When Your Pastor Makes A Pass At You

The last few weeks, your pastor has been making not so subtle passes at you. He’s married too. But you keep pushing him off. What are you to? The last time you crossed paths with him was in the hallway that led to his study. With his smooth words, you almost fell for his charm. With his persistent persuasiveness, it is not getting easier for you to resist. As a divorcee for 2 years, the pressure to yield to his advances increases every time you see him. She had a problem that she needed counseling about and she had no other recourse but to see him.

The young lady scheduled her appointment through the church secretary. She told the church secretary about the pastor’s sexual advances towards her and requested that she stay. Earlier in the day, the pastor told the secretary that she could leave and pick up the children after the young lady arrived for counseling. Unbeknownst to the pastor, the young lady had a hidden tape recorder.

These days, these gadgets are great for surveillance and hidden recording. She didn’t want to ruin a wife’s marriage and be looked upon as a marriage/church wrecking mistress. She was more sanctified and dignified, and only wanted to please the Lord than herself. Though she was flattered by his attention and charm, she knew that what this pastor was doing was dead wrong.

The pastor concluded the counseling session by coming out from his desk to sit next to her. Like clock work, the charm came. The pastor made a move that she didn’t count on. He put his hand on her where it wasn’t supposed to be. She screamed and begged him not to proceed. Upon hearing her scream, the church secretary opened the door. Just in time.

By the way, the church secretary was also the pastor’s wife.

Not many stories end this way.

Sometimes, it does end in rape. There are many women that yield to these predators and expect nothing to happen. Many of them end up pregnant with their children. Many women that give these pastors what they want sometimes expects these men to walk away from their wives and marry them.

The sexual scandals that happen is a two way street.

In one local church, the pastor, somehow was able to persuade his associate pastor’s wife to the bedroom. And yes, she got pregnant and is seeking child support from this pastor. It is safe (and I could be wrong because stranger things have happened) to say that the associate pastor is no longer an associate pastor there.

What really stinks is the fact that this pastor followed the footsteps of David except that he didn’t kill his associate pastor and the child didn’t die.

Ladies, I know that it is the most difficult thing in the world to do.

Resist the smooth talking preacher.

Especially if he is having difficulty in his own marriage. Like I said, it is a two way street. You cannot give yourself as a sacrifice to a “mand of Gawd” that made up his mind to sin against God, you, his wife (kids), and himself (see 1 Corinthians 6:18-20). Hebrews 13:4 is still in the Bible.

Read Ecclesiastes 8:11-13, too.

In the story, I gave some very basic tips.

Tip #1
Resist Temptation.

James 1:12 says, “Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”

If you love Him, you will not sin against Him. If you want to be blessed, endure temptation according to 1 Corinthians 10:13. Temptation is only an offer. You can refuse to accept the offer no matter how good it is.

How do you refuse the offer?

James 4:7 says,

“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

Your resistance comes out of a place of submission to God. You cannot resist if you do not submit to God. You have to fight every temptation from the place of honoring your Lord and the Word of God.

1 Peter 5:8-9a says,

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith.”

According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, “sober” means, “to be free from the influence of intoxicants.”

The sinning pastor is already intoxicated with porn and self sex. This sinning pastor has moved up the ladder of level one sexual addiction and is lusting for further sexual satisfaction. He stalked you out as prey and you are next on his menu.

To be sober requires that you refuse to be intoxicated with the smooth, persuasive words of false preachers. It also requires that you “watch and pray that you fall not into temptation (see Matthew 26:41a). That’s what vigilance requires. That you pay attention to everything around you when you are around smooth talking false preachers.

Remember, women are deceived with words (see Genesis chapter 3.

Tip #2
Bring Company

When you schedule a time for counseling, go the extra mile. Invite another lady to go with you. This may eliminate clergy parishioner privilege unless a form is made and signed by any parties present to keep the subject under confidence. Demand that the door to his office remain open during the session. The pastor can excuse anyone in the area to leave so that confidence is maintained.

There must be a change of policy with pastors.

No male pastor should counsel a female alone, any where in the church. He should exercise due diligence and have qualified, competent staff female pastors available to handle the counseling of other females in the church. Request that you be counseled by a female staff pastor. If the pastor (because of bullheadedness) refuse to assign a female staff pastor, the next line of defense is preferred.

A hidden tape recorder.

Tip #3
Tell His Wife

If the pastor consistently press you for sex, or attempts to use words to suggest sex, it is sexual harassment. You must gain the courage to tell his wife, if he is married. You should also tell the elder ladies in the church that you trust. Women that are not busybodies and gossips. Women that is not a part of the problem of sexual situations in the church. If you are married, tell your husband. If you do not, the devil knows how to set you up and you will regret it.

Let me address “a part of the problem of sexual situations.” There are many women that will “protect” their pastor. The more I see women “protect” their pastor, if that pastor is genuine, there is nothing wrong with it, up to a point. It is when they see something but they do not say something that they are a part of the problem. And it is possible that they have crossed the line with that pastor and they, themselves, were victims of his sinful ways.

Tip #4

While this was not a part of the story, this is one tip that you must strongly consider.

Leave that local church and pastor. It is a matter of time before you will yield if you stay. The devil is only out to “steal, kill, and destroy” your life.

It is not worth it.

There are many women that became mistresses in the church and are marked for destruction by many former church members. While this is wrong (the hunting down of mistresses) we do not need to add drama to the situation. Just leave that local church and warn others.


There are many mistresses that will lie about genuine pastors to discredit them and their ministry.

It’s been done before.

However, if you are a legitimate pastor, if you have the proper safeguards in place, if you keep yourself and your marriage strong, no matter what the devil does, you will win. All liars will have their part in the lake of fire (see Revelation 21:8).

We can stop this madness in the church.

It takes addressing the full spectrum of the subtle traps of sexual immorality if we are to defeat the Goliath (sexual immorality in the church) of our times. Sexual immorality was a major problem in two of seven churches in the book of Revelation. As a result of their failure to deal a death blow to sexual immorality, their candlestick was removed. It was the will of God for those churches to remain in the earth.

However, they no longer exist.

Will the same be said of your local church?

A Porn Producer’s Confession: The Reality Behind Pornography

What sinful male pastors mistakenly think about women in porn.

1. That women like doing porn movies.

2. That there is nothing harmful done to women in porn.

3. That free Internet porn is….free.

4. That there is nothing wrong with porn.

5. That hardly anybody in church really watches this stuff.

After listening to this interview, you will have second thoughts about what you are doing.

This interview was emailed to me and I believe we need to expose the reality behind pornography if we are going to deal seriously with Secret Sexual Sins.

Expletives will be used. Listener discretion is advised.

Just last month I (Matt) interviewed Donny Pauling, former Playboy producer @ York University, Toronto. You can listen to the audio now on youtube. Pass it on.



I Want To Sleep With My Pastor

All across America, there are many women, (Moabite or Jezebel) that seek to sleep with their pastors. We have covered, extensively, the male pastors that “fall from grace” into Secret Sexual Sins in the bedroom without really tapping into the world of sexual immorality on the women’s side.

The issues that face the church today are serious. We do not think that sexual immorality is that big a deal.

If this is what you are thinking, listen to these statistics.

50% of pastors struggle with porn. 49% of evangelical Christians struggle with porn.

Yes, these statistics is directly connected to this subject because if pastors are having a problem with Internet porn (by the way 89% of Internet porn comes from the United States- over 244 million sites with 300 sites added each day). You know pastors and Christians are struggling with self sex, commonly called masturbation. And if the pastors are married, and their marriages isn’t rock solid, a scandal is only a matter of time.

It is important to point out that the situation with the late Dr. Zachary Tims, his sex scandal was a clear violation of the Word of God. There is no question in my mind that when you are having an affair with a stripper, that the idea (based on preponderance) came from the Internet.

For extra measure, this stripper was in Spain. So for a year or more, he would fly to Spain. Perfect cover almost. Eventually, it was exposed and another marriage was destroyed by lust in the heart of a pastor at the hands of a seducing spirit operating in a stripper.

Some of you are already saying “Why are you bringing this up again?”

Because there is no question in my mind that another scandal is about to be brought to light. You do not have to be a prophet to figure it out. The percentages never disappoint. Perhaps you are in a local church and you are watching your pastor being seduced or is seduced already.

This example of a scandal, to date, is what takes place in many of our churches because we are too afraid to deal with exposing and uncovering Secret Sexual Sins. Especially when people and pastors are supposed to be upholding the standard of God’s Word. Not just in the preaching department, but in the “working out your soul salvation with fear and trembling.”

According to Shelley Lubben of The Pink Cross Foundation, “porn stars are prostitutes.”

In fact, according to Shelley Lubben, a former porn star that testified before a Senate Sub-Committee on Pornography, unless you are on the “A” list of porn stars, prostitutes get paid more than low end porn performers because for 16 hours of work, depending upon the kind of production they are doing, the porn stars get paid according to what they are told to do. If they do not do what the producers want them to do, the porn stars do not get paid.

And porn stars are forced to go into prostitution to make more money. It is known that they make much more money for less time “working.”

For 16 hours of work on a porn set, they may walk away with between $350.00 to $500.00, whereas a prostitute may walk away with $1,600.00 or more for only 2 hours of work.

The trade off is disgusting because of STDs, sexual assault or rape, pregnancies, if they occur, usually end in abortion, (allegedly a prostitute aborted Tiger Woods’ baby) and possibly being murdered, let alone get arrested for prostitution.

According to one article called “The Seamless Fabric,” between porn stars, prostitutes, and strippers, and women and teen girls that are human trafficked, predominantly for the sex trade, it is a “seamless fabric.”

In other words, there is no separation or distinction.

This is what I first thought after 10 years of bondage to porn. In ignorance, I thought that these “issues” were separate and that porn was a completely isolated thing.


It lessened the guilt and shame factor.

Quite the contrary.

For any sexually addicted pastor, the transition from fantasy to reality is just one decision and one female body away.

Women are attracted to powerful men in the pulpit. There is no question about it. However, there must be a call to holiness, discipline, and sanctification from both the women that come to church and the pastors. At the very least, the male pastor must be on guard.

However, this is somewhat discouraging because the male pastor will not see seduction coming. It takes the wife of a male pastor to see the seduction.

When a male pastor is conversing with a female, it may look innocent, and sometimes, it’s about nothing. However, when you see something that is more to it than meets the eye, it is better to play it safe, and talk to your husband about it. If he brushes you and your admonition off, then he is not paying attention. In the back of his mind, he is already looking forward to the next time he will have a conversation with that hot looking parishioner.

Sometimes, the mistress is not that hot looking. Sometimes, it’s the kind of sex they give that hooks a male pastor.

These issues must be addressed because we are seeing pastors fall into sexual sins more rapidly than before. Because of the Internet and because male pastors and women are loose in their living, it is very easy to fall prey to the slick preachers that promise them the world.

There are predators and wanderers in the pulpit but there are, what I call, “passive predators.”

They are called Moabite women or Jezebels, depending upon their objective. Their beauty is their weapon of choice. If you are married to a pastor, wife, you must be on the lookout for these women that desire your husband.

In the world, there’s the Beyonce’s, the Angelina’s, and the Rihanna’s.

They all have one thing in common.

Intentional Sexual Seduction.

Seductive women of the world are influencing the women in the church that play both sides of the fence. Carnal women always fight righteousness to fulfill “connection” needs.

How are these “professional” seductresses influencing carnal Christian women?

Television shows, movies, listening to and watching worldly music and music videos, and the company seductive women in the church keep Monday through Saturday.

What is it that they are learning?

How to tug on a man’s heart to get them to do almost anything when you give them your body.

Sadly, there are many women that knowingly scheme to “trap” men because of a male’s one track mind; thinking with what is below their belt line.

There’s a constant struggle in the church for the minds of God’s people. When people get saved, the Lord gave Paul the answer to why people struggle and can’t get to the next level.

The failure to renew their minds with the Word of God.

When a woman wants to sleep with their pastor, it is a revelation of the fact that they are searching for “connection” by intimacy with “power.” According to the book of Genesis, we see that women are influenced by words. However, it’s not just the words but the way that words are used.

The devil used the serpent for cover and the devil had a way with words to depict God as Someone that was withholding something. Made God out to be the bad Guy. You can’t be against somebody for nothing. The devil gave Eve a reason to be against God. Words and the way the devil used those words gave Eve enough reason to defect.

Now mind you that seduction happens on both sides of the fence. It’s not all women and it is not all men. It is a combination of the two meeting at precisely the right or wrong moment.

An unguarded pastor will drop his guard when beauty approaches him.

The most vulnerable moment of a pastor is after he preaches. It is there that he needs to be guarded by his wife. He is weak physically and emotionally. If the marriage isn’t rock solid, this is the place where the devil will attack.

More later, in part two.

SEX. Good, Steaming, Hot Sex, Christian Style, Part Two

After dinner, they knew that the finale is about to take place. That’s right. Candlelight dinner at home under dimmed lights. He gazes into her eyes but she knows that look. He is looking deeply into her heart. She feels special because he treated her the way she ought to be treated. As his wife, she knows what he likes. She was already wearing a hot short, short, low cleavage dress that caught his eyes. It was revealing enough for him to only think abut what is behind door number one, two, three, and four. That dress was wearing her every curve and she caught her husband checking her out.

Somehow, over the 20+ years of marriage, it didn’t get old or stale because spontaneity in the bedroom became the spice of their relationship. But what makes it also important is that they enjoy each other’s company every day. They share their lives and try not to make the mistake of making small trivial issues into a towering inferno. They much rather love each other fervently and have a hot marriage, culminating in a very hot bedroom than to have a failed marriage.

As he gently whispered his love to her, he takes her by the hand, and leads her to their bedroom.

She desires her husband even more.

Satin sheets.
A couple of candles.
The soft scent of cherry blossoms filled the room.
Some soft romantic music in the background.

The second half of the night is set.

He gently pulls her close and kisses her on the lips, cheeks, and under her neck.
She kisses back and exhales in anticipation of his next move.

In just a few moments, two born again believers in Christ, a married Christian couple will consummate and physically express their deep, intimate love for each other.

Song Of Solomon 2:7 (NIV) says,

“Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you by the gazelles and by the does of the field: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

The New Living Translations says this,

“Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the swift gazelles and the deer of the wild, not to awaken love until the time is right.” The margin note of the latter portion says, “…not to awaken love until it is ready.”

Men are ready to have sex at the drop of the dime, but for women, it takes a little time to get the engines started. There is a reason, and it’s simple. Men are physically and emotionally “wired” because of sight, sounds, and thoughts or fantasy. The drug, “vasopressin” is excreted into the blood stream and that’s what give a man, along with “testosterone” and “adrenaline”, among other chemicals, his ability to be aroused very quickly.

The rest is history.

All he needs is his wife and hot sex is never a problem for him.

For women, it is not that way.

They are “romantically” wired. In that they need a little time to “get into the mood.” Women loved to be swooned, pampered, caressed, loved, and feel cared for in order for them to enjoy quality marital sex.

Most men are not romantic. Let’s be honest. Hot sex is about how he wants to sexually handle a woman. Even this is wrong in a way because now the wife is an object and not a person.

What a husband has to do is learn his wife. The first lesson is that she is a person, not an object. Second, she wants to connect with her husband emotionally and mentally. She wants sex but equally she wants to know that she is valued and esteemed by her husband.

This is accomplished apart from the bedroom.

Holding hands, conversations, and participation in her husband’s life makes her feel like she’s on top of the world with her husband.

Bedroom performance is not the true measure of quality sex.

Sex acts apart from true contractual connection is just two bodies performing like sex machines. That’s what porn is about. That’s what prostitution is about. That’s what having a mistress is about. That’s what masturbation is about.

Sexual action is just a conquest just to get off.

Nothing is shared.

Men are not values minded until they systematically delete all of the negative effects of porn. So it will take a while for a man to delete the porn effect that salacious movies offer.

According to Dr. William Struthers, “porn hijacks the brain.” When a man watches porn, several things go through his soul.

1. The woman of porn that he is watching are beautiful. They have to be if men are going to watch porn. Little does he know that porn is like a carrot on a stick that he will never get to eat. What he is really thinking is that “she is beautiful and desirable to have. I want her.”

That’s lust or longing for that which is forbidden.”

What is forbidden?

Having another woman other than his wife.

This is called “adultery,” and she doesn’t have to literally be in your bed. If she is in your mind, and you are dreaming, thinking, or meditating on how you are having her in bed, you’ve committed adultery in your heart (see Matthew 5:28). You could think about having your wife all day long and consummate that thought in healthy sexual ways as a married couple.

2. The man is concentrating on the sights and sounds of the sex act that deceives him into thinking that he is not getting this in the bedroom. These are unhealthy sexual thoughts designed to deceive you to search elsewhere, other than your wife, for sexual fulfillment.

Wives you must understand that with porn, it is all make believe.

It’s false intimacy and demonic fantasy. For the deceived man, he is tricked into thinking that this is the kind of sex he is to be having. If he is not having sex like what porn portrays, he believes he is not having hot steaming, good sex.


The things of life usually has a way of causing a husband to “disconnect” from his wife.

Porn is only fuel to that fire of disconnection.

What does this have to do with hot steamy sex?

It has a lot to do with it.

If you have noticed the contrast already, then you have figured out correctly that the world’s intention is to deceive you into thinking that the greatest place of sexual fulfillment is in sexual immorality. Porn also lies to you that Christians have boring sex lives and will never enjoy good, hot, steaming sex.

This is the place where many men disconnect from their wives, and have fallen in Secret Sexual Sins.

This is the place where many wives are pushed aside and never experience true love from their husbands. This is where many women, prostitutes, mistresses, and female fornicators that flaunt their body become trapped in places of false love and are always in search for connection (see John chapter 4). They intentionally use their body and beauty as power over weak willed men to control a man’s libido.

Resistance is futile unless a man comes to the place of the sexual discipline of Jesus according to Romans 13:13-14, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, 9:27, 2 Corinthians 7:1, and Hebrews 4:12-16.

Husband, if you want your marriage restored, you have to get away from the places of darkness. Secrecy is the breeding ground of sexual sins. If you are struggling in your flesh to have “strange flesh,” you need help. You could be a level one sex addict like I was.

Wives, if you want your husband, do not stop praying for him, and do not get caught in the opposite trap of lies that you are not as beautiful as the porn stars. That you have to perform in bed like the porn stars to keep your husband.

You do not have to lower your values to make your husband stay. If changes are warranted, make them because you want to. Do not make them because you feel pressured to make changes. You do not have to go crazy trying to create myths to please your husband.

Your happiness, peace, and security is predicated on the fact that God created you the way you are. You must love you for the way God created you and not try to reinvent yourself to make your husband be pleased about you.

When Paul said, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church, and gave Himself for her,” there were no conditions imposed in between these words. It is unconditional love that you are to receive. Anytime a man places conditions on you, it is not the love that Christ has for the church. Unconditional love. Nothing less, is what you are to receive.

The road to hot steamy sex is a long journey because he has to get to the place of “sexual sobriety.”

Married Christians can have hot sex.

It is God’s intention because He created sex for males and females that are married to enjoy each other, inside and outside the bedroom.

If you are caught in the trap of sexual addiction, porn, masturbation, prostitution, or mistresses, click the link above called “Sexual Addiction Recovery.”

You can have hot sex with your wife.

Wives, you can turn your husband on and give him a night he’ll never forget.

Married Christians, you can have hot sex.

Hotter than the world because God ordained it so.

Steve Jobs: A World Changer, But What About His Soul?

There is no question about the depth of genius deposited by God in Steve Jobs. No question about his pursuit to put out products that literally changed the way we communicate. No question about his drive to take complexity and turn it into simplicity.

The world of computers and communications is in debt to such a talented man that is completely visionary. He was not a man ahead of the times. He was a man that was meant for the times we are living in. Millions of people that use these products at any given time of the day are “blessed” to be a part of his story.

Pun intended.

No one person can tell you that they weren’t touched when he passed into eternity.

Which is the subject of my blog.

There are two disturbing things that came out after his passing that I have taken note of.

The first thing that is alarming is that he had a chance to come to Christ. According to the many articles that attempted to delve into his private past, we discovered that at the age of 13, he turned away from Christianity and the church when he observed disturbing photos from Life magazine of starving children and he turned to Zen Buddhism.

According to one article, he asked his pastor what would happen to them. The article didn’t give the pastor’s response.

However, it is not excuse enough to “neglect so great salvation” according to Hebrews 2:3. There is no way to escape if we turn away from the greatest salvation offered to man based on the love of God.

Too often, we observe the great accomplishments of people and assume that they will make it into heaven. No religion offers a clear solution to the sin issue. No religion offers a chance to be forgiven and loved based on a display of love unlike any other.

List all of the religions against Christ and you will find nothing close.

The answer to Steve Job’s question is simple.

Sin brought about the maladies of life but through Christ, we can do something about it. We can feed and clothe them. We can be to them what God would want us to be. Selfless acts of love is the true expression of Christ. However, the highest selfless act is when a man lays down his life as Christ did for us.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13

The one distinction. The one thing that makes believing in Christ stand above all the religions in the world combined is the fact that Jesus died for us when He didn’t have to.

For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:6-8

Add up all the religions in the world and not one of them would send anyone to die for every man.

“The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but (He) is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

That’s why believing in Christ is not a religion. It’s a relationship. Religion relies on acts. Relationship relies on one act. Through One Man’s righteous act, we can have a relationship with the Father (see John 17:3 and 1 John 1).

With electronic Bibles these days and Google, you can literally type in these verses to see what that verse says. No more excuses about opening a paper Bible and not knowing where to go.

“For by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves. It (grace) is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9

Just in case you do not know, Buddhism came from a man named Siddartha Gautama. The dates of his birth and death varies but he was a spiritual teacher. Buddhism means “awakened one” or “enlightened one.” Buddhism is an Eastern religion founded on the subcontinent of India in 528BC?

But with Zen Buddhism, Zen is a Chinese derivative of “Chen” which means “meditation” and according to certain sources, Zen Buddhism relies on “special transmission outside scriptures, not founded on words or letters.”

Which is clearly what autonomy minded people want.

Like all religions, it’s basic core values is very simple but achieving them is predictably complex. Though some of them will give basic statements of what they intend to achieve, the explanations to achieve them is extremely complicated and there is a complete reliance on what you alone must do to achieve it.

It’s all about works whereas with believing in Christ, it is about accepting, by faith, the Father’s provision of salvation. Read Ephesians 2:8-9 again. It is not about “blind faith.” It is about “eyes wide open faith.”

“Behold what manner of love the Father bestowed upon us.”

“Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

All you have to do is line up each religion side by side and then bring Christ’s gospel, and you will see that salvation is simple.

Steve Jobs took complexity and provided simplicity. He was visionary. He basically dumbed down the way we communicate. Just make a simple comparison to the various products that wanted to “copy” his ideas.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a simple gospel. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You and your household.”

What are we to believe?

That “God so loved the world (you) that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Enlightenment never deals with getting our sins forgiven and receiving love directly from the Father. Buddhism may say something about sins but Buddhism and comparable religions comes way too short to completely exonerate a person of all sin, even though we are completely guilty of all sin (see Romans 3:23-25).

That’s what the Father’s forgiveness is all about. We deserve the penalty of separation from God because of sin but the Lord loved us so much, He gave His Son to die for us, paying for our sins the we may have eternal life. Eternal life is not just about living forever. It is about a complete change of natures. From an evil nature to a good nature through Christ.

The Father sent Jesus to die for our sins. Then the Father sends the Holy Spirit to take our evil nature out and place the nature of characteristic of Jesus in us so that we can live. It is a simple act of faith. And it only cost you one thing. Completely surrendering your stubborn willingness to do it your way. Because when you can do things your way, you can make up the rules.

Here’s the second thing.

He had a chance to have the cancer removed surgically.

He possibly would still be with us. Driving his Apple hating rivals crazy by making more innovative products. Like iTV, iSatellite, iCable, or something like that. More importantly, perhaps, he might have lived long enough to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

It would be wise on your part to take heed to this Scripture. While Steve Jobs lived a modest life without fanfare. While he never got the chance to give away like he planned for the latter end of his life, we will never get a chance to see what other good things he could have done to make the world a better place. While he didn’t live like the rich and famous, he still was in pursuit of gaining the whole world but at what cost?

The loss of his own soul.

“What will it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

For most folk, if they live long enough and are afforded long life, sometimes, it takes a while to see that after all of the searching, you come to the place where the Lord Jesus Christ is the best choice, by far.

While we, and his family will miss Steve Jobs and God’s genius planted within him, we lament the fact that he selected two difficult things.

Self reliance on salvation and not getting surgery to save his life.

Luke 13:5 says, “…but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

Coming To And From A Presidential Candidate Near You: Morals & The Economy

Just imagine a Presidential Candidate that is willing and unafraid to speak about the moral condition of a nation. Such a candidate is rare but we may have such a candidate in the Republican ranks. It’s not a woman, or former and a current governor. It is not a former Speaker of the House or current or former House members.

There is something brewing in the background of the Republican Presidential Candidates. While the details of a potential covert but overt operation cannot be divulged because of how God will work it out, it is clear that God already made it clear that immorality will not be tolerated from the fourth most powerful place on earth.

God is working and He will get His will done in the earth according to Isaiah 46:8-11.

What if this “operation” doesn’t take place?

Most assuredly, God always deals in the affairs of men with His ordained people and from places you know not of. When the will of God is at stake, it doesn’t take much to figure out what the Lord intends to do. The only thing that we have to do is be sensitive enough to the Lord, be prayerful, and be obedient.

The first most powerful place on earth is the private prayer closet of the holy saints that know their holy God. Andrew Murray once said, “Prayer is power with God.

The second most powerful place is the sacred, holy pulpit where the unadulterated, non-compromised preaching of the Word of God takes place. As one preacher said, “A holy man is an awesome weapon in the hands of a holy God.”

The third most powerful place is the voting booth in the United States. Morality determines the spiritual direction of a nation. Morality determines the outcome of nations. Morality determines a nation’s moral destiny.

Years could be added or taken away from a nation because of the morals, or lack thereof, in a nation.

The fourth most powerful place on earth is the White House.

All power is delegated power from God according to Romans 13:1-7 but delegated power is governed by God through His prayer agents in heaven and earth according to Romans 8:22-34, Hebrews 7:25, 1 Timothy 2:1-2, and Proverbs 21:1.

Where there is a lack of effective praying, such a lack will tip the scales. It’s doesn’t mean that the church is fully to blame for what unsaved man is able to accomplish. It does mean that God’s intervention is to be solicited and is mercifully required no matter the state of things.

What if prayer was made, and the answer didn’t manifest?

We must remember that when it comes to prayer to God, man is a free moral agent. He has a right to choose the perfect will of God or reject the perfect will of God. The rejection of the will of God from man is stored and must be poured out upon the earth as God’s wrath against man (see Revelation 5:8 and 8:3-5).

No one’s prayer will be wasted except misfired prayers according to James 4:1-10, Psalm 66:18, and 1 John 5:14-15.

Do not let the conditions of the earth fool you into thinking that God doesn’t know what He is doing. The devil’s people are not in full control. It may seem like they are in control but it is not the case according to Acts 17:22-27.

When there is prayer going on, something is about to happen on earth that God called for before the world began. He was waiting for someone He called for in eternity past to show up in the assigned successive age to pray it through. And, the people that are present on the earth is assuming their godly positions to effect change in the earth with the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unbeknownst to you, your birth is not an accident. You were called for such a time as this. You are walking in your destiny to affect change in the earth at precisely the right moment.

God is neither Republican, Independent, or Democrat. When it comes to world affairs and the moral conditions of a nation, God is God and He will use anyone that is willing to walk with Him in the valley of the shadow of death.

God is strategically placing persons of influence with time tested ministries in the paths of these Republican presidential candidates. Not like the prophets of the past that keep messing it up when they get weak kneed and silly.


These prophets or men and women of God will not be mesmerized by the awe of their potential presidential stature. They will have backbone. You may or may not know who they are and it doesn’t matter. They will not be the next TD Jakes, Fred Price, or any of the other well known preachers of our times. They will not “two step” Scripture just to save face or their reputation.

They will have names you’ve never heard before and they will keep it that way so as not to attract attention to themselves.

If you haven’t noticed already, there were two things that the current president said would happen.

1. Planned Parenthood.

The president, on his campaign trail in 2008 declared that Planned Parenthood was here to stay.

Wrong speech. Bad speech.

You cannot continue to defy the Lord and kill innocent, unborn children and figure that you will get away with it.

Little do we realize that there is a “seamless connection” with sexual immorality, porn/prostitutes, strip joints, human trafficking for the sex trade, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, masturbation, child pornography, child molestation, and abortion.

Now the States are struggling to keep Planned Parenthood open and governors are looking to take State funding away from these institutions of legalized murder to balance their State budget.

While the federal government is prohibited from funding abortions, we all know that it is happening. The devil and those that are not saved is a liar and you know it. In one incident, Planned Parenthood lost millions of dollars and they can’t account for the missing funds.

How convenient?

It doesn’t take E=MC2 to figure out a liar.

“But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolators, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8.

2. Same Sex Unions.

The repeal of DADT or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the military and other pro gay issues embolden the States to legislate immorality. We must remember that the LGBT community is only 1% of the American population, not the 15% or 16% they would like for you to believe.

They are a small group with a very militant, boisterous agenda. Yet, they somehow have the ear of fearful, spineless politicians and weak willed, “soft” preachers.

These two issues, along with selfishness that brought about a spirit of covetousness, that brought about the economic conditions of our times is at the heart of the Republican Presidential Debate

Make no mistake about it.

Morals is connected to the economy.

Then there is the abomination of sexual immorality in the church.

While it is not all bad out there in all churches, there is enough to be very concerned in terms of its moral standing and spiritual direction. When sin is allowed to go unchecked in the heart of the pastor, sin filters down to the believers. The way you know that sin has a grip in the church is when pastors acts like Eli in 1 Samuel chapters 1 through 4.

Completely indifferent to God and His Word.

Case in point.

Eddie Long is challenged again with another law suit.

This time for a ponzi scheme.

When Bernie Madoff was convicted of his multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme, there were million dollar schemes going on that went under the radar. Not to mention the fact that mid level SEC personnel were caught up in Internet porn while the nation was in a economic downward spiral.

Members of Eddie Long’s own church invested millions and were looking for a return of 20% on these investments. As always, saints got no business throwing money away on something that even Wall Street couldn’t and wouldn’t guarantee.

If this is a frivolous law suit, then it will be seen as such.

If not, then it is a clear indication that sexual immorality and money are bedfellows in the life of Eddie Long.

When you have sons that refuse to be corrected and you do not kill them, you love sin more than you love God. When a pastor’s loyalty of God is misplaced, they must be replaced. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth. No other institution is the foundation of truth. If truth cannot be found in the church, the world has no light and is in utter darkness.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the pastor to repent and regain his or her footing. It is the responsibility of the pastor to enforce righteousness in his or her own life first. It is the responsibility of the pastor to ensure that the standard of righteousness and true holiness is evident in his or her subordinate leaders or have them removed.

This is John 15 and 2 Timothy 2:14-22.

When the morals in the church line up with the standard of the Word of God, the Lord will witness to that church and make that local church a beacon for all to see.

The wayward church opened the door to immorality in the United States. The immorality that is prevalent in the United States is a result of light being hid under a table. We are called to be salt and light in the world. So far, we still have a chance to turn things around before another church loses its candlestick becomes dark, and be without the presence of God.


When a nation is bent on disrespecting the Lord, there is no question that the outcome of a nation is certain. When you read stories of people that can’t make ends meet, and they rely on the last available credit on their credit card, it is dire.

When you hear of husbands and fathers killing their families and then committing suicide because they cannot pay the mortgage on their house or they lost their jobs, it is dire. When you hear of stories of people living in conditions that make living in a third world country more desirable, it is dire.

Morals is connected to the economy.

Yet, these people that remain alive will not come to hear the Word of God and seek the face of God. In pride and arrogance, they thumb their noses at God.

What is the Lord up to?

Ephesians 5:26-27.

So far, we have yet to hear from the rest of the Republican presidential candidates on where they stand on issues of morality. Only one candidate was willing to walk in the minefield of morality and state on the record about homosexuality.

We are aware that some of them did sign a formal letter stating their position on marriage but since then, there hasn’t been a return to these issues.

If the Republican candidates are to make a surge in establishing a solid nominee, they must take a page out of the Bush II second term campaign and establish morals as well as solid economic plans that will shore up America across the board.

No. I am not advocating a return to economic policies that opened the door to greed and covetousness. Yes, the Bush II economic policies was clearly a part of the problem, make no mistake about it.

Why did it have that much of an affect on this nation?

The way a nation treats Israel. Remember Genesis 12:1-3?

The republican party has yet to seriously reach out to the minority communities in a significant way. As long as they are arm’s distance from touching the hurting in the minority communities, they will never be serious about the White House and changing the direction of a nation.

But here is another point. On “Porn Harm’s” website, they’ve sited that when the Reagan and Bush 1 administration was in power, they were able to use the existing laws to put adverse pressure on violent porn.

There is no question that the morals in the White House directly influences the morals of a nation.

The question is, will anyone be bold enough to live holy and speak truth in this hour?

Puppet prophets need not apply!

Is Something Good Happening In Your Church?

It’s time for you to make something good happen in His church. Many of you are waiting around for someone else to make something good happen in the church you attend. It’s time to stop looking around for someone else to do what God called and ordained you to do, and get busy. It’s time to lay aside every weight and the sin that easily throws you off and run with patience the race that is set before you.

It’s not all bad out there in many of our churches. I know that for the most part, you have been reading the bad stuff. Not every church is caught up in the realm of sin and wickedness.

My point is that we do not need to allow ourselves to turn a blind eye to the obvious sinful actions in our local churches and spiritual leadership.

It is important that we take Paul’s admonition.

“lest satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

The New Living Translation says this,

“so that satan will not outsmart us. For we are very familiar with his evil schemes.”

This, of course, is 2 Corinthians 2:11.

Paul takes time to share his heart about the repentance of the brother that committed a sexual sin, so gross that the world expressed it’s displeasure.

Having his father’s wife.

The severe judgment imposed upon him got his attention. It also got the attention of the church at Corinth. The church became so sorrowful that they didn’t take action until Paul stepped in.

The outcome, by far, was better than expected.

To preserve the reputation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, they repented.

I believe that there are bad things happening in the church but there are also good things that is happening in the church. All over the world we are hearing tremendous stories of believers standing for the faith in conditions that far exceeds what the United States is going through.

While the economics and social ills of this nation is appalling, we still have a chance to see God turn it around. However, it must first turn around in the church. The churches that are examples of walking to please God need to put the Word out as to how they are doing it.

I mean, it is obvious how they are doing it. Strictly obeying the Word of God, but they also need to communicate to the other churches their level of staying above the fray of the activities of sin.

From martyrdom to poverty, Christians are stepping up to the plate and gloriously glorifying our heavenly Father. There are pastors in other countries that are making their stand for Jesus regardless of the cost to their lives.

Christianity is always at its best is when we love the brethren and we willingly sacrifice our lives so that others would benefit.

Selflessness is emerging on the level of Jesus.

Hosea chapter 4 is a disturbing mirror picture of the church in the United States.

We are seeing people that profess to know Jesus abandon the true teachings of the Word of God. It is a reminder of what Peter told us in 2 Peter chapter 3. There are many saints that transformed into ain’ts. In other words, they aren’t saints anymore or they are in an extreme backslidden condition.

Out of the backslidden bunch emerged apostates. In other words, they walked away from their salvation.

This is according to Hebrews chapter 6. They failed to produce fruit for the kingdom according to John chapter 15:1-10.

Why do they fail to produce fruit?

Luke 8:11-15 has the answer.

There are three types of grounds that will never produce fruit.

1. Wayside.

2. Stony.

3. Thorns.

You will also note that these grounds are no where near the good ground which is in the middle of the field. Good things that happen in the church always happens when you are in the good or middle ground of the church.

If you are just hanging around, there is no way that you will be fruitful.

Do not get me wrong. Hanging around is bad but there is a better place.

Many of you do not want to plunge into the good ground because of the fear of giving something up in return. Yes, you will lose something. You are exchanging what displeases God with what pleases Him.

Yes, there is danger.

It will cost you more than what you are willing to pay.

The good that happens in church is according to the plans and purposes of God. When you are ready to get deeper in the Lord, you must realize that it is exactly what the devil doesn’t want you to do.

IF you decide to go deeper. IF you decide to get to the good ground, something good is going to happen in your church, in your family, and in your life.

You’ve been waiting for your moment.

Here it is.

It’s time to take the initiative and it’s time to take advantage of the season you are in. You’ve been waiting for a favorable, convenient moment. When it comes to making something good happen in your church, the opportunity comes and goes.

Lenard Ravenhill once said,

“Opportunities of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity.”

Too many good things fail to happen, or at the least, they are delayed, or postponed due to human speed bumps and detours.

Sometimes, church hurt prevents a lot of people from stepping back out to do what God called them to do. Church hurt can come from pastors, their leaders, and church folk that do not know any better. Sometimes there are “well intentioned” believers that have only one intention.

To intentionally or unintentionally hurt others.

People that are hurt in church sometimes operate in such a way that they block others from succeeding. It is a demonic ploy of the enemy to infect others with being disgruntled according to Galatians chapter 5.

That’s why it is important to walk in the Spirit and walk in love. We must discern the motives of people. We must also be prepared to stop what we are doing to see what we are doing that may negatively affect others according to James 3:13-18.

But you have to fight through the indirect attack of the enemy just to get what God has within you out to others.


James 3:13-18.


Because their victory over bitterness and their redemption, restoration, and salvation depends upon your decision to never let the enemy side track you with evil.

The devil knows that if you ever get connected and completely ignore those that trouble you, that God will use you to bring tremendous deliverance to someone in need.

What’s at stake.

At the intersection of life, people are waiting for the product of purpose that God placed within you. No one else is capable of putting that product out but you. No one else can do what you do so well. God is depending upon you to take a risk and put out that product.

Lives are depending upon it.

You do not have to have a calling to the ministry to get the product out. Unless, however, you were called to the ministry and you are reneging on your obligation to be used by God on this level. You’d be surprise as to how many undercover Christians stay under the radar when the Lord has need of them.

Failure is not an option.

You cannot be afraid to fail. You cannot be afraid of “small beginnings” (see Zechariah 4:10).

You cannot be afraid of the “day of adversity” (see Proverbs 24:10).

Failure is a stepping stone to success. Failure does occur but what are you going to do when failure happens? Failure is waiting on your decision to try again, discontinue, and or quit.

Failure is an imperative fact that speaks only two things to the pursuers of success.

“QUIT!” or “Keep trying until you get it.”

Pursuers of success are in pursuit of success. They know that failure will happen but they keep moving until there is a pay off.

As my uncle in law, Bishop Tom Johnson would preach…

“Pay day is coming, it will pay off after while!”

Nothing good happens when you decide to quit when one or two doors close. Sometimes you have to break down a door to get a break.

When you decide to come to prayer meeting, something good is happening in your church. When you decide to financially support your church, something good is happening in your church. When you decide to wholeheartedly support effective ministries, something good is happening in your church. When you give yourself selflessly to support the vision of your local church through effective evangelism, something good is happening in your church.

You must never wait for someone else to do what you should already be doing. If you procrastinate it is already too late. God created you with something to bless and benefit the church and you do not have a right to be selfish with a gift that God gave to you.

That gift within you is destined to be shared because someone was waiting for you.

Stop looking around. God is looking at you to get it done.

It’s time to step up and step out before someone steps away from Jesus.

Yes, it is that serious.

All good churches have initiators and risk takers. People that want to see the church blossom and bloom are always looking for ways to make something good happen in their church.

When the church is focused on making something good happen in their church, there will be no time for Secret Sexual Sins, or any other sins for that matter.

Is something good happening in your life and in your local church?

Suicide Season: Desperation For Relief

The fall season is filled desperation.

As they say, desperate times calls for desperate measures, but you do not have to act out with extreme measures to find relief.

This is the time to tell quit that it’s has to quit pushing you to quit.

The down turn of the economy and other situations that happens in life will make this fall a very sorrow filled season. Many have already made up their minds and establish a date to commit suicide.


Right about this time, holidays during fall seasons, suicidal tendencies emerge.

The hopes of many are already dashed. According to current statistics, 15.1 percent of the American population is under poverty. Unemployment remains steady at 9.1%. 8% or 9% of whites are unemployed. 16% to 17% of African Americans are unemployed.

There are many people that are blaming themselves for the events of our times. Blaming themselves for not being able to make ends meet, feed their families, or pay any bills.

We didn’t realize that something sinister was driving us to do things to seemingly make us happy.

Not realizing that we were making other people happy at our expense. Isn’t it amazing that you really do not hear the cream of the crop of the rich cry about the current economy. They rarely share whether they are affected or not.

Chances are, because they are insulated with cash, it is nothing to them. Even the big corporations that sit on mountains of cash, they are unwilling to hire people that desperately need jobs.

Small businesses are also asked to pick up the slack but they are already overwhelmed with the tax tactics of city and state municipalities. Then you have the federal government give a tax break, a personal income tax break. Then states and city governments increase their tax or apply sales tax on certain items you buy from the store that normally isn’t taxed.

So much for putting money back in your pockets.

Proverbs 22:7 says,

“The rich rule (exercise dominion) over the poor, and the borrower is servant (slave) to the lender.”

In this country, and perhaps, many others, there is a long line of people that are unemployed with bills that have yet to be paid. For years, the consumer is asked and compelled by commercials to buy, buy, buy.

When you buy, you will save.

What a lie.

There is the behind the scenes situation that you are helping other families stay employed, however, there comes a point where a man and a women must exercise fiscal discipline. When you do not have the money, there is no sense in buying something now and giving away your future paycheck.

Millions of families have learned this lesson and are employing “family first” strategies.

In other words, make sure you take care of the basic necessities of the family. Any extra cash stays in your account and is to be stored for the future for your family.

Real savings is when you keep your money and not give it away to others in purchasing products you really do not need.

Some will say that this is selfish.

No, it is prudence.

Do not misunderstand me. It is the right thing to do to share with others to help them get by until they get on their feet.

Micah 2:1-2 (NLT) is a classic Scripture about what Israel was doing to its own people. It is hauntingly similar to what has happened in the United States.

“How terrible it will be for you who lie awake at night, thinking up evil plans. You rise at dawn and hurry to carry out any of the wicked schemes you have power to accomplish. When you want a certain piece of land, you find a way to seize it. When you want someone’s house, you take it by fraud and violence. No one’s family or inheritance is safe with you around!”

Credit Cards, mortgages, home equity loans, personal loans, car loans, and other instruments of credit is never designed for the consumer to win. It is designed for the owner of credit to win. You are doing the hard work and it adds up.

The credit company just sits back and receives your payment with interest. All they do is go to the bank and keep a record of your payments. The moment that you stop working, lose a job, or fall behind on payments, it is the moment that they put intense pressure to get you to honor your end of the agreement.

By now, you have finally figured out the game.

Your salary will never catch up to the amount of debt incurred because of wasteful, undisciplined spending. This is exactly what they were waiting for. A chance to seize your future. Each night you wake up. Worried about the bills. You fear the mailbox and the creditor’s phone calls.

Product after product. They make these products overseas (your jobs), sell these products in the United States beyond an average person’s paltry paycheck, that forces you to pull out the credit card. They make it impossible for you to save for any product and force you to use a credit card, take out a personal loan, or a home equity loan.

By the way, home equity loans is a farce.

You have no equity until you actually sell the property. They tell you that you have equity but that’s so they can put a lien on your house or condo until you pay that note. They want you to put your house up for security. It is the most wicked deal in the world. If you lose your job and you are unable to pay that home equity loan back, you lose the house.

The same goes for reverse mortgages.

Don’t let that reverse mortgage commercial fool you. It is not set up for you to win. It is designed for you to lose that home.

It is too good to be true.

Many families are too far behind, they will never catch up.

For some families, suicide is the “nuclear option.”

We will hear and read of sad stories of horrific proportions. Murder/suicide.

All because life isn’t worth living any longer. Despair sets in. Despondency over what happened and where you have ended up creates a hopelessness mentality. Then the horrific ending of a life or lives.

Sometimes you will not know whether a family is about to be killed.

One day, they will appear happy. The next day, they are dead.


The pressure within is too much to bear.

We’ve all made mistakes. Too many purchases. Too much house. Living beyond our means just like the way they want us to. Just to feel that we are “important,” or rich like them. Perception is everything. Image is everything. We want to impress our friends. We want to make them feel that we are the “Jones’.”

Then the bill comes and we feel like idiots and fools for allowing ourselves to get caught up in the feeding frenzy of the sharks of greed and covetousness. Remember, the store owners and politicians do not care one moment about you.

If they did, they wouldn’t have allowed deceptive practices entice people that didn’t have the means to pay in the first place, to hold average working Americans hostage.

You do have to accept some responsibility.

To read a sign that tells us about a danger and then to ignore it is a failure of the reader’s part to accept or decline the risks.

The other thing that has happened is that for the people that are already working, they are demanding that we pay more or what I call “substitute subsidy.” Subsidy is a tax levied on an occasion. For instance, every bill you get, you received an increase.

You are literally paying your neighbor’s share that your neighbor used to pay when they are working. Or, at the very least, a modest percentage of what they were paying, now falls upon the ones that are left with income.

Forget about medical benefits. The premium you pay is worthless. You get the full bill. Send in the claims any way just to cover yourself, but they will send you the full bill.

More of your paycheck is being taken from you in small ways all the way across the board. Instead of helping all Americans out by decreasing people’s bills, they slap an increase.

If you noticed, gasoline prices is ebb and tide. Have you noticed that right after Labor Day, the price of gasoline went down.

Have you wondered why?

October, Halloween. November, Thanksgiving. December, Christmas. January, New Years. Heating bill and gasoline prices go right back up. The pennies in savings at the gas pump is transferred to you so you can spend dollars in the stores.

It is an illusion to get you to buy like you did, like crazy.

I think you were smart enough to notice it and you didn’t get pulled into the shark infested waters. They are doing everything in their power to get you to spend like you used to spend.

Today, people are not buying the lies and deceptions any longer. Sadly, people are using credit cards to buy bread, milk, and eggs. These items are no longer reasonable anymore.

Some have already maxed out their credit cards and have nothing left. They are forced to do crime to feed their families.

I do not agree with everything the president stands for.

For once, I would like to see more fire in this president. Instead of going to the places where it is neat and pretty, go to the real “Main Street” where struggling white, hispanic, and black families are living.

Have the president go to the supermarkets where people that are eligible to get food stamps and can’t get them to feed their families. Simply say, “This is what our political system has failed to do and this administration and Congress is responsible for it. As long as Congress plays politics with these lives, their future is sealed. They may not have a future. And it is the fault of my administration and it is the fault of the Republican and Democratic Congress.”

And then pull out some money and feed them for as long as it takes just to get Congress to work for the American people.

Use it as a backdrop against Congress. Because Congress is the one making the president look bad. And the nation, as a whole, is suffering needlessly for it.

First, we must get back to spiritual principles and stop living lascivious lives in sexual immorality. Stop looking to cater to 1% of the population. LGBT.

Isn’t it amazing that we are able to legislate sin with ease but when it comes to helping the American people, they use our plight to bolster their political agenda. It’s a recipe for a “revolution.”

In over 150 cities, people are protesting. If it increases, we may see another revolution.

Second, the church must begin to eradicate the gross sin of hypocrisy.

We have become so foolish and loose in the way we live that the world cannot distinguish us from themselves (see 1 John 2:15-17, 1 Corinthians 6:14-17, 7:1, and James 4:4-6). It’s like two persons standing in the room that is dark. One person says that it is dark and the other person says he can see.

They both keep walking into each other, trying to find the door. The disturbing thing is that the person that insists that they could see, is just as in the dark as the person that admits that they are in the dark.

So it is with people that claim to be in the light as He is in the light but is living in the dark as the one living in this dark world.

Third, we must renounce “cold shoulder” covetousness. As long as greed runs warm in our veins, we will never come back to the place of financial sobriety. The system that is too big to fail must be allowed to fail.

The bailout should have went to the American people. It is the tax that we’ve paid to the government that made corporate bailouts possible. Somewhere in my last sentence, the government refuses to see the point of the American people.

They need to develop a plan to help the American people that need help. The plan is simple.

Bailout the American people.

The same system and the players that that took us down, is waiting for the system to stabilize. Then, they will come at you with new ways to seduce you into their web of deception and deceit.

To you that are contemplating suicide, the Lord is at hand. You may not see Him, and you may not feel Him, but He is right there for you.

If you are stressed out because you are unemployed and you are behind on all your bills. Perhaps, you are about to get evicted or foreclosure is about to happen, it doesn’t mean that God isn’t there. It’s tough to trust in the Lord when your back is through the wall but God will make a way, if you trust Him.

The Lord will work for you. If you trust Him.

This is not the time to give up. This is not the time to throw in the towel and call it quits.

It is time to tell quit that it’s has to quit pushing you to quit.

You’ve said that you are praying.

Did you really pray?

Start today. Do not delay. He will meet you right where you are.




Homosexuality And Cancer: What They (LGBT) Do Not Want You To Know

  • After you get passed the arguments about same sex unions, homosexual marriages, and the “L” word. After you get passed the debate about Greek translations of the word “natural.” After you get passed suppressing Leviticus 18:22. After you get passed declaring the misguided and flat out lie that God and genuine, compassionate Christians hate homosexuals. After you get passed the flawed argument that Paul created a word for homosexuality that is inconsistent with the Greek language. After you get passed the misconstrued argument that God is inclusive of all people, including “sexual oriented homosexuals.” After you get passed the misconceived argument that Romans chapter one is a completely false passage of Scripture. After you get passed the collapsed argument that you were born that way or you have biologically altered genes, or you have a mental disease that made you the way you are…
  • While the truth (God’s Word) can never be denied, there is one hurdle that is insurmountable. The truth of the high risk of contracting sickness and disease as a result of Secret Sexual Sins.
  • I do not think that one practicing homosexual will be able to take this information and “two step” their way around it. In fact many of them will say that they practice “safe sex,” but this is as close as they will get. Besides, those that are infected will tell you that they wished that they had abstained. Abstinence is the only true preventative measure against all STDs, including HIV/AIDS.
  • The only intent of condoms is to attempt to circumvent consequential judgment and illegitimate children being born in the world. Please note that the child is not illegitimate. The conception out of wedlock is illegitimate.
  • We all know that condoms break and spillage happens. It doesn’t matter what brand declares the lowest failure rate. It is no different than taking a loaded six shooter, spin the chamber, and pulling the trigger. It is no different (I’m about to be graphic) than sticking your penis in a hole in the wall thinking that you are going to get oral sex; only to be bleeding to death because someone took a knife and cut your manhood off.
  • One president of a country on the continent of Africa had sex with an HIV infected woman and didn’t have protection (by the way, that’s another code word used to entice people to engage in Secret Sexual Sins). He thought that by taking a shower, he would be able to wash away any trace of the disease. How foolish to have illicit sex to begin with. And that with an HIV infected woman.
According to the National Cancer Institute, the following information was provided from their website.
  • People infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have a higher risk of some types of cancer than uninfected people.
  • A weakened immune system caused by infection with HIV, infection with other viruses, and traditional risk factors such as smoking all contribute to this higher cancer risk.
  • Highly active antiretroviral therapy and lifestyle changes may reduce the risk of some types of cancer in people infected with HIV.
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI) conducts and supports a number of research programs aimed at understanding, preventing, and treating HIV infection, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-related cancers, and cancer-associated viral diseases.
  1. Do people infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have an increased risk of cancer?
  • Yes.
  • People infected with HIV have a substantially higher risk of some types of cancer compared with uninfected people of the same age. Three of these cancers are known as “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)-defining cancers” or “AIDS-defining malignancies”
  • Kaposi sarcoma,
  • non-Hodgkin lymphoma,
  • and cervical cancer.
  • A diagnosis of any one of these cancers marks the point at which HIV infection has progressed to AIDS.
These are the things that the LGBT community is aware is happening every day, yet, they insist that they want legitimacy through same sex marriage. No amount of depraved legislative legitimacy will defend against the acquiring of the consequential judgment of sickness and disease connected to the lifestyle of homosexuality, or any Secret Sexual Sins, for that matter. According to the CDC, every 39 minutes, someone will be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
  • Every 39 minutes.
  • More persons will be at risk of getting these forms of cancer. Including anal cancer. Yet, there is an insistence that many men want this lifestyle. While it is “their” life and they want to live it “their” way, in complete autonomy of God, they are left to their “reprobate” minds.
  • Why can’t they have their lifestyle and not get any disease? Because God created man in His image and anything that is counter to the image of God (sin) must be dealt a consequential judgment.
  • God never created man to lay with man, or women to lay with women. It is a complete altering of the original intent of His creation as noted in Genesis chapters 1 and 2. Never in the history of man have we ever seen a man inseminate another man and reproduce a child. Never in the history of man have we ever seen a woman inseminate another woman and reproduce a child. Never!
  • As always, there will be those that will continue in this course with blatant disregard on the depraved indifference level. Someone is right and someone is wrong. Because man insist on calling good evil and evil good, this reasoning is mind boggling.
  • That means that HIV/AIDS and Cancer is good and abstinence is evil. That means that God was wrong and man was right. That means that the Bible is wrong and whatever man’s wisdom is for the day, is right. That means that death and the casket (both of which is sure to come for everybody) is right. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, is wrong.
  • Sarcastically, I can rest better at night knowing that somebody got it right.

The Tims Toxicology Report: Family Seeks Court Seal

According to CharismaNews, the family of the late Dr. Zachary Tims is seeking a court order to seal the results of the toxicological report. It is important to understand that this is not “unusual” according to a Jan Garavaglia, chief medical examiner in Florida.

As in the Eddie Long case not long ago, he used a tactic to seal the details of his case by settling out of court. The kids that were alleged to have been sexually assaulted will write a book detailing what took place. Eddie Long is looking to get a repayment of 1 million dollars if they do.

The drama continues and the church is faced with another embarrassing episode of the “train wreck” in Georgia.

In both cases, it appears that image protection is more important than the truth. However, we must also conclude that in America, the laws and options that are available are being used to cover many sins. There is no dispute about that.

Then again, perhaps there is nothing to protect.

It leaves many to believe that something is going on and we do not need to know every detail.

Where does this leave inquiring minds?

It leaves us in the realm of speculation.

It leads us to speculate a conclusion that perhaps, reputation is more important to cover than to expose sin. Chemical dependence is a sin but it also reveals that a person is attempting to “escape” reality and or use drugs, alcohol, or sex as “medicinal properties” to heal deep seated wounds that only God could heal.

It leads us to believe, based on preponderance (more likely than not), that the “white powered substance” was a controlled substance that significantly contributed to the cause of death. Without the confirmation of the report, it leaves only speculation.

In other words, we will continue to guess until it is released.

There are many in the Body of Christ that do not agree with releasing the report because if you release the report, exposing the sins of a leader only underscores one fact.

There are many sins in the Body that people would like to keep covered.

That’s why Ephesians 5:8-14 is there. Not to expose for exposure’s sake but to help people recover themselves from the snare of the enemy according to James 5:19-20.

It leads us to conclude that when the next scandal hits your town, your church, and pastor, you will exercise the one option that work so well over the years.

The cover option to save an image and keep the people guessing. Seal it forever or keep it sealed until the year 2100 so that every person that may know something about it is dead.

Why are we afraid to let the truth out?

Why are we so afraid to let the people know what happened?


None of your business is the rule.

Nothing wrong with that.

I can understand that but sooner or later, we will see or read about another pastor and the similarities will arise. We will compare it to the last incident and come to the same conclusions.

Pastoral addiction is real in the church. We are doing something to escape, make us feel good, or heal deep seated wounds that only God could heal.

Why didn’t they share the video feed of Pastor Tims home going service, yet 5000 people were there to mourn him? Why pull the YouTube of certain segments of his home going service? I believe that a family has a right to mourn privately and not make a spectacle of things.

But when it comes to the facts surrounding the sudden death of a well known pastor, is the church this secretive?

Is it a matter of national security to protect certain people that may be involved in covert operations that would put a relational strain on foreign governments and undermine political agendas?

Are we turning into the way the Soviet Union hide information about its leaders until there is no way to contain what truly happened?

Are we afraid that people in NDCC would walk away? Because when people walk, money goes with them.

It doesn’t appear that an exodus took place. In fact, it appears that they are more stable than many would believe to be. Time will tell, but for now, it appears that they are holding up as best as possible under the circumstances, unless I am wrong.

Many will say that we do not understand. This is our pastor and church, and this is the way we have chosen to deal with the situation. Please let us alone. However, by now, they know that this will not go away.


Unanswered questions.

Already, many in New Birth have walked away because of the failed standard of a church and preacher. While New Destiny is not experiencing a second wave of a scandal because the pastor died, it would have been devastating if they knew that their pastor had a drug problem while in the pulpit.

Or they did know. At least those closest to the pastor may or may not have known because they didn’t say anything.

It would be good if they would come out and tell us on the record that according to their knowledge, they’ve never seen their pastor under the influence. It would be good if they would state on the record, if they haven’t doesn’t so already, to state that Pastor Tims lived according to the Word of God.

If it is on the record, then we have the option to respect it or delve deeper until there is satisfaction.

Is this what they are trying to hide?

This is not gossip or hear say?

There are many pastors in America right now that preach in our pulpits that are drug, alcohol, and sex addicts. Molesters, rapists, and predators too. Adulterers, adulteresses, fornicators, thieves, liars. Yes, this is nothing new. It is the state of things in our churches today.

Pastors living double lives.

We will not have definitive proof that this is the case with Dr. Tims. We will only speculate until conclusive facts are willingly and unapologetically laid before us.

There is no doubt about Dr. Tims’ love for God and the people he loved to preach to and shepherd, however, the pressure of pushing may have pushed him away into eternity.

We are not talking about pushing drugs into his system, but pushing (the pressure to perform) to do ministry to obscure the pains of ministry within.

There are pastors that are living exemplary lives. They love the Lord with all their heart. They love their families and they love the people that they minister to every week. It’s not all bad out there but it must get better where it needs to get better. And our outspoken, prominent TV leaders need to lead by example and not go the route of covering up sin in the leadership.

Just stop it.

It doesn’t look good.

For once, be a man or a woman of honor and integrity.

You will be respected more by standing for the truth in courage than for avoiding the truth in fear of losing your reputation.

Notice the ministry of the Lord Jesus. Philippians chapter 2. and verse 7 says, “but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.” When you come looking not to make a reputation of yourself, that speaks volumes. There are too many ministers where their “reputation” precedes them. Unsavory reputations.

Don’t wait to be pressured to answer some very basic questions about what you really believe only to run back into your Pastor’s Study to repent for not standing for the truth.

Courage, not cowardice, is what we need from our prominent TV leaders.

See the movie Courageous and you will either change or live the status quo.

Leaders, prominent or not, are expected to live and uphold the standard of the Word of God.

We work for one person, the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

He expects us to walk in integrity, live by example, and tell the truth regardless of how much it will hurt people (see John chapter 6 and Matthew chapter 23).

Do not misunderstand me. The family has every right to pursue every legal option to protect their image. We shouldn’t be upset at them or try to take it out on them during the time they are mourning. We should not be blogging out contempt of their decision.

We already know the past facts.

It is now time to learn from this and help the next pastor that is going down the same path. It is time to pray for our pastors that are under attack. We know that the devil has a long hit list.

Your pastor may be next.

Perhaps, you already know that your pastor is using drugs, is an alcoholic, or a sex addict. It’s time to deal with this situation head on and not be afraid of losing face. Our reputation before the world is not what we should worry about. Our relationship with Jesus and how we represent Him in truth is a paramount concern. How we go about helping our leaders avoid the sin traps of the devil is an equivalent concern.

Church, it’s time to uncover, expose, and recover so we can avoid the next scandal and death of a pastor.

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