The Tims Toxicology Report: Family Seeks Court Seal

According to CharismaNews, the family of the late Dr. Zachary Tims is seeking a court order to seal the results of the toxicological report. It is important to understand that this is not “unusual” according to a Jan Garavaglia, chief medical examiner in Florida.

As in the Eddie Long case not long ago, he used a tactic to seal the details of his case by settling out of court. The kids that were alleged to have been sexually assaulted will write a book detailing what took place. Eddie Long is looking to get a repayment of 1 million dollars if they do.

The drama continues and the church is faced with another embarrassing episode of the “train wreck” in Georgia.

In both cases, it appears that image protection is more important than the truth. However, we must also conclude that in America, the laws and options that are available are being used to cover many sins. There is no dispute about that.

Then again, perhaps there is nothing to protect.

It leaves many to believe that something is going on and we do not need to know every detail.

Where does this leave inquiring minds?

It leaves us in the realm of speculation.

It leads us to speculate a conclusion that perhaps, reputation is more important to cover than to expose sin. Chemical dependence is a sin but it also reveals that a person is attempting to “escape” reality and or use drugs, alcohol, or sex as “medicinal properties” to heal deep seated wounds that only God could heal.

It leads us to believe, based on preponderance (more likely than not), that the “white powered substance” was a controlled substance that significantly contributed to the cause of death. Without the confirmation of the report, it leaves only speculation.

In other words, we will continue to guess until it is released.

There are many in the Body of Christ that do not agree with releasing the report because if you release the report, exposing the sins of a leader only underscores one fact.

There are many sins in the Body that people would like to keep covered.

That’s why Ephesians 5:8-14 is there. Not to expose for exposure’s sake but to help people recover themselves from the snare of the enemy according to James 5:19-20.

It leads us to conclude that when the next scandal hits your town, your church, and pastor, you will exercise the one option that work so well over the years.

The cover option to save an image and keep the people guessing. Seal it forever or keep it sealed until the year 2100 so that every person that may know something about it is dead.

Why are we afraid to let the truth out?

Why are we so afraid to let the people know what happened?


None of your business is the rule.

Nothing wrong with that.

I can understand that but sooner or later, we will see or read about another pastor and the similarities will arise. We will compare it to the last incident and come to the same conclusions.

Pastoral addiction is real in the church. We are doing something to escape, make us feel good, or heal deep seated wounds that only God could heal.

Why didn’t they share the video feed of Pastor Tims home going service, yet 5000 people were there to mourn him? Why pull the YouTube of certain segments of his home going service? I believe that a family has a right to mourn privately and not make a spectacle of things.

But when it comes to the facts surrounding the sudden death of a well known pastor, is the church this secretive?

Is it a matter of national security to protect certain people that may be involved in covert operations that would put a relational strain on foreign governments and undermine political agendas?

Are we turning into the way the Soviet Union hide information about its leaders until there is no way to contain what truly happened?

Are we afraid that people in NDCC would walk away? Because when people walk, money goes with them.

It doesn’t appear that an exodus took place. In fact, it appears that they are more stable than many would believe to be. Time will tell, but for now, it appears that they are holding up as best as possible under the circumstances, unless I am wrong.

Many will say that we do not understand. This is our pastor and church, and this is the way we have chosen to deal with the situation. Please let us alone. However, by now, they know that this will not go away.


Unanswered questions.

Already, many in New Birth have walked away because of the failed standard of a church and preacher. While New Destiny is not experiencing a second wave of a scandal because the pastor died, it would have been devastating if they knew that their pastor had a drug problem while in the pulpit.

Or they did know. At least those closest to the pastor may or may not have known because they didn’t say anything.

It would be good if they would come out and tell us on the record that according to their knowledge, they’ve never seen their pastor under the influence. It would be good if they would state on the record, if they haven’t doesn’t so already, to state that Pastor Tims lived according to the Word of God.

If it is on the record, then we have the option to respect it or delve deeper until there is satisfaction.

Is this what they are trying to hide?

This is not gossip or hear say?

There are many pastors in America right now that preach in our pulpits that are drug, alcohol, and sex addicts. Molesters, rapists, and predators too. Adulterers, adulteresses, fornicators, thieves, liars. Yes, this is nothing new. It is the state of things in our churches today.

Pastors living double lives.

We will not have definitive proof that this is the case with Dr. Tims. We will only speculate until conclusive facts are willingly and unapologetically laid before us.

There is no doubt about Dr. Tims’ love for God and the people he loved to preach to and shepherd, however, the pressure of pushing may have pushed him away into eternity.

We are not talking about pushing drugs into his system, but pushing (the pressure to perform) to do ministry to obscure the pains of ministry within.

There are pastors that are living exemplary lives. They love the Lord with all their heart. They love their families and they love the people that they minister to every week. It’s not all bad out there but it must get better where it needs to get better. And our outspoken, prominent TV leaders need to lead by example and not go the route of covering up sin in the leadership.

Just stop it.

It doesn’t look good.

For once, be a man or a woman of honor and integrity.

You will be respected more by standing for the truth in courage than for avoiding the truth in fear of losing your reputation.

Notice the ministry of the Lord Jesus. Philippians chapter 2. and verse 7 says, “but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.” When you come looking not to make a reputation of yourself, that speaks volumes. There are too many ministers where their “reputation” precedes them. Unsavory reputations.

Don’t wait to be pressured to answer some very basic questions about what you really believe only to run back into your Pastor’s Study to repent for not standing for the truth.

Courage, not cowardice, is what we need from our prominent TV leaders.

See the movie Courageous and you will either change or live the status quo.

Leaders, prominent or not, are expected to live and uphold the standard of the Word of God.

We work for one person, the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He expects us to walk in integrity, live by example, and tell the truth regardless of how much it will hurt people (see John chapter 6 and Matthew chapter 23).

Do not misunderstand me. The family has every right to pursue every legal option to protect their image. We shouldn’t be upset at them or try to take it out on them during the time they are mourning. We should not be blogging out contempt of their decision.

We already know the past facts.

It is now time to learn from this and help the next pastor that is going down the same path. It is time to pray for our pastors that are under attack. We know that the devil has a long hit list.

Your pastor may be next.

Perhaps, you already know that your pastor is using drugs, is an alcoholic, or a sex addict. It’s time to deal with this situation head on and not be afraid of losing face. Our reputation before the world is not what we should worry about. Our relationship with Jesus and how we represent Him in truth is a paramount concern. How we go about helping our leaders avoid the sin traps of the devil is an equivalent concern.

Church, it’s time to uncover, expose, and recover so we can avoid the next scandal and death of a pastor.

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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