Little Boys In Men’s Bodies: What Women Do Not Want

Single available women want men, not boys. Married women are tired of trying to have a relationship with little boys. Married women want their husbands to be men. More often than not, married women are raising their immature husbands like little boys and that is not right. Brothers have yet to come correct in this area.

The reason is that they still treat life like a little boy’s game.

When it comes to sex, women are treated like “playmates,” not like wives.

If you study the male prison population, you will see that it is all a game.

Many call it “mental conditions.”

Hardly the case.

If you watch the inmates very closely, you will see that they are using their brains behind bars. Very few inmates will use their smarts towards education for when they get out. The majority of the population is in survival mode. They are looking for ways to con each other. They are looking for ways to escape. They are looking for ways to get over on the “system.”

Yes, they are intelligent but they are using their intelligence in a depraved manner.

The inmates didn’t take life seriously and they treat everyone like it’s their world, their game, their rules. It doesn’t matter the ethnic background.

Some of them that are inmates act like little boys.

You see it in junior high and high school. They don’t do their homework. They fail tests. They skip classes. They get left back or drop out of school. They hangout in the gym all day long. Or they stay at home playing video games on the Internet instead of looking for a job. When they get kicked out of school or if they graduate, they have no goals to achieve. No future interests except themselves.

If you are looking for a job, take something, anything, until something else opens up.

The male population on the outside of the prison system are males lacking godly examples of male leadership.

There is a remedy but it takes initiative on both parts. The immature must decide to be mature and godly leadership must take the initiative to train them to become men.

Paul said this in 1 Corinthians 13:11 out of the New Living Translation,

“It’s like this: When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child does. But when I grew up, I put AWAY childish things.”

Here are four things that will make a male stand out as a man that most women are interested in. Mind you, there are immature women out there too, that use their “femininity” to string along a “cute” immature male.

The mature man will see the immature feminine power coming and avoid them.

1. Responsible.

2. Mature.

3. Purposed Minded.

4. Relationship Minded.

Very few men excel in these areas because of SELFISHNESS.

They never look out for the family. They only look out for themselves.

1. Responsible.

The word “responsible” means “worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust; or held accountable.”

“Honey, did you pay the light bill?” Your male response is…“I’ll get it next week.” But honey, they turned off the lights. What happened? Your male response…I took the money to but something. Buy what? Your male response…A game.

Little boys make excuses.

Men take responsibility.

When you are married to a responsible man, they can be trusted to be responsible at work and home, pay bills, and help raise children. When you put the responsibility of the financial load on the wife, that’s irresponsible. A woman is not impressed with your ability to be the life of the party. A woman wants to know if you can pull you weight and handle business.

These are some of the toughest economic times this country has ever faced, but that doesn’t mean you continue to act like a little kid. During these tough economic times, the load of the bills may need to be shared. Therefore, mutual compromise and sensible negotiations is the rule of thumb to make the marriage work.

Little boys do not know how to handle responsibility because of SELFISHNESS.

2. Mature.

Men know how to act intelligent and mature. There is nothing wrong with game time, sports, and other “men” activities, when the time is right. Work hard play hard is the rule but when an immature male is playing all the time, it’s hard to concentrate on work.

One of the signs of little boys in men’s bodies that you will see is when they are playing with little kids or teenagers as if they are little kids or teenagers themselves. Their mentality drops to their level quickly. When it comes to hanging around mature men, they are like fish out of water.

Paul give us an angle as to what must happen.

He said, “When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child does.”

You have only one season of childhood. One chance to get all the immaturity out. Childishness has limits. Childishness is not to be carried over into adulthood. Divorce cases is simply someone or both acting childish. Like two little brats that want their way. Neither of them will compromise or take a loss to salvage the relationship.

Unless it was the childish act on the part of the man or woman to commit adultery, all differences are reconcilable. Being difficult to live with is acts of stupidity that has its foundation in childishness.

As my wife and I were raising our daughter, I always told our daughter, “Enjoy your childhood.”

She did.

Now, she is a very mature woman with her wits about her. Girls are more aware of maturity than boys because they are prepared to handle responsibility much faster than boys. Unfortunately, males in 40 year old bodies are still trying to play all the time.

Why don’t they get married and settle down?

Because their mind is still in play mode.

How do you get a man to stop thinking like a child?

Paul’s answer is simple.

“But when I grew up, I put AWAY childish things.”

He has to be willing to say goodbye to immature, silly, activities.

When will this happen? When is this supposed to happen?

3. Purposed Minded.

It happens when he sees that life is about to happen. You can’t stay with your parents. You can’t stay in high school. You have the world waiting on your decision to be a man or remain a boy in a man’s body.

The biggest play pen is the penitentiary.

The majority of males are now raised by single parents, predominantly women. It is very difficult for women to raise males. The experiences and the male bonding will not be there. But the one thing that women can do is to get them to focus on the purpose of God for their lives.

More than ever, males do not have an awareness of their purpose. Too much time is on their hands to think about the easy life of crime and mischief.

Once a male becomes purpose minded, they will focus all their energies to achieve a specified goal. They will not stop or let anything stop them from getting to the place where their dreams will come true. And once they have achieved that goal, they set new ones so as not to relapse into childishness.

He knows how to manage being a man while making room for play as a mature adult.

His wife is secure and whole heartedly supportive. She can be depended upon to help him see that he needs to work and play.

Single women love a man that has set goals and sets out to achieve them. The moment he loses his focus, unless he regains that focus, he will never become what God intended. The right woman will help to keep him focused.

4. Relationship Minded.

When it comes to relationships, its about how a person is treated. If your wife doesn’t feel that they are being treated the way they are to be treated, then there is a problem. When you see your boyfriend or husband treat other women better than you, that’s cause for alarm.

Early in the courting phase of the relationship, women must look out for a sudden shift in how they are treated. This is the tale of the tape as far as how the relationship will be after the wedding. If you suppress or deny the “little” things, it’s just a matter of time before bigger issues come before you.

When the husband is glad to see another woman friend but is cold towards you, it’s cause for alarm. When you see them having a good conversation but when it is time to get into the car, there is no communication, no relating. Just a cold shoulder and indifferent to how you are as a person, this is a serious problem.

The situation is plain as day.

He is disinterested in you and he has his interest in someone or something else.

Men fail in this category because they were never taught how to relate to women, hence, it spills over into the marriage.

In the world of males, women are treated like a sex objects. Men still believe that women are not as smart as they are. Quite the contrary. Women are smarter than you think. Women are very complex as men are.

Women love to relate to men that connect with them emotionally and relationally. It’s all about connecting with them before and after sex. I must emphasize that sex is authorized between male and female after the wedding.

Marriage is the ongoing relationship after they have publicly committed their lives to teach other in a marriage contract. Many couples, women in particular, prepare for the wedding but are not prepared for the marriage. Women are more adept in adjusting to married life because that’s what they plan for all along. To make the marriage work.

Men are not as adept because they do not know how to turn off the “search” for women switch. This is difficult because he still thinks he’s in search mode when other women are around. As long as he properly relates to his wife, there is no need to search for anyone else.

To relate, he must learn to COMMUNICATE.

As long as he communicates properly with his wife, the relationship will last.

The moment he becomes disinterested in communicating with his wife, it is a clear indication that he is communicating with someone else. Something or someone else has his attention.

Men must communicate in a mature way and not be selfish or childish.

Brothers, go back over this and see where you need to make adjustments.

Do not be afraid. If you put away childish things and get to that place of being a man, you will no longer be looked at like a little boy in a man’s body.

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