls and look for ways to get involved in my own backyard to address the issue. I can’t just go to banquets when people in our own neighborhoods never had one. It is imperative that I confront the issues where the issues are.

The Lord Jesus went from city to city to deal with the problems of man. He did it with the Word of God with power. In one portion of Scripture, He was moved with compassion because the people were like sheep without a shepherd.

Such is the case today in all of our cities. People are wandering without a shepherd.

At the press conference, we’ve heard from Dr. Harry R. Jackson, Dr. Olden Thornton, a letter was read from Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. Alveda C. King, Priests for Life African American Outreach, and many distinguished pastors and preachers that shared the Word and vital information with passion, conviction, power, and holy eloquence.

But there was one pastor that put his own family on the table and shared how his own daughter, who knew The Lord, committed fornication and contemplated having an abortion to conceal the sin from her own father and mother.

Fortunately, the child was spared death, and the daughter was spared the emotional trauma that accompanies them until they get healed.

While the sin of fornication and adultery is always at the root of 98% of abortions, there is forgiveness after repentance and healing grace to help in time of need.

We are living in a critical hour where if we fail to address this issue from our sacred pulpits and start pulling our pulpits outside and into the homes of people, we will continue to see this atrocity darken our community to the brink of extinction.

We must get off the broad road called broadway that leads to destruction. We must stop the madness and insanity of following the status quo crowd to hell.

Haman must not have his evil way.

An Esther has risen among us of Star Parker.

We must remember that when the nation of Israel was about to be annihilated, Esther was raised for such a time as this.

The Gosnell trial happened on the 40 anniversary of Planned Abortionhood. Pathetically, a video presentation of a Black man with a drink in his hand that toasted Planned Abortionhood like it was a lady, and it reminded me of the whore of Babylon, that people were drunk with the wine of her fornication.

This sad display, mocking African Americans is a despicable toast to the killing of 17 million African Americans.

This insidious plot to exterminate an entire race of people to preserve the monetary livelihood of an elite group or class of people has now been brought front and center on the world.

Sadly, the media deliberately ignored the trial because the elite knows that should this get the attention that it should get, the American people would be outraged and will make a demand for further investigations.

Planned Abortionhood has had its way for years to reduce the population of the poor. Even their own white poor. We must not forget that even the elite looks down on their own with great disdain. This is not a ploy to say things that would turn into an ugly race fight.

This happens in all races. There is the elite in every race and within their races are what they term as undesirables. Black on black crime. White on white crime. Asian on Asian crime. It is all around the world. So even abortion targets the whites but the whites have an advantage. Money and education. Whereas with the African American, money and education is becoming more and more out of reach.

This overt conspiracy must come to an end.

I cannot speak for the thousands of African American pastors, but I speak for myself.

As a watchman on the wall, let I not be found sleeping, eyes wide shut. Let not the tongue of my mouth cleave to the roof of my mouth. May I not be found asleep on watch. May my voice be heard and not be careful in speaking vehemently against this scourge that plagues my people.

May God give us all strength to speak boldly as we ought to speak and to cry aloud and not spare. Unreservedly, unhesitatingly, unfettered, and without hypocrisy.

Lastly, how can proponents of Planned Abortionhood condemn one of their own? As the saying goes. “Isn’t that calling the kettle pot black.”

The audacious nerve of murderers.

The blatant hypocrisy and outright lie leaves us flabbergasted beyond reason.

In the wake of this, we expect three things from the president.

1. His silence.
2, His expressed disappointment of the Gosnell verdict.
3. His late term presidential pardon.

For more information on these stunning statistics, please go to



http://www.protectingblacklife.org/pdf/pp targets/index.html




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  1. I read this with complete wonderment and awe. I truly wished I could have been there to be a witness to our resolve that we will fight till we see victory. Pastor Fred, thanks my brother. You represented well sir!


    1. It is an honor to be a part of the move of God to stop this scourge in our nation, particularly among our African American people. Thanks again, my brother, that we are able to join and stand together. This is definitely a God moment for eternal purposes.


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