Church Sex Scandals: Bits Of Preventative Wisdom

By Fred C. Rochester. Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.


In front of the people in church, lust filled pastors appear to worship God but their true god is their libido.

In recent times, high profile pastors are found bowing at the altar of sexual immorality. They worship their urges and impulses. They worship their lust. They worship what their eyes are lusting after.

We must address this on a national level. If we do not, then we are not going anywhere as a Body. This is not the time for popular messages. This is not the time to mirror what the prominent preachers on TV are preaching unless it is the un-compromised, unadulterated Word of the living God.

This is war and it is time to fight back because the church is under attack.

It is time to use your weapon. Stand up and fight.

This is the hour for unpopular messages on sanctification, holiness, and righteousness. This is the time for the “no name” preachers to emerge from the side lines and preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ with holiness power from on high.

If we do not, then we are a part of the problem and never a part of the solution.

If we fail in this moment, it’s because we’ve become worshippers and priests of the altar of sexual immorality.

How can we stop this or at the very least, deal with the issue?


The moment a man or woman comes before a sexually addicted pastor, their sexuality is aroused. The sexual immoral woman can always tell when a pastor is crossing the line.

It’s called, “The look,” or “The wandering eye.”

Pastor, your eyes tell the kind of heart you have (see Matthew 5:27-28 and 6:22-23).

Sadly, the immoral women that sit in these churches make it very easy for a pastor to commit adultery. Sometimes, they leave nothing to the imagination. They come in with cleavage and high heels. Tight fitting or flirty looking dresses. They come prepared to steal the husband from their wives.

Yes, it’s a battle.

A pastor’s wife is still in competition for someone that is off limits.

The pastor’s wife lives in fear that someone will come in and take her husband.

A pastor’s wife will be wise to these immoral women and set the watch. Pray that the immoral woman be exposed and the hand of the enemy bound, in Jesus’ name! Pastor’s wives should no longer take it for granted that every woman that comes to church is for God.

As a pastor’s wife, you can no longer afford the luxury of assumption when your gut feeling is that something is wrong with your husband. Your intuition is telling you one thing but your mind is playing with you. When you catch your husband’s eye “wandering,” it is a clear indication that he has a sex problem.

Err on the side of suspicion and be on guard. You do not have to be on a witch hunt. Remember, all wives have that eye for the “other women” and she can discern the motives of immoral women quickly.

It doesn’t take much and it doesn’t take long to see the ulterior motive.

You do not have to be paranoid or behave irrationally.

Just your constant presence by your husband is more than enough. Coming over and interrupting the conversation between your husband is more than enough. You do not have to behave frantically. Just use common sense, wisdom, and tact.

Every now and then, you will have to let other women know, in no uncertain terms, that you see what is happening, and you will not stand for it. It’s not about a fight or competition. It’s about staking what God gave to you and it is about territory.

Most of the time, innocent conversations between male pastors and females operating undercover can be moments of a moral let down in the mind of male pastors. She is testing his stronghold to see if there is any vulnerable places. The sides of the strongholds is not what the immoral woman is targeting.

She is going right through the front door.

That’s why a male pastor will not see it coming.

His mind is so in the clouds that he will let his guard down and be completely mesmerized by her charm, good looks, and sexuality. Before you know it, he is dreaming about her in bed. And do not be surprised if he filed her body like a sex poster in salacious magazines to gratify himself off of later.

The married pastor is no longer single and available.

Yet, the immoral woman ups the ante.


After the sex scandal, he leaves or “steps down” from the ministry for only a few weeks or months and then return to the pulpit as if nothing happened. They stand before their congregations and say key phases such as…

“I had an indiscretion,” or “I made a mistake,” or “I fell.”

They seldom say that they sinned or say that they committed adultery. These words are too strong and embarrassing. However, if you are serious about coming back to the pulpit after a “beyond reasonable” absence from the pulpit, you will identify that you are the one responsible for committing Secret Sexual Sins.

You will Come Clean about your Secret Sexual Sins.

What was done in private is now exposed in the open. Everything should be put on the table. Porn, self gratification, commonly called masturbation, and the lustful, adulterous eye.

Not many pastors will agree to do this because they have an “image” to protect.

What about the image of God?

By our “misdeeds,” His name gets dragged in the mud again.

Because of our sins, God looks bad again. “He can’t control everything and everybody,” says the world.

Sexual sins will always continue because the situation is deeper than that, but the other side of the coin is even more troubling.


You have gullible people inside the church that defend this sinful behavior by saying…

“We are all human,” or “Touch not mine anointed and do not judge my pastor, we’ve all fallen short.”

We never understand the heart of the Father. He was wounded and hurt by our transgressions and we have the nerve and audacity to defend the very thing that He sent His Son to die for?

I know what it is to fall into Secret Sexual Sins on the level one of sexual addiction. I hurt God and my wife every day like a prodigal or wasteful son. But every day, the Lord looked down the road to see if I would repent and come home to Him. He didn’t like it but He knew that one day, I would return.

Carnal Christians in the Christian church have lost their ever living minds.

We must never excuse sin because God doesn’t excuse sin. He condemned sin in the flesh of Jesus (see Romans 8:1-4). This is not about the letter of the law here. It is about upholding and maintaining the standard of the Word of God.

If they would study out Psalm 105, you will see that the anointing was not placed on the nation of Israel because they were in sin. The holy anointing is placed on holy people determined to do God’s will.

Numbers 19 through Numbers 25 was a classic display of God’s power. As long as Israel walked in righteousness, no nation would survive. When sexual immorality came into the camp, their winning streak ended. No longer would Israel experience victory on this scale unless they stayed holy before God.

1 Samuel, chapters 1 through 6, was about taking the anointed presence of the Lord away from Israel because the leadership committed sexual immorality and perverted the entire land of Israel.

Does this sound like you and your church? Experiencing victory and then defeat?

As long as the pastor and God’s people stay holy before God, victory is guaranteed. No man or demon would be able to stand before you.

Many wacky Bible knowledge-less Christians site David’s fall from grace as an example of not being judgmental of other fallen pastors.

How silly is this?

While David was a man after God’s own heart, yet, he was able to kill one of his most loyal soldiers to cover his adultery.

It’s sad that you would stoop so low as to put your fallen pastor in league with David’s sin.

The baby had to die because God was not about to endorse the act of a murder for cover, let alone adultery. David’s warped mentality caused him to fast and pray for the love child. David didn’t let it go. David errantly thought that God would change His mind.

David’s rationalization was, “Why take it out on the child for my sins? The child didn’t sin or made the ‘mistake,’ right?”

True in conception, warped in thought!

God was not about to let David get away with it and God took away from David any form of sin justification. Otherwise, everyone in the future would be able to justify murdering someone for their wife.

That’s covetousness of a perverted manner. Granted, David didn’t actually kill him but you can’t say that the thought didn’t pass his mind. David just found another hand to do the job for him.

For the rest of David’s life, he had war within his own family. The only consolation was Solomon. And Solomon didn’t enter finish well either. As a result of his sexually sinful actions, the nation would be divided, 10 to 2.

We have seen consistently in the Scriptures that whenever a sex scandal takes place, an exodus will happen. People will not stay.

This is another level where people that are searching for answers must begin with the only answer to the situation. While the Lord is in control, I cannot answer for my pastor. I must render an account for my own life and I choose to live by the Word of God.

If your church is involved in a pastoral sex scandal, I recommend you pray the following prayer.

Father, I choose to uphold the Word above my pastor. I pray for him, his wife, and his family. I will not excuse his sin. I will forgive his sin when he satisfactorily repents according to the Word of God. I will not hold his sin against him. I will pray for the pastor’s wife that she be surrounded with God’s wisdom, love, and grace. That the pastor’s wife receives the strength she needs to meet the challenge of her life. That she be restored and valued as a human being. I pray for the mistress. That she repents and receives the help that she needs to turn her life around. I pray for the church that we receive comfort, grace, and love in out time of turmoil. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Author: The Minister's Crucible

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