Judgment On Ahab & Jezebels In The Church and Upon Empowerment Preaching

But here it is…Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established….

I was impressed by the Lord to capture this moment and put it in a blog because we are about to see something that we’ve been crying out to God for, for a long time. We are in the middle of a shift planned and purpose by divine province and we are just getting in on this.

Sexual immorality has always plagued the church but it is usually masked with a series of “so close” to the truth preaching and teaching that we can’t detect sexual immorality unless a scandal is exposed.

The roots of these messages is in the Jezebels and Ahab in church leadership. That’s why the devil was successful in bringing about same sex and marriages of same sex into a church like a freight train. It is indicative of the fact that the church is weak and impotent. The church is on the plains of MOAB and we are overrun in the Mother Of All Battles called sexual immorality.

But, a danger close mission is underway.

God always uses small things to locate His people and those that are in tune with God will see the manifestation of shifts, adjustments, and divine change where the true encounter of God will be there waiting.

What is this shift, adjustment, and divine change where the true encounter of God will be there waiting?

“That He might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water through the word, that He might present her to Himself a glorious church without having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.”

My thanks to Minister William Walton for being obedient to post on FB this partial powerful quote of an incident that took place.

From Minister William Walton today (10-23-2012 FB post), a partial quote….“Too, many cowardly, charmin soft, henlike men; and too many butch, loudmouth, Jezebel women coming to their defense.

You can have it. This is YOUR black church.”

I followed with a comment……

That is so on…..Charmin soft…. Mr. Whiffle kind of people are Ahab. Make no mistake about it. And Jezi….they are out there by the thousands, seeking “empowerment.”

Another form of witchcraft that they call “anointing.”

Pastor DL Foster followed with this post on FB……

DL Foster
“Sorry, Im no longer a part of the institutionalized system of man-controlled ponzi organizations called the black church. Since God has left, I felt it expeditiously prudent that I depart as well. As Minister William Walton said,” You can have YOUR black church”

I posted, at length these posts on FB prior to Minister William Walton on 10/22/2012…

Get ready! Get ready! Get Ready!

More friends will have to be dropped before and after November 6.

More will become friends of God and give sin and the devil eviction notices and pink slips.

More devils attached to your friends will be detached from your life as they get mad about your full and complete devotion and unadulterated commitment to God, for “where the Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty.”Sometimes, you are only as free as the company you keep.

It doesn’t mean you be mean and hate them. You love them as God does, but you love God more. You must be too in love with God to join in the sin of others in total defiance and deliberate action against the holy God than to keep company with those that hate God without a cause.
“Let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily beset us and let us run the race that is set before us.
“If your friends have weights and sins, the decision to let them go must be made according to Matthew 10:34-39, 1 John 4:1-5, James 4:4.Otherwise, as you are running, you will slow down because you’re carrying dead weight or sin, or both.”
Then this….
“Wanna confirm something. The coming Christian Conferences and Seminars in 2013 and such will not talk or live holy, address the true reason behind the current perilous course of the church and America (judgment), and will just talk about how “blessed” and “anointed” they are? And some of y’all are going to sit under that and think that you are so in the glory.
Over the weekend, we came across Malachi 2. God has cursed the blessing.
I will add Jeremiah 2:13. The water represents the anointing.

Water spilling out all over the place because the vessel has holes in his or her life. Instead of being holy, we are broken cisterns that con hold no water. The water spilling out all over the place because there is no personal relationship with the Lord of the fountain of living waters.

God fill me. Water is poured. And you leave empty because you are not whole.”

Then this……

“From the Bible. How to spot a Jezebel? They never submit to male leadership, they search for weak willed, barely can think for themselves, disgruntled women to manipulate, coerce, and deceive them join her ranks, Jezebels are spiritually and mentally domineering, they know enough Word to mix it with their opinion to sound like it is God, they are condescending of strong male leadership, and they will assassinate them on sight with strong Words, they act almost like on the level of militant, domineering “beards” lesbians, and they despise and defy the pastor’s wife.”

Then this…….

“Watch them FB Jezebels too. They are ever so slick. Hard to detect them but you can see domineering signs and signals. Don’t be like Ahab, a weak male, emotional sissy, that can think for himself. Ahab is a sucker and will never muster courage to put a wife that usurp male authority. Usurping male authority of a husband for empowerment purposes and not to help a husband fulfill the will of God, in balance of a relationship, is a clear sign of domineering.

And when they are loud and boisterous, that’s a clear sign of a headstrong woman. A strong woman in a husband’s life never seek to dominate but her strength is as Peter said, of the inner heart. She is confident, yet, knows when, how, and what to say to godly influence her husband. She never chases her husband to the rooftop. And she never dishonors God by entertaining demonic thoughts to use her sexuality in provocative ways to get what she wants.”

Finally, today, I posted this as a comment…..

It’s time to expose the common themes of “empowerment, anointing, purpose, and blessing.” These common themes is what attracts the wrong crowd to places where nothing is really happening. Nothing but sin and detachment from God. In another post, Pastor DL and I were taken aback by Malachi 2. This is why we are so impotent and the devil has gotten us comfortable in just the emotions where there is no real definite power of God to change the heart.

What’s so interesting is the when you deal with just the emotional feeling and translate that into empowerment and then call it the anointing, the results are always the same…No real manifestation of the presence of God for lasting change into the character of Christ is evident.

The emotional rational thinking that by shouting and jumping, and tears, and all is not an indication of the move of God.

The character of man is challenged by the Holy Spirit in the Word to alter something that once resisted God. When you can cry it can mask the unwillingness that follows afterwards. 

When you do something different than you did before and not go backwards, that’s true change. When you hold yourself from falling into sin, that’s supernatural. When you yield to sin after receiving an “anointing” that’s demonic empowerment to abuse 1 John 1:9. 

Real change takes place when you truly hate sin. And that means hate it for the rest of your life.

Pastor DL Foster came out with another powerful post…..

“I’d like to rename the PUSH (pray until something happens) acronym to PUSH Preach Until Sinners Hear.”

Then Pastor DL followed with this comment….

“I believe if we reintroduce preaching with power (not prosthetics) and aim it at sinners (instead of trying to get them to live their best life now while they are still in danger of hellfire) we will see a dethronement of jezzybelle in the church.”

These posts were a result of one man of God that had enough of watching something that is common in african American churches. A weak male pastor and a headstrong Jezebel.

All across the nation, the Lord is speaking into the church to look at the chaos and bring order. Everything comes out of order first. But when the devil did what he did, he brought chaos.

I’ve already gone through a long discourse on Jezebel and there is no need to rehash what the spirit of Jezebel is intending to do. However, I will say this that there is an alert that this spirit is not making a resurgence. This spirit is in the house. Many churches are in chaos because male leadership is not in place and in proper order in the house of the Lord.

The spirit of Jezebel is always looking for weak male leadership. And in some cases, the male pastor’s wife may exhibit signs of a Jezebel if you are not careful. Not all male and female pastor teams are like this but there is no doubt in my mind that the connection to the latest “empowerment” messages is at the root of these issues in the church.

For years, I wondered so much about female church leadership and the Lord brought to my attention that there is order. Divine Order.

I said…”God is about to deal with me and this is not going to be comfortable.”

When ever God desires order in the house, it begins with what He established first. Never mind everything else. God is God of order. If there is no order, there is chaos. Even chaos looks controlled but it always ends up in destruction.

When God sets thing in order, it is for a reason. When things are out of order, no one will think straight.

Jezebel is not about order but disorder, confusion, and disruption of the power and purpose of God. If we do not come back to order, we will see nothing but chaos in the church and we are already on fumes.

With the “empowerment” messages, go to Gay Christian Movement Watch and look for articles about Dr. Juanita Bynum. All these empowerment, self help, self improvement messages are from the devil and not God. When there is a connection to sexual immorality and make no mistake about it, it is clear that the church is under the spell of sorcery and witchcraft because the church is out of order and in chaos.

Just as there must be order in the divine Godhead, man and woman must be brought under divine order in His house.

These catchy words is what is driving people crazy to go to these places and to be empowered for what?

“Anointing!” FOR WHAT?

“Blessing!” FOR WHAT?

“Favor!” FOR WHAT?

“Purpose!” FOR WHAT?

“Empowerment!” FOR WHAT?

You are not going to get a crowd when you talk about sin.

You never intended to do what was prophesied over you to begin with.

You just playing and you know it.

And then the emotional boogaloo.

Fast paced out of control dancing called “Getting the Holy Ghost.”

All this emotion and no real change in the heart. Nothing takes place where it matters the most.

The judgment of God is in the church and we got time for foolishness? The Word of the Lord is already out against the Jezebels and Ahab in church leadership. Revelation chapters 2 and 3. The Word of the Lord is against these empowerment, feel good mess. They may be having a good time but it will be their last time. Many that have blogged about these emotional escapades have been warning about this for quite some time.

The manifestation of judgment was held off because God is merciful.

This is getting to the crunch time of the end time and the real church is emerging. There is no time to be playing games. You are either for real for God or you are an enemy. The time has come to awaken out of sleep since the days of John the Baptist. The ark is about to close and the impotent church must cry aloud and spare not.

We must weep over our sins and desire God like never before. We must “Preach Until Sinners Hear.”

We must crawl on our knees to God and begin to seek Him in earnest. We must trim our lamps. We must gird our waists and stop wasting time. We must look at the hour glass and see that there is only but a few grains left before they fall. For once the hour glass empties, the trumpet will sound. And the earth will see the judgment of God.

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