The Most Rebellious, Apostate Church of Our Times?

There is no question in my mind that the church as we once knew it doesn’t exist any more. There was a time where people would hear the correct, unadulterated teaching of the Word of God, and God’s people would lovingly apply what was contextually and correctly taught.

I had some hope.

I once believed that the best days of the church were ahead but that’s questionable. This is a covetous, rebellious, and sexual immoral church that makes the Corinthian church look like gold.

On the other side, men and women of God would teach people correctly how to love God and His Word. And the fear of God would be known. Nowadays, there is no fear of God before their eyes. They are quick to sin, and dare anyone to tell them about it.

In taking a deeper look at the economic conditions of the United States, I see that the church and the world is equally affected. The answer is clear, almost everyone is in sin except those that truly love God enough to stay free from covetousness, rebellion, and sexual immorality.

On both sides of the fence, pastors and people, have changed the rules according to Matthew 15:1-9. When a Word from God is brought to bear on people, they do not want to hear it. When there is a worldly word that they like, they eat it up.

Now we have parishioners with very little Bible experience telling seasoned pastors and teachers what they think the Bible is actually saying. They have not been called by God. They sound like they could preach or teach but God did not call them.

This is the most rebellious bunch of pastoral leadership and parishioners to ever walk the face of the earth.

And it is going to get worse.

We have a watered down, self help, motivational atmosphere in the church.

What’s more important to today’s modern day pastor is filling seats, not changing lives by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are more ashamed of Jesus than at any other time.

There is no one seeking after God like in the days of old. We are more mesmerized by the “stardom” of preachers than by the Person of Jesus. We have brought in a religion in a new cart. Very few prayer meetings could be called prayer meetings. Demons couldn’t be more unafraid.

We have people that are called certain titles but without Biblical unction to function. Some of them are preaching and getting grand offerings that would make Paul jealous. Paul literally begged for financial support and rarely got it. He had to sew tents to make a living. Not just for Himself but for his company of real apostles. The fourth chapter of Philippians was Paul’s only recorded expression of gratitude.

It was only a miracle that they were able to go on four missionary trips. They were under Roman rule and still got the job done.

What is our excuse?

The “apostles” of today are more title than function.

Soul winning is a thing of the past. Plenty of Missionaries, but they are missing in action.

Some of the pastors of today are hirelings. They do not care for the sheep. On the other hand, sheep give shepherds a hard time.

Have you ever seen sheep run shepherds?

They bring “their gifts” to be used in the church and when they do not have it their way, they as Dr. Earl Johnson said, “…hold the church hostage!” They take over the church and take the church in a different direction.

Then they threaten to leave the church and take a bunch with them to start another church.

Let them go.

Do not be threatened by them. More people like them will be attracted to “their ministry of misery” so misery would have company.

Only a small percentage of believers know how to access the very throne of God correctly and get results.

Is your church one of them?

Our children rebel against parents because parents rebel against God. If you try to tell folk that they are in sin, they leave the church. If you try to correctly teach people how to handle their finances, they look at you cross eyed but they are the first ones to ask for prayer when they get an eviction notice.

Some believe that tithing is the law. Others believe that tithing is a matter of covenant. Many believe that we shouldn’t tithe at all.

On the extreme side, pastors teach tithes and offerings incorrectly and give believers, apart from solid, contextual teaching from the Scriptures, a reason not to tithe or give offerings, even to the degree of manipulating the Scriptures themselves to give a “spiritual” reason not to tithe.

And many of them will not be able to tell you where Abram got tithing from since tithing was first recorded in Genesis 14.

After all the good that God did for me, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Is anyone less of a servant if they do not tithe? NO!

Is anyone less of a servant if they tithe? NO!

If a person chooses not to tithe, it is their business between them and God.

If a person chooses to tithe, it is their business between them and God.

Neither side has the right to look down on the other.

Neither side should condemn the other.


They wonder how the bills of the church get paid. And they wonder why the doors of the church are closed. As far as Prevailing Word is concerned, the moment the Lord stops paying for the church, it’s time dissolve the ministry, and close its doors.

I will never beg the people for a dime to pay the bills of the church. The moment that account runs dry, as a good steward, it is time to close the doors because God never reneges on His bills. He will never be in debt to anyone. Neither should a pastor overburden the people.

When Jesus died, even though the earth is the Lord’s, God returned the tomb to its rightful owner. Which is proof that if God asks for it, when He is done, you get it back. What do you think happened to the donkey and the colt that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on? There is no Scriptural reference as to what happened to them. So we do not know.

I will never arm twist people to pay for something that God said He would provide for. I will never manipulate the Word to coerce people to pay tithes and offerings according to 2 Corinthians 4:1-2.

And wayward pastors should never embarrass people to give. Wayward pastors should never have five or six offerings in one service and then come back for the evening service and have five or six offerings. If you cannot pay your church bills by taking up one offering, you are not called!

If you go to any of these churches, the game is simple. Bring 25 cents for each offering.

Covetous pastors build more church than they could afford because of a stupid label.

“Build it and they will come.”

How soon we forget Matthew 16:18 and Psalm 127:1. And these Scriptures is talking about building people into the house of God for a holy habitation of God through the Spirit. There are churches on the continent of Africa that fervently worship God for hours in 100+ degree heat.

Both preachers and parishioners are having extra marital affairs, watching porn, masturbating, and are involved in bisexual relationships. Some of them love their animals more than a human being. That’s right. Bestiality.

50% of pastors struggle with porn. 49% of professed Christians struggle with porn.

Some churches have gay musicians, praise and worship singers, and gay praise dancers. Truly, the church is in a very rebellious, apostate state. When holy men and women of God would speak the contextual teachings of the Scriptures with clarity, anointing and understanding, it used to be respected.


There would be the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Not emotional performances. True life changing Holy Spirit conviction. When prostitutes and shack people can sit comfortably in your service, there is something, or more appropriately, Someone missing in the service.

It is a crying shame that when the correct teaching of the Word is ministered, people did their best to adjust their lives to please God when the teaching is correct. Now we have people that will fight pastors tooth and nail. They will resist God overtly.

We are not talking about questionable, non heaven or hell issues here. We are talking about real black ink on white paper issues in the Word of God.

Many so called preachers and believers are prepared to disagree with the correct teaching of the Scriptures because it puts more responsibility on them to live what the Lord said in His Word.

That’s why the economic conditions of our times are here to stay. We are not climbing out of this.

And if you so called prophets try to prophesy out of this mess that we are in, think again and read Jeremiah 28. Not that you would die, but the fact that you weren’t sent by the Lord. You cannot be in rebellion and ask God to deliver you.

Your prayers, according to Psalm 66:13, is annulled. Then these same people will say, “I disagree with you.” You have every right to disagree with a preacher.

But you sure enough do not have a right to disagree with God because you are told by His Word that if you regard iniquity in your heart, He will not hear you.

What part of that Scripture don’t you understand?

Get rid of the iniquity and the Lord will hear you.

Like the Jews during the times of Jesus.

“Why can’t you understand My speech?”

Now you are probably insulted, but have noticed that by your rebellion, you have insulted God?

From here on out the struggle in the church and the world will continue until righteousness runs like a mighty stream and justice prevail. Until God’s people and preachers get serious about God and the Word, the world will step up its persecution against Christians.

That’s right.

You will be forced to deny or admit you know the Savior, and be faithful to God.

And you better not deny the Savior because He will deny you if you deny Him.

At gun or knife point, you will be called out to renounce your Savior.

Will you stand up for Jesus?

You that are in sin, you think you are going to make the rapture.

Think again!

You won’t. You will see with your own eyes the disappearance of many.

Your day is coming where one will be taken and the other left.

You will crowd the churches just to hear the Word of God you mocked last week with your sinful living.

To get into heaven will cost you your head, provided you do not take the mark of the beast.

You preachers that are disobedient to the heavenly vision. The preachers will have to explain to the carnal saints left behind what happened.

You apostate preachers that crept into the church to deceive many, you will bear the brunt of your hypocrisy. Sealed for hell, you will bust hell wide open. A hole so wide that all who followed you will have no problem getting in. For broad is the way that leads to destruction. Apostates are not hard to find these days. All you have to do is look at the homosexual or sexually perverse preachers in your pulpits, homosexual praise and worship singers, and homosexual or perverse keyboard music ministers.

They will sing you right into hell.

From here on out, you will struggle until you come to the Lord in righteousness and true holiness. From here on out, as long as you resist the Word of God, you will only see God’s mercy fall on the ones that call for mercy out of a pure heart.

Is there any chance of correcting this?


But time is running out.

We have a chance to marvel God.

We can surprise God and make Him take a second look at us.

We have an opportunity to get God to say this about us.

“That’s My church.”

He says that about us any way but this is the moment to cause God to really be proud of His bride.

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