Whoredom In A Baptist Church; The Homosexualization Of Denominations And Non Denominational Churches

How soon we forget Dr. Zachary Tims’ fate with adultery with a stripper and unconfirmed drug use that may have significantly contributed to his untimely death.

Then when you read this, an HIV/AIDS infected pastor infecting several women in his church with the virus, in a Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA, (correction- Craig Lamar Davis, the HIV/AIDS infected elder, is an elder of another denomination other than the Full Gospel Baptist Church founded by Bishop Paul S. Morton).

But here is the twist of twists.

The executive assistant of Bishop Paul S. Morton is the wife of Craig Lamar Davis.

Nonetheless, it is OUTRAGEOUS!

Many will just place the blame on the infected pastor…

Thanks to Sister Felicia Tatum, she shared this link and you can read about it here…..


…but when you examine this a little closer, you will see that this MARRIED MAN, smoothed talked these women into bed.

Fortunately, a woman that was sadly infected by Mr. I. B. Stupid reported it to the police and he was arrested. But too little, too late. Judgment fell for these women.

An automatic death sentence was imposed upon these women based on Psalm 107:17…

“Fools, because of their transgressions, and because of their iniquities, were afflicted.”

There are two sides to every story but this is one story that has whoredom written all over this.

This house of God became a house of whoredom.

Psalm 93:5 says….

“Your testimonies are very sure; holiness adorns Your house, O Lord, forever.”

In this case, unholiness dressed their house.

Again, it’s not the results that make this thing a serious issue.

Go all the way back to Secret Sexual Sins.

Now with HIV/AIDS, there is the possibility that this sinning preacher was allegedly bisexual, there isn’t any thing conclusive but we will know as the facts become available.

More confirmation about his past sexual life needs to be revealed but there is no question in my mind about the possibility of porn and masturbation. Sexual addition issues of a level one sex addict are not that hard to determine.

This is a commission of a crime and it is no different than raping them and then killing them.

But there is a difference.

These women knowingly consented to have sex with a married man.

They didn’t know that he was infected but all they had to do was ask and even if he said no, they had no business with a married man. This underscores their relationship with the Lord that their relationship with God was not as serious as it should have been.

See how easy it is to turn away from the Lord?

Just read Numbers chapters 19 through 25 and you will see a striking resemblance between Israel and the church today.

Physical adultery is indicative of spiritual adultery. When you are willing to sin, you have decided to put aside your relationship with the Lord for a romp in bed with a married man. And sadly, more women, right now, are doing the same thing.

Being taken advantaged of and or putting aside their relationship with the Lord to have sex.

He took it to a depraved level where he had no care for his victims. They were the object of his sexual prowess. And the women paid for it. Now the fate of these women are sealed unless the healing power of God manifests.

Women that make themselves sexually available outside of the institution of marriage, must take responsibility as well. Then again, if their sole objective is just to get off, then they are sexual immoral women in the house of the Lord.

Hence, whoredom in the house of God.

And we wonder why LGBT has an ill-legitimate argument to legitimize the sin of homosexuality.

We know that there are many incidences like this. Only this got reported. Do not think for one minute that there aren’t any more. If God were to uncover the reality of what is happening in His church, the abominations that occur every week, we would cringe.

For the most part, this is business as usual and the church will just shrug its shoulders and keep sin alive in the house. Meaning that it’s no big deal. It happens all the time. And we need to keep it moving.

All the while, the church is now a house of whores, pimps, prostitutes, preacher predators, and full blown perversion which makes homosexualization of denominations, and non denominations the premier move of devils in the 21st Century.

In this age where many men are not available for marriage, the offer of cheap sex is the option most explored. In other words, getting off (sex-orgasm) without marriage.

The sin of self sex gets old for most people and the excitement of hooking up sexually transcends the hopeless cycle of sexual addiction.

Proverbs speaks of the sexually immoral woman and in the church, the persuasive pull of a charismatic, good looking pastor may be too irresistible to turn down. In one blog, one woman went to bed in hopes of marrying a married man. How dumb and stupid. I know that this is callous but in days gone by, messing with a married man was definitely off limits.

Women back then would do it but not at the pace of today.

In another blog, one women remained sex free for 15 years and then gave in to his advances.

It is easy to pursue the course of burning in the flesh. It goes with saying that depending on the size of the local church, women love to talk and when something of this magnitude is not revealed until someone gets either infected or pregnant, it only underscores the fact that MOAB is in the church.

Sexual immorality is the Mother Of All Battles.

So, the sexual immoral church is leading the way towards the culmination of the end times.

But thank God Ephesians 5:26-27 must happen.

Ready or not, the church will be washed. Those that want to be clean will be clean. Those that want to be holy will be holy. That want to be sanctified will be sanctified. Those that want to be consecrated and dedicated will be consecrated and dedicated.

Those that love the Lord will put aside the spotted garment and wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb.

These are the last days and not everyone will be ready.

But those that will be ready will turn out white on the day of His appearing.

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