Secret Sexual Sins: Becoming An SWO – Special Warfare Operator

If you look very closely at the ministry of Jesus, it doesn’t look like the kind of conflict that modern day “prayer warriors” purport. Do not misunderstand me, there is spiritual warfare but we are engaging in one theater and leaving the other theater wide open and defenseless.

We have no idea of what the Lord Jesus specifically prayed when He went to the mountains to pray. The Lord’s Prayer and Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer is about as close as we will get to seeing what the prayer life of the Lord Jesus was.

When Jesus was praying for Peter, we see that the Lord Himself interceded on Peter’s behalf that his faith would fail not, and that when he is converted, he is to strengthen his brothers.

There is no question that a wide range of praying must be employed for God to move in the behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to Him. There is no question that demons are assigned to disrupt, interrupt, and stop the plan of God from being executed in the earth. There is no question that as long as saints do not pray, the forces of darkness take advantage of our prayerlessness and execute their plan to steal, kill, and destroy man.

There is no question that the devil and his kingdom is organized and will not let up until we are dead.

In listening to a powerful man of God, Elder Raymond King, of Securing Hope Ministry, the homosexual community, in the 1990’s, stated in a book that they will wait out the deaths of prominent moral Christian leaders to execute their agenda.

So far, it is happening like clock work.

As prominent moral Christian leaders have left the scene, we are seeing a serious vacuum of moral leaders. Instead, we are seeing a high volume of assassinations of high profile Christian leaders, predominantly because of Secret Sexual Sins and we are seeing rogue leaders assume positions to replace them as immoral leaders of our times.

We are under attack in the plains of MOAB, and we refuse to acknowledge it.

You are watching leaders die on the battlefield faster than at any time. One by one, because of a lack of self discipline and recognizing the plan and devices of the devil, this plan has taken out many leaders and the saints become casualties as well.

More than ever, we have more casualties and we are watching saints fall, left and right.

I’ve never experienced the experience of combat on the battlefield or while at sea in the natural. Having served in the Navy for four years, I was blessed not to go into harm’s way. Years ago, an admiral said that if you are going to be a world power, you must project sea power. The concept is simply called “global reach.”

If you cannot reach your enemy before they reach you, you will be destroyed.

Global reach is a combination of shore assets in strategic “kick off” locations or ships deployed at sea on a rotation basis so as to keep your presence within striking range to engage in politics by force without using land assets until it’s necessary.

No person that has ever served and have seen the carnage of casualties desire individuals to engage in politics by force. The loss of life is expensive.

War is simply the use of force to compel your enemy to submit to your will.

Very few believers in the spirit realm realize that we are constantly engaged in a battle.

It is called the battle of wills.

Another way of putting it is that it is a test of wills.

When the fallen adversary called Lucifer decided to engage in “politics by force,” heaven experienced sin, treason, betrayal, and assault.

God and His throne was the target objective.

As with most military conflict, you need, in some cases, stealth or the “element of surprise”, superior numbers, and the will to see the conflict through to victory. You also need logistics or resources before, during, and after the conflict. At the conclusion of the assault and conflict, you need to set up your kingdom and begin to rule.

Most motives for war is about the need to rule a vast kingdom and getting subjects to submit to your will. If they refuse, they are declared rebels and must be removed by containment or execution. That last thing that you need is to be overthrown.

To keep your subjects in control, an array of psychological tools are used however, these tools express the two objectives mentioned above.

Containment or execution.

To get to the throne of God, the devil had to get passed the angels that remained loyal to the Lord. The devil never made it to the throne. In essence, the revolt wasn’t a success because the objective wasn’t achieved.

All you have to do is read Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:12-19, and Revelation 12:4, 7-9, and you will see exactly what the Bible is saying.

The earth has been the battleground and death is everywhere because the devil still has a twofold objective. The removal of God from His throne and the containment or execution of God’s creation. After being thrown out of heaven, the first objective will never be achieved.

However, the containment and execution part of the devil’s plan is being carried out with precision.

But thank God that the Lord is never caught off guard. The Lord always causes us to triumph through Christ. No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

The Lord is not looking to raise up individuals to become national leaders.

That day is over.

He is now using SWO or Special Warfare Operators in the church on an unclassified mission.



To confront the sins of our times in the church, we must be non condemning but brutally honest about the activities in the church and in our own lives. The objective is not to condemn the individual but to condemn the seducing spirit and doctrine of demons that presently is going unchecked in the church.

This mission is dangerous because you have to be prepared to put your life on the table.

That means talking about your Secret Sexual Sins. If any sins are present, you must repent and have your sins washed by the blood of Jesus. If you are not prepared to put your sins on the table, you are disqualified from this unit. You will not make it if you cannot Come Clean and Stay Clean.

This is a high intensity conflict that will project power in places where people are hurting and desire to be free. This conflict is not about building a reputation. This is as serious as it gets. If you are not willing to expose your life and your sins to free others, you are not qualified to serve. If you are not willing to accept the truth of the Scriptures and receive truth in the hidden parts of your life, you are not qualified to serve.

If you cannot live holy, sanctified, righteous lives with the help of the grace of God, you are not qualified to serve. If you are not on your face to serve the Lord in prayer and ministry of the Word in this area, you are not qualified to serve.

If your loyalty to the Lord is questionable, you are not qualified to serve.

Where do you sign up?

You already did when you made Jesus Lord and Savior of your life!

Now it’s time to get you up to speed.

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Welcome Aboard!

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