LGBT: Homosexuality and Civil Rights. What A LIE!

In another area of the blog world, we see that satan’s lies and deception is evident. It’s one thing to fool black people but when you begin to see the vicious lies believed by other races, it takes a shape of it’s own. Not only are African Americans duped into this contorted lie but all the other races of the world, in particular White America.

This conversation was in response to the chaplains in the Navy that deserve the right to stand against same sex marriages and homosexuality without repercussions from top side.

Here is a conversation that I had and yes, I was just as shocked.

Fred C. Rochester

Homosexual sin is an abomination by God according to Leviticus 18:22. Discrimination is about race. As an African American, I am outraged that Civil Rights incorporated homosexuality. Put my skin on for one second and you will know what discrimination is all about. Chaplains should not be pressured to violate the Word of God to sanction or perform same sex marriages. It’s that simple.


Jim Mercurio: (Happens to be Caucasian)

Regardless of what you believe, others have a right to believe differently. It’s that simple. And discrimination is NOT only about race. Have you ever read the Civil Rights Act of 1964? It banned discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin. This falls under that “religion” piece. I do not dispute that you face discrimination based on your race, but please don’t tell me that I do not face it on the basis of my sexual orientation. I do not wish to pressure or force chaplains to act contrary to their beliefs; but I am strongly opposed to prohibiting chaplains who wish to perform same-sex marriages from being able to act according to their beliefs.


Jim Mercurio, sexual orientation is about sins. It’s a great cover phrase to disguise homosexual sins. Straight sex is authorized for male and female after solomnization is God’s best and only plan for marriage as recorded in Genesis 2:21-25.

Homosexuals would love to legitimize sin through the precedence of heterosexual marriage. But because same sex is incompatible sex, a lot of cover stories are used to soften the blow of homosexual sins.

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with Civil Rights. More lives were lost over Civil Rights from the time the slave ships arrived on the shores of western Africa than for homosexual rights.

To mingle the issue of sexual sins and emancipation from slavery is an outrage. And as an African American, I strongly condemn any mitigation of homosexuality by using African Americans.

When 50% of HIV/AIDS cases are African Americans what is that telling us? When in homosexual circles, African Americans are still sitting at the back of the bus, what is this telling us? By saying this statement, I am not condoning any attempts by LGBT to put African American homosexuals to the front of the bus of sin.

Homosexuality is a clear hijacking of the original intent of Civil Rights. Homosexuality is another demonic slave institution for all of man because it is sin.

My ancestors came over in chains against their will. Some of them arrived on the shores of Jamestown and other well known locations. On my father’s side, from Jamaica under British colonial rule.

It is ridiculous and ludicrous to even equate sex with race rights.

To attempt to impose your rights to sin while at the same time hijack the Civil Rights of 1964, and to attempt to use terms such as bigotry, discrimination, and other racial definitions is…very crafty, deft, and deceiving but we see clearly the demonic intent.

When there is a clear blatant defiance of God and His Word, now it’s on another level. Jesus died for sin so we could be free.

As a preacher of the Word of God, when I see where sinners are going, it is my job to warn people of the impending judgment should they insist on the life of sin.

If people reject the call to repentance, my job, and the job of my senior colleagues, is to reveal the lies and deception of darkness by the Word of God in hopes that others would begin to see that what they are doing is against the will, design, plan, and purpose of God.

You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.

And when the world wants the church to be silent, because of the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, I cannot be silent.

Knowing that there are those in sin, I, by the grace of God, desire to reach for them to pull them out.

When people push God’s hand away by insisting on their right to homosexual sin or any sins for that matter, there is nothing that I or God could do except pray and reveal the dark secrets and lies and expose them for what it is.


There is no escape if we neglect so great a salvation. We do what we do because we know the end time judgment is upon us.


Sin must be exposed, must be repented of, and never condoned.

Forgiveness is extended to all that seek the Lord because God loves you and He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

We are all going to die. Whether you die in or outside of Christ is up to you. Hebrews 9:27 says, “It is appointed to men to die once, after this the judgment. Are you prepared to stand before the Lord? And what will your response be?

You have every right to reject what I shared but the price is too great for me not to say nothing at all.

African Americans, you must not let this lie go unchallenged.

The truth is that LGBT is using us as their means of acquiring same sex rights and if this lie goes unchallenged, then we lose again.

That’s why the Word of God must be preached that homosexual sin is an abomination. That’s what God said and there is nothing that the world could do about it, except repent and receive His everlasting forgiveness.

The choice is up to you.

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