When You And Your Sins Are Called Out

It’s the worst feeling in the world to think that you can get away with Secret Sexual Sins. 

It’s sad to think that we take His love, grace, and mercy for granted.

As I was reading the story of David’s sins, I can feel what he went through. Crossing the line. Thinking that there is no way possible that his sins would get called out or that he would get caught. When it comes to planning out sin, the one thing that we ignore is the fact that the God of heaven sees it all.

Psalm 139:7-12, A Psalm of David, says

“Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. If I take the wings of the morning, And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, Even there Your hand shall lead me, And Your right hand shall hold me. If I say, “Surely the darkness shall fall on me,” Even the night shall be light about me; Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You, But the night shines as the day; The darkness and the light are both alike to You.”

Go figure.


The same ruddy little shepherd boy that killed a bear and a lion to save the sheep.


The same snot nosed kid that went over by the brook to get five smooth stones to kill Goliath.


The same bold man of God that took Goliath’s sword and cut the head of Goliath clean off.


The same psalmist that wrote “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

It’s sad that he couldn’t say, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want….Bathsheba.”


The biological and generational bridge to bring in the Son of God. As a note, if Ruth, the Moabitess, a descendant of Lot’s oldest daughter by incest, after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, when Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt. If Ruth had gone her own way, she would not have met Boaz.

You just cannot make this redemption stuff up.

While the kings went to battle, David stayed behind. When you read the story, if you are reading it from the mind of a woman, (please do not be offended) it is time for you to understand the mind of a man.

According to 2 Samuel 11, David conveniently stayed home because he knew that a peep show was about to happen. With being a “peeping Tom,” it is just another peep/porn show on 42 Street.

What amazes me the most is that David had a bird’s eye view. Furthermore, as you read the various commentaries about this story, women would bathe in the open at three in the afternoon. This was not unusual if you read the various commentaries.

One commentary suggests that these roof top bathing places where everywhere. This means that David had a variety of watching posts. It also leads me to believe that some of the women caught on to what the what men were doing and exercised some discretion. Then again, some women may not have exercised discretion.

David took a nap and woke up just in time to see Bathsheba bathing?

How convenient the timing. In the mind of a man, when a beautiful woman walks this way everyday, you are going to make sure that you are there at precisely the right time to catch the show. If you are aware of the custom, it is not a big deal to walk out at anytime and have your pick at what you want to see. Except for David, he knew this was going to happen.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Ladies do not be offended, but when you want the attention of a man, you will wear something to help a man to remember you. This is not true for all women. A vast percentage of holy, sanctified women will not do this.

A very small percentage will.

I’ve seen it in the small local church my wife and I pastor.

They come in with cleavage.

I told my wife about this and said to her, you need to tell her about this because it is a distraction. Without any hesitation on my wife’s part, an end was put to it.

Sadly, immoral women do make it difficult for preachers. At the same time, immoral pastors make it difficult on themselves when they choose not to ignore or keep their mind on God. Women, whether they come with immoral intents or not, they cannot be blamed all the time unless they come dressed that way on purpose.

Some women will take offense when a pastor tells women how to dress. It is a form of bondage. However, my wife has a right to tell any women to adjust the way they dress because she knows that the game is on.

Sadly, the immoral women believe that they are in competition for a married wife’s husband when there is no competition. You can’t compete for something that is already another person’s possession. There is only pain and misery after you “win the competition.”

What makes the immoral women think that he is going to stay? If he cheated on his wife, what makes you think that he won’t cheat on you?

For Jezebels, after the promise of power comes, and the people walk out on the cheating pastor, the conquest for power dissipates because there is no one in their right mind that would want to stay to be controlled under Jezebel’s controlling, manipulative ways.

Or, the Lord brings judgment on Jezebel and or the man of Gawd that she stole and all the plans of “ministerial conquest” is thrown into the wind.

When my brother’s and I were laying our father to rest, I was invited to a Sunday church service by a married elder. After the service concluded, we walked outside and greeted the people. All of a sudden, a young lady in a low cleavage dark blue flirty dress in white high heels came across the street.

Out of the corner of my eye, I knew the intent and I turned away so as not to make eye contact.

Sometimes, you have to know when trouble is coming. Not that she was trouble, but with my eyes and my mind, I cannot afford trouble. A man could burn that image forever for later. If you know what I mean. My wife didn’t accompany with me for the trip so the sight discipline had to be maintained.

Any way, she walked up to this married elder that invited me. It wasn’t one of these conversations that seemed “regular.”

There was no question in my mind that he knew her very well, if you know what I mean.

Not that they had “connections” but you never know. In observation with the interaction with his wife (she wasn’t at church), it wasn’t warm, if you know what I mean. But as with all personal observations, I could be wrong. Unlike most pastors, I want to be wrong about this.

Men are to be blamed as well for objectifying women.

Some will say, that I, as a pastor, have no business even mentioning it.

On the contrary, if I do not believe it is a problem, immoral women will believe that it’s not a problem. Even when my wife is with me, you’d be surprised at what single and married women are willing to do.

As I was recovering from the affects of porn, I read material about how men are not paying attention to overt and covert actions of women.

Male pastors do not see it coming.

And it is true.

This is the reason why a male pastor must understand that the enemy is always looking for an opportunity. No matter how innocent the handshake, hug, friendly greeting kiss, or small talk may appear, both women and men will entertain warped perceptions that lead to dangerous moments.


That’s what this is all about.

Women look for connections that make them feel affirmed as women. But not just any ol’ connection.

As one person said, “The anointing could make a bum look good.” 

Men just look for sex for connection and move on. That’s why the character and nature of Christ in all of us is paramount. More importantly, our relationship with the Lord is crucial because the Lord created us for His pleasure, not our own. To sin against God only reveals that we have cheapened our relationship with the Lord.

Unsuspecting to male pastors, after preaching, they are vulnerable. When you are in the strength of the anointing and grace of God, you are covered in His power. However, when you expend a lot of physical and mental energy in delivering the Word of God, after you are done, you are wide open for attacks.

This is the enemy’s chance to plant things in your mind because you are not expecting it, for one, and two, the enemy knows that if he could get you, this is the moment.

This is traced back to the time when Jesus was driven into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil (see Luke 4:1-2). At the end of the forty days, the devil waited until Jesus was at His weakest to get Jesus with the best temptations possible.

The ploy is the same everywhere for every preacher.

When you are at your most weakest state, the temptation will be satan’s best.

I was reading Dr. Betty Price’s book on “A Warning To Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses.”

Women would come to church and wear the most provocative things. They are bold and they will sit on the front row or close just to get noticed. I believe that some of these women stopped believing God for their own man to marry and go after accomplished married pastors.

In any era, it’s obvious. More than ever, we are seeing many pastor fall. We are also seeing many of these immoral women admit, after the fact, that they’ve made a mistake. It’s one mistake too late.

David took advantage of a custom. There is no question about the intent on David’s part. He knew that he would get to see what he wanted to see. His lack of discipline put him in the position to sin. He wasn’t where he was supposed to be. As with many men, they are out of position with their heart and spirit in their personal walk with the Lord.

Before any sins are committed a person must commit to sever their personal relationship with the Lord in order to commit sin. Because if you are connected to the light, in order to see, you must commit to keep the light on. The moment that you decide that you want to sin, you must disconnect from the Power.

David disconnected himself from the Lord.

When you are reading 2 Samuel 11, we must remember that this is not a real time event. This was brewing for months. There is no question in my mind that David saw Bathsheba before both in and out of clothing.

The Secret Sexual Sins in David’s heart was brewing.

It’s the same with all men. When you have someone in your mind that you want to have in bed, when you are enraged with their beauty, you will not quit until you have her. With self sex, it is not enough. You will take it to the next level.

When you read 2 Samuel 13 about Amnon being sick with lust for his sister, Tamar, now you can understand to what depths a man is willing to risk to have a woman. Amnon was willing to cross all the lines to commit Secret Sexual Sins with his own sister.

Perversion will take you into places where you thought you wouldn’t go. Or, perversion will take you into places where you planned all along to go.

Finally, after David had Bathsheba, she conceived. It probably took a missed cycle or two to figure out that she was pregnant. David had to cover his sin.

David thought that if he could get Uriah, his loyal subordinate commander, to have sex with his wife, the birth would somehow be covered. But Uriah’s loyalty kept him from his wife. Even after David got him drunk the second night, he thought that Uriah would finally see his wife. When that failed, David said in his mind and heart, “He must die.”

Uriah was killed, Bathsheba mourned for her husband, and David took her into his house.

It was then that the Lord was displeased.

Well, the Lord recorded this way because the Lord wants us to understand that sin is sin and during those months that David carefully planned this, at anytime, David could have said, “Wait! How could I do this?” 

The power and strength of lust will cause anyone to suppress righteousness, justice, holiness, and disrespect God. The power and strength of lust, when yielded to, will drive a man from His relationship with the Lord, his wife, and throw away everything the Lord ever gave them.

Lust in the heart will destroy a man, his marriage, and his family.

In the days ahead, when we are quick to walk away from the fear of God, it will not bode well for lust driven pastors and believers on judgment day. The many lives that are destroyed because of lust in the heart is not the thing that we want to bring before the Lord when we stand before Him.

I cannot say that stuff is going to be exposed like David. Exposure has happened in many places, but today, there is no fear of God before their eyes. Pastors and believers are no longer afraid that they will be exposed. Like Cozbi and Zimri, Hophni and Phinehas, the fear of the Lord is nothing to many pastors and believers.

Years ago, the late Benson Idahosa, a bishop and an apostle in Nigeria was retiring to his hotel room. He and his entourage opened the door and smelled smoke. A known prostitute was hiding in the closet of the hotel room as a plant to entrap the Bishop in a sex scandal.

She cried out that she was burning and was burned with the fire of the Lord.

This is a powerful example of why it is important to keep yourself pure because God will protect a holy man of God with the holy fire of God for the times we are living in.

Secret Sexual Sins is open field running. It’s like the people in the Body of Christ are “streaking” before the throne of God. If you do not know what streaking is, it is running the streets in the buff.

When your sins are called out like David’s was, it’s because the Lord had no choice but to expose and uncover the cover up.

May we cry out for mercy because more pastors are going to come out of the closet. More pastors will yield to Secret Sexual Sins. More female pastors will disclose their “sexual preference and orientations.” High profile pastors that we see on TV will reveal who they really are. And because we are accustomed to the perverseness of the day, it will mean nothing to us.

Just remember, the remnant that hasn’t bowed their knee to Baal is out there, but thank God that someone is interceding and praying on earth to the Father in the name of Jesus.

Let’s cry out to the Lord, for the hour that is dark upon us. These are dark days, but the church will rise and be seen as the true church. The believers will rise and pray, and declare the Lordship of Jesus.

Not in word but in spirit and truth.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

Author: The Minister's Crucible

The Minister's Crucible is designed to inform the Body of Christ about the inner workings of the ministry. The word Crucible from Latin, is "crux" where we get the word "cross" from. It also means a "metal container" where metals and other substances are melted or are subjected to higher temperatures, put to the temperature test. The Lord Jesus said "If any man desires to follow after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me." Let's take up our cross and follow Him.

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